Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, this is a fine mess you've gotten us into.

So California, LaLaLand, is introducing Nazi legislation to force the Whino's miserable program on the shelters. Whino has been unable to get legit people to pay him to consult, so first he tried a lawsuit. Surely that will get me a gig, he says. No go, Whino. So then he jumps into bed with the breeders AKA puppy mills since that is where the majority of the money comes from, and now they are backing his program in legislation. They announced this last year but we sat on our duffs with it.

What can't people understand? His pride and joy, Philly, was the perfect example of why we can't let him in the door. The audit done by the City plainly show that records were missing, deliberately I suspect, on bite cases and euthanasia medicine. The conditions at the shelter were horrid when Doug Rae and PACCA pulled out. The animals were suffering and dying under the NKE program. Rancho Cucamonga was overwhelmed when they installed their program. Within three months, they had 400 cats with capability of only housing about 60. With only 50 kennels for dogs, they had 150 dogs and a 60% pit population which means only one pit per kennel. Their died in kennel rate increased 600%. And look at LA and Ed Boks. Boks is a loud version of the Whino. Boks let it go to his head with all the hoopla when he came on board. He, too, has the Messiah complex, must be a requirement for those who push "No Kill".

This is nothing to turn away from, we have to fight. Arizona also had legislation introduced. It's hard to fight the breeding industry. The AKA has a letter posted on their website "threatening" the State of Ohio to either repeal their 20 year pit bull regulation or run the risk of losing millions of dollars that their dog shows bring in.

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of letting those with money rule the roost. Call, write, march, or whatever to stop this shit. Or the next shelter to be destroyed and the animals made to suffer will be yours.


Anonymous said...

The dogs shows are faltering. The last one in NY, Westminster I think, had the lowest number of competitors ever.

The breeder industry is heavily skewed to older people, and they are dying off and retiring. The younger generations have been turned off by the AKC snottiness and emotional dysfunction, and the puppy mill activity. They are rejecting the AKC.

Plus there are all kinds of paper registries now that don't require the AKC dysfunction.

AKC has fewer registrations every year, which is why they struggle to hold on to the puppy mill business.

They are working toward oblivion that they created.

AKC just alienated so many people over the years, and people like Patti Strand and her pro-abuse types just turned people off to the AKC.

There isn't the money to pay to warehouse animals under No Kill. That is how Ed Boks self destructed.

No Kill will cost billions of dollars, with animal abuse thrown in to boot.

HonestyHelps said...

I was assured that this is not a law, I know that, but it gets the Whino in the door. It sets up animal control to be called names and it gives the Whino a big marketing tool. And with his bedfellows, the breeding industry, we need to be worried.

Anonymous said...

It's not law yet Honesty. California has been taken advantage of by both he and Boks, surely we can see our own noses. I got a new girl, an older shepherd with a thyroid disorder. She is very quiet and a good follow up for Pixie. I will putting her on my blog before long.

HonestyHelps said...

Hi Gret, good to hear from you. And that's great news about the new addition, looking forward to seeing picture on your blog.

It has no power of the law but there are so many implications to it. It's a great marketing tool for him. We have to fight it.

Anonymous said...

Winograd wants this as a foot in the door to get paid consulting at shelters in CA where he lives. He will approach a shelter "Well, the assembly introduced this. You must comply!" even though it's not mandatory. This is all marketing, PR for Winograd. He gets his activists to protest the Mayor of LA to try to force him to give him money to consult. He gets his political activists to speak in Sacramento to try to get this passed. He sued LA County to try to make it look like he cares about animals when he doesn't. He actually just added his name to an existing lawsuit. He didn't start it. The Wino is all about the Wino, not animals.Don't ever forget that.

What is rather amusing is watching Boks and Winograd fight each other. They are the same but look who calls the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

More No Kill abuse, BUSTED!

And the No Kill gurus tell these people that is is OK and even morally required to do this to animals

And wants to tell government that animal control has to hand over pets to hoarders and abusers like this