Thursday, May 14, 2009

No 500 or White Castles for Me This Year

I am a big race fan and have enjoyed the Indy 500 for years. I read earlier this year that the Speedway Motel was torn down. Many a good party graced the hallways of that motel. It was also the one where Paul Newman caught Joanne in bed with Robert Wagner. Oh, that I should be so lucky.

In fact, I was there for the opening of the Speedway Museum inside the track, along with my dog, Peppi. It was chaos that day and I went in with Peppi. Since no one knew what they were doing, they said if I bought a ticket for the dog and held him in my arms (no peeing on tires), we could go in. I think I can say that probably I have the only ticket ever sold to a dog at that museum.

And I was so looking forward to a dozen White Castles. During the race, the line is long but fun. Guess I will have to visit the local grocery store and buy frozen ones.

I am on strike. I will not support Indy in any way until they regulate pit bulls. My not going will be a big affect on business there, especially at the SnakeBite Saloon in Brownsburg. If I can put one business out of business by staying home, imagine what all the other 250,000 race fans can do if they don't show up either. Kinda like asking the question if a tree falls in the woods with no one there, does it make sound. If there are no race fans, can there be a race?

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