Wednesday, September 15, 2010

C'mon Whino, Answer the Challenge

Coward that you are, you were given a challenge to produce the evidence against Pat Dunaway and nothing so far. Everyday I will remind you of that challenge.


baywatch1 said...

I just went to Muzika's blog, and Mr. Winograd is picking up your challenge there. Thought you would like to know, Last week Ed had something from the ALF, he is not thinking clearly. Of course Mr. Winograd is using him as he does all his contacts.I understand it is not your challenge but Ms Dunway's, but you may not want to be in the middle.

Anonymous said...

There's a bottom line here.

If Nathan Winograd cared about the humane treatment of animals, he would not be in business with AKC, Rick Berman, the fighting dog breeders that promote Nathan, PetPac, NAIA, and the others.

These breeder lobbyists above all SUPPORT CRUELTY TO ANIMALS in every single form.

They lobby against humane treatment of animals in every way.


They attack any individual or group whatsoever that supports humane treatment of animals.

They stalk, harass, and slur any individual or group that supports humane treatment of animals with LIES designed to enable cruelty to continue unopposed.

Some of them have actual, convicted animal torturers on their boards guiding these lobbies to support animal torture and cruelty.

If Nathan Winograd supported the humane treatment of animals, these breeder and animal torture lobbies would not support Nathan Winograd.

HonestyHelps said...

Baywatch, I don't mind at all being in the middle as long as the truth comes out. When the Whino shows court documents to prove that Ms. Dunaway is a child and animal abuser, I might believe but only if I can go to the same documents, not those he made up.

And I challenge the Whino to prove he is NOT in league with Berman, PetPac and the others. He can't do it and I know that.

I like Anon's statement because it rings true:
"If Nathan Winograd supported the humane treatment of animals, these breeder and animal torture lobbies would not support Nathan Winograd."

Anonymous said...

Winograd hides behind his keyboard. He does what he accuses others of doing. Others aren't calling him a child abuser but they do call him an animal abuser because there's enough out there about his failures to warrant that name for him. He calls others drunks when he drunk with power. He offers no proof of what he says while others have proof of what they say about him. I agree that he is a coward, hiding behind his computer, doing the same and more that he says others are doing. He won't meet this challenge, he can't. I went to the link provided by Dunaway and found nothing in court records. Who alledged accusations against Dunaway, not the law, not the courts. I hope Dunaway sues the shit outta him.

Anonymous said...

He was appearing at AKC dog shows for and with PetPac! PetPac was advertising it to their clients.

Winograd needs to know that there are people out there who will not stand for his abuse of women who do nothing more than point out his falsehoods and deception.

Harassing women is not ok.

HonestyHelps said...

BayWatch, do you have any links on that info that we can post on here?

He has added a "male" to his list, guess he got word that he looks too obvious going after women only.

Anon, he won't answer the challenge because he knows he is lying. He calls other drunk when his info comes from either a multiple offender drunk who spent time on weekend community service or a strange looking known hoarder that neighbors have started a blog about. Good reliable sources that will get his ass sitting in court, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in the background on why breeder lobbyist Brenda Barnette is pushing for higher pet limits, this originates with the breeders and puppy mills, also the dog fighters.

A large percentage of breeders are running illegal, unlicensed businesses and not paying taxes on the income. Pet limits are a way to nab these crooks and also to control illegal puppy mills and dog fighting operations.

Barnette and her puppy mill breeder friends have ALWAYS pushed for raising or eliminating pet limits to help themselves, the puppy mill breeders that support AKC, and their dog fighter friends to run illegal businesses, abuse animals, and CHEAT ON THEIR TAXES.

This kind of breeder help originates with Barnette's allies at NAIA and the AKC.


is who Barnette is colluding with to raise pet limits, among others, while pretending to care about animals. Barnette did this kind of thing with Patti Strand etc as a legislative aide for AKC.

NAIA also promotes Winograd because Winograd helps the breeders and puppy mills oppose regulation they don't like.

These breeders are getting away with millions upon millions of tax fraud every year. Raising pet limits helps them commit more tax fraud, and also abuse more animals for profit, without getting caught.

You have 5 dogs you are breeding, you can be pulling in hundreds of thousands a year in income, and the city won't even make you get licensed if the pet limits are raised.

