Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go Get 'Em Judie!!!!

You gotta read this one http://scilblog.blogspot.com/

Looks like we got a little war going on here. Do these fools think that we are going to take their shit quietly? Not hardly. Judie is coming out swinging and I welcome her.


Anonymous said...

Gina Spadafori IS a breeder. She tries to disguise this under the activities of her "business partner" but breeder she is.

Look for some sales tax ids, business licenses, for Gina and her self-described "business partner" and you won't find any. Why? Because Gina and her business partner are flying under the radar.

The breeder lobbyists don't want breeder licensing because it's a lot harder to run breeding operations off the radar if you have to get licensed.

Gina Spadafori works with Christie Keith, AKC breeder and AKC lobbyist. She and Christie Keith run the breeder front lobbying group Pet Connection.

Many of the fellow commenters to Pet Connection lobbying blogs are NAIA members. NAIA is the pro puppy mill, pro abuse AKC lobbying group.

Gina Spadafori hides her business relationship with the breeder world as she pretends to be a "journalist." In reality, she just takes AKC lobbying propaganda and rehashes it and tries to pretend she is unbiased.

It's a charade, but she and Christie Keith and a few others have made a living out of it.

A quote from Gina about her and her business partners business

"Our top show dog in recent years (many best in shows and a group win at Westminster) was also a hunt titled dog"

Those dog shows that Gina personally benefits from are paid for by the puppy mill registration money of the AKC.

Gina Spadafori benefits from puppy mill abuse money.

Any wonder why Gina Spadafori and her gang of breeders oppose mandatory spay neuter, with its breeder licensing rules, and licensing fees from breeders and puppy mills?

Anonymous said...

From an online blog where the writer had the courage to expose the AKC puppy mill activity

"The reason the AKC feels it has to increase the number of AKC puppy mill registrations is that "events" are not paying for themselves. With rare exception, these "events" are dog shows. The net loss due to "events" is now $10 million a year, and to recover this loss the AKC will have to register 666,666 pet shop "Misery Puppies" a year at $15 each.
In short, with every AKC rosette comes a little bundle of puppy mill misery"

Anonymous said...

Gina Spadafori's own, self-written bio that she has distributed very recently (it's all over the web) reads thusly

"Gina has also been a columnist and regular contributor to the AKC Gazette, the official magazine of the American Kennel Club"

Gina touts this activity herself. Now Gina tries to duck and hide.

HonestyHelps said...

What do you expect from the Whino? And he says he's not in bed with the breeders. Not only is he in bed with them, they are fucking buddies. Sorry but these people really piss me off and I can't control myself talking about them. If Gina had any pride at all, she would admit what she is. She is another example of the types that follow the Whino blindly and for profit.

Anonymous said...

Christie Keith is not her breeding business partner. Christie Keith is a breeder on her own. Gina is breeding business partners with someone else.

But Christie Keith writes another fake "journalism" pets column for the San Francisco Chronicle which is just AKC financially-motivated lobbying. Christie doesn't even reveal and disclose that she is a breeder in her column. It's deception all the way. Her editor, a woman named Moon who got suspended a few years ago for ethics violations, lies for Christie.

As far as Gina Spadafori's Pet Connection business (which she runs with vet to the breeders, Marty Becker) Winograd is a BUSINESS asoociate of Gina's and Pet Connection. Pet Connection gave him money and sponsored his breeder-heavy conference.

Winograd really is in business with the breeders, and is benefiting financially from them.

Anonymous said...

Gina Spadafori and her breeder lobbyist friends are not following Winograd nor are they following him blindly. They don't believe his trash. They enlisted him for their use, and are using him to push breeder interests hidden undcr the guise of "humane interests."

Winograd is nothing but a tool to use.

Just like Gina and Christie are deceitful about their breeder activity as they pretend to be "journalists," Winograd isn't being honest about his breeder backing, and the breeder propaganda that he is rehashing.

Like the "overpopulation is a myth." Breeders like Gina, Christie, the NAIA gang, and the rest have been lying about that for years. They use it when they are opposing breeder laws.

They just got Winograd to take it and put a fake "humane" spin on it, doctored up with a lot of fake statistics that make no sense but try to sound good, to try to trick people in the humane community and the media.

No one who is really interested in humane issues would ever let themselves get tricked by the AKC and other breeder lobbyists, because the things that AKC and the others say make no sense.

Winograd needed the breeders because people in the humane world knew about his problems, and the problems with his agenda. They weren't giving him money, because many people run their own humane groups and foundations.

So the breeders hooked onto him, got him hooked up with Center for Consumer Freedom, NAIA, Petpac, that sort of thing.

Winograd nows works for them.

The breeders are taking over his conferences, giving him money for his conferences, and since these breeder lobbying groups give money to people who further their agenda, there must be more.

But Winograd is just being used by people who think they are smarter than he is.

They are right about that anyway.