Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pat Dunaway Challenges Nathan Winograd to Put Up or Shut Up

My friend, HonestyHelps, is once again allowing me to post. I CHALLENGE NATHAN J. WINOGRAD TO PROVE HIS ACCUSATIONS AGAINST ME!!! I gave the link to the San Bernardino Superior Court in a previous post on this blog so anyone can go there and see if there are any charges.

A drunk and Howdy Doody lookalike hoarder sent out anonymous letters making these accusations because they were desperate to destroy my credibility and this is the basis of Winograd's accusations.

PROVE IT YOU BASTARD. I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO SO. Otherwise your ass is going to see me in court. You're the animal killer here, not me. You are relying on your intimidation tactics to scare people away from speaking against you and it isn't working. More and more are coming forward. That just chaps your ass, Winograd, because you can't make us fall down on our knees and worship you. Never, we will fight you and your cruelty to the very end.


Winograd is a Coward said...

Winograd is a COWARD, always has been and always will be. He doesn't allow comments because he is a COWARD. He spouts off and doesn't give anyone the chance to defend himself because he is a COWARD. He uses Dunaway and Perry to intimidate others into silence because he is a COWARD.

The world is not beating a path to your door, Winograd, because they know what you are, a COWARD.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes indeed he is a coward. He runs his mouth but is afraid of taking comments. Course we all know what he will use as an excuse. "Oh I have soooo many followers, I can't take all the comments" Yeah right. He won't take comments because he knows the truth would be posted on his blog showing him to be a liar.

Pat, anytime you want to use this blog, you are more than welcome.