Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just A Thought

People often ask me why I go to such extremes to get just one cat or dog altered. Those extremes referred to are for a future post maybe.

My response always is that I don't see one dog or one cat, I see all the other dogs and cats they can reproduce. I never help just one dog or cat when I get it altered, I save the lives of all those that would come if I didn't help.

I apply this to people as well, not the altering, but seeing beyond the "one". To win one person to your "side" of an issue means more than that. One tells another, then another, then another. So to win this war, we must see beyond the one. We must see the one's friends, relatives, co-workers, and remember that if we piss off one, we piss off all those others. If we win one, then we win the war. Granted there are those out there where it really doesn't matter if you piss them off because they are such low life, their relatives are low life, their friends are low life and they would offer nothing to help win the war and in fact, can harm. Those who are seeking, not quite right, not quite wrong, are the ones I want to affect.

I love the passion of one of my commenters. Passion is a wonderful thing and I support it. This commenter has supplied me with great tools and I want to assure this commenter that I have used those tools as requested. But passion has to be controlled in order to be usable. Stay passionate and continue to feed me, I'm always hungry for your comments.

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