Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's Take Indy Back

I sent yesterday's news headlines to the two major players in Indy against pit regulation. I got a nasty response from one who can't even spell dachshund, she tried. So I say it is time to take Indy back from these irresponsible council members. I ask that anyone reading this blog contact the council members with the truth about pits. And the truth about Douglas Rae. Did they not read the audit from Philly? It plainly shows that the shelter where he was the Chief Operating Officer was in chaos when he left. Can't blame Tara, she isn't responsible for the day to day operations such as the record keeping, impoundment times, Rae was.

I ask that you gather info on BSL in other areas that is working and send it to the Council. And anything else you can gather. These Council members are not living up to the public trust given to them in regards to public health and safety. for the email addresses of Council members.


Anonymous said...

These two council members are working with dog breeder/dog fighter groups.

They are just crooks.

HonestyHelps said...

And one of them is rude as well. Seems her mama failed to raise her right. They listened to the pit nutters with their "credible" references such as the AVMA. The Chair of the AVMA is on board with the agricultural industry which opposes anything to help animals. Stupid council member doesn't realize that when boards change, so does philosophy. And then the Nationa Canine Research whatever, Karen Delise. One person who owns a pit bull, no credibility there. Write these fools.