LA will lose even more tax income and licensing fees to cheats. And more animals will suffer, as well as the breeding rate increasing.

Anonymous said...

Mr Muzika was the one, wasn't he, advising an investigated potential hoarder not to let anyone see his facility, and telling them and similar to hide out, not even let other rescuers see the facility?


These TV shows on hoarding display the exact same kind of sentiment from convicted animal abusers. They say the same kinds of things.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, it was Ed Muzika that was giving advice to hoarders. He was also the one who praised Ed Boks to high heaven only to learn he misplaced his admiration. The ADL-LA criticized Muzika and now he is in bed with them. Does this man sound like he has a rational bone in his body? I say he is flat out crazy.

Anonymous said...

"He has added a "male" to his list, guess he got word that he looks too obvious going after women only."

Perhaps the League of Women Voters that his mother-in-law Sharon Holdt is involved with in Orange County may not be too happy about his harassment and threats and lies toward women who simply disagree with him.

(especially when his audience consists of some very bad men involved with crime who post links to Nathan's blog and materials on their sites. What does Nathan think trying to instigate attacks on women when men like this could potentially harm or kill someone?)

The things he says about women and the attacks he makes on women are the same kind of despicable things that right wing fanatics used to say about women they wanted to silence, to control whistleblower women who spoke out against wrongdoing in our society, and Nathan Winograd claims he is some kind of "civil rights" person?

He is hurting the civil rights of women! Stepping on them and trying to humiliate them, the most sexist and disgusting attacks I have seen from a man recently.

He is going to get a woman hurt if he keeps doing this.

If he truly was what he claimed to be, he would not stoop to doing these despicable things.

Anonymous said...

I think that Ed Muzika doesn't care about animals.

I think he is using animals just to try to control other people and boss people around, and try to feel important.

That is so sad, when an ego is so large that animals fall victim to it.

It takes a big man, a strong man, to face facts and admit that something is wrong or isn't working. Only the hardheaded and egotistical small people keep arguing for the wrong.

Anonymous said...

Also the talking points opposing pet limits were proepared for Barnette by AKC lobbyists. She didn't even do the work to come up with these deceits. AKC, the puppy mill people trying to get their way and keep their tax fraud business by duping the naive.

HonestyHelps said...

You guys are keeping me busy this morning.

Maybe the Whino's mother in law advise him to add a male to the long list of women.

And I have to agree that Ed M. doesn't truly care for animals, he cares more for sticking his nose up someone's ass so they can enable him to rant and rave nonsense.

baywatch1 said...

The Alf story is on Muzika perhaps page 2. He says today he supports socialism and Winograd and ALF, I must have been wrong to think him an innocent fool.

HonestyHelps said...

Tune in tomorrow and he will be in favor of something else. He can't make up his mind. I've seen posts where he doubted the Whino and swore he wasn't a whinonette. He was chased and called everything but a white man by the ADL/ALF terrorists and now he is kissing their asses. I believe in nationalizing health care which is a little socialistic but I'm sure not as extreme as Ed is. He doesn't know whether to shit or get off the pot. So that says he is full of it, right?

Anonymous said...

Muzika supports socialism?

Then why is he supporting Winograd who is now involved with some of the most radical, right wing, NRA type people in the country.

Is he aware of what Patti Strand, Rick Berman, and Winograd's other associates are up to? Does Muzika even know how anti-gay, anti-civil rights the AKC crowd is?

They call everyone they disagree with COMMIES, Muzika.

Your Winograd is a fake, and worse than that he is batting for the team that is out to destroy communists and socialists like you. They even want to destroy middle of the road, independent, honest citizens.

That is what "AKC lobbying" is all about.

Patti Strand shut down her NAIA web board when their gay bashing, minority bashing, and other sordid activities got exposed.

Barnette is connected to the most radical right wing activity going on!

Anonymous said...

And I am not talking conservative here.

I am talking about radical, extremist, right wing, brown shirt radicalism.

Maybe more than anarchist libertarian psychopaths.

HonestyHelps said...

Muzika doesn't know what he supports. Depends on what side of the bed he wakes up on. That's what he is infamous for, his indecision of everything. One day Boks is the answer to all, the next day Boks is a jerk. One day Whino is right, and the next day wrong. You have to go back to the beginning of his blog to really see just how this man's mind DOESN'T THINK OR LEARN.