Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spadaro Update

I see hits everyday searching for Spadaro so finally I have an update for you guys.

The judge granted her another thirty (30) days to remove forty (40) adult dogs from the property. He added the following oral orders to her to be completed by the next hearing date of May 12, 2010:

1) Every dog is to be individually marked;

2) All mandated paperwork such as neutering and vaccinations are to be available;

3) All unspayed females are to be segmented from all unneutered males;

4) There is to be a reduction from the current 159 dogs of 40 adult dogs in the next 30 days before the next hearing.

In the new criminal complaint that was filed in January 2010 with the District Attorney’s Office, Spadaro was arrested on one (1) felony count for failing to provide proper veterinary care to a dog that was housed at the West Paw Kennel. She was arrested on March 25, 2010 on this criminal complaint and spent approximately eight (8) hours in jail before being released.

Also there is an article.

I have heard that Spadaro was hit by a truck a few months ago and is in a wheelchair. Payback is hell, Charlotte. Karma will get you every time.


Anonymous said...

Spadaro is now on a walker. Too bad she isn't in a casket, that's a more appropriate place for her.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

these creepy old broads running these puppy mills give me the willies. i swear this old bat looks like she would be perfectly cast in a remake of an old horror flick like hush hush sweet charlotte or what ever happened to baby jane.

i vote for a casket too. i sure hope dan reads this so he can question my humanity some more.

Anonymous said...

"I have heard that Spadaro was hit by a truck a few months ago and is in a wheelchair."

Or is she just ripping off the disability system?

That seems to be common among the hoarders and puppy millers too. One was just busted for it, wasn't she?