Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Successful Ban in Place

Ellisville’s pit bull ban working, says mayor

ELLISVILLE — Ellisville Mayor Tim Waldrup said Friday that a 2007 ordinance governing animals within the city has effectively helped to reduce the number of strays. However, in addition to those regulations, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen also voted to ban pit bulls.

The animal control ordinance impoundment fees for any animal not properly kept under restraint, is a public nuisance, has rabies or does not have a valid rabies tag.

The impoundment fee for the first impoundment is $25 with second and subsequent impoundments within 12 months increasing to $30.A daily board fee is also charged, which was of the ordinance, was $5 per day.

Other charges include those for rabies vaccinations. Impounded animals not redeemed by their owner within five works days are also placed for adoption or humanely euthanized.

A second ordinance bans pit bulldogs, described in the ordinance as having a “brick-like head, eyes round with erect ears set high on the skull.”

If the city determines that the dog is a pit bulldog or pit bulldog mix, one week notice will be given to the owner for a hearing. If governing authorities confirm that the dog is a pit bulldog or pit bulldog mix, the owner will then be given seven days to remove the dog or be fined up to $100 per day.

“If the dog is not removed within 14 days from the date of the hearing, the dog will be deemed an animal running at large within the municipality and it shall be destroyed,” the ordinance states.

Waldrup said the latter ordinance was introduced because breeds such as pit bull and rottweiler are used in dog fighting.

“We just felt like some of those dogs shouldn’t be loose around a lot of people,” he said. “We’ve utilized that ordinance on several occasions.”

This is what happens when people fight BSL. Seems those who care about pits would work for BSL rather than taking the chance of a ban. The pit nutters have no one to blame but themselves when bans come.


Anonymous said...

If all these pibull nutters actually cared about their breed of dog then they would want rules put into place that would protect their breed of dog. Instead the people who actually care about the dogs have to pass laws to protect people which also helps out the breed of dog. I hate all these idiotic pitbull nutters. All these stupid fools think that BSL=killing all pitbulls. BSL could be requiring insurance for pitbulls, or requiring laws that constrict their breeding capabilities which would help to get rid of the backyard breeders. But no, whenever BSL is brought up they scream discrimination, fascism, and genocide. Hopefully BSL spreads and this problem will finally start to dwindle some day.

HonestyHelps said...

They know the difference they just don't want to spend the money. And because they think more of their purse strings, it will bring about more bans probably. They can only thank themselves if their breed becomes extinct.