Monday, September 13, 2010

Trading One Life for Another

I came across this comment and wanted to pass it along to all the TNR nutts out there. I don't use the adjective "outside" to describe cats. You probably know by now that I hate the TNR movement almost as much as I hate the "No Kill Equation" movement. I consider TNR to be the ultimate cruelty to cats.

"No one is addressing the issue of history. In the last 450 years, the domestic cat caused the vast majority of all recorded extinctions.
The second agent of extinction was the European rat. When European fishermen and explorers inadvertently transported and introduced the domestic cat to the Earth's island ecosystems, specie after specie fell extinct. In 1997, an Australian member of parliament called for the total eradication of all domestic HOUSE cats on that island. Cats caused thirteen extinctions of native, indigenous species of fauna. However, Australians are more protective of their native, indigenous species. Upon its introduction to New Zealand, the domestic cat cause eight extinctions of birds, and many extinct species' extinctions were left unrecorded. When introduced to the tiny Guadalupe Island, southwest of San Diego, domestic cats pushed extinct three species of native birds, including the storm petrel, and one lizard specie, and birds are considered a difficult prey specie for cats to slaughter. History paves a bloody and sad path of vast extinction with the major cause, the domestic cat. Cats caused over twice as many extinctions as the rat. Though the mongoose is cited as causal to Hawaii's extinctions, by the time of its transportation to the island ecosystem, cats and rats had caused the majority of the island's extinction of biological diversity."

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