Saturday, May 30, 2009

NKE - Killing Them With Kindness

I read this article and wept. Nathan J. Winograd is the worse thing that has happened to animals since the beginning of time. He has so very little experience that he either doesn't realize what his NKE program really does or he doesn't give a damn. I vote for the latter. This sort of thing in addition to saving all the pits make the Whino a very dangerous person in the humane effort.

What I always note in stories like this is how these people can't see what they are doing. How can you walk by suffering and not recognize it? Like the "rescuer" in LA who stopped long enough to take a picture of Zephyr, a dog that was obviously dying, and then leave. She told the newspaper that it was after hours for her vet and that is why she didn't take the dog out. She didn't see the pain and suffering for a month while she walked by this dog to get a cute fluffy dog. Zephyr was a 10 month old pit mix. Then she and the Whino file a lawsuit against the County of LA. Who is to blame on this one? I say the damn "rescuer" is to blame. Anyone with a heart would have taken that dog out and straight to the emergency room. Zephyr died during the night but this "rescuer" has a picture to remind her. Fuck this no kill shit.

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Anonymous said...

There is no part of animal sheltering that is in any form "kindness."

No Kill is simply a marketing tool to meet paychecks.