Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey, Nathan Winograd, It's All Falling Apart for You

What can I say? I have been beating my head against the wall trying to come up with a good post about recent events but just can't do it. I think the relief of having others come forward dulled the old mind.

It appears that others have had their fill of the Whino, his whining, his lies, his sick philosophy and it couldn't be soon enough for me. I have been fighting this short man for over six years, enduring his endless rantings and those of the Whinonettes. This morning I came across an article written by Ingrid of Peta fame, talking of institutionalized hoarding, a good description of the Whino's "No Kill Equation" program. I expect the usual comments degrading Peta but no, many of the comments were in favor of Peta and degrading the Whino. Guess the Whinonettes are running outta steam.

I like Peta because they are straight up, not concealing the truth like the Whino does. They aren't ashame of the dirty job they have to do for the public. The Whino babies the public, playing to the public and the public loves being told they aren't the responsible ones for the deaths of so many shelter pets. Well, I got news for you, Mr. and Mrs. Public, you are the animal murderers, not Peta.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Public, you are the ones who let your irresponsible behavior of not altering your pets fill the shelters. You are the ones who kill the animals, not the ones who put the needle in. You, Mr. and Mrs. Public, are the ones who caused all this with your continued buying from the puppy mills. You are the ones who allow the suffering of these puppy mills. YOU, MR. & MRS. PUBLIC ARE THE GUILTY PARTIES!!!!

And to the Whino, I call you the animal murderer now. You with your associations that lead right back to the puppy mills and their suffering. You, Whino, with your rantings of how the public is innocent and it is only the shelters who make the decision to kill, are the one who is causing all the problems. You, Whino, have divided the humane community even more than it already was, making the problems even more so. And all of this comes down to one thing, hurting the shelter animals and the people who try to keep up with the demands of your public.

Whinonettes are being sued and they should be. It is all coming apart for you, Whino, and I can't think of anyone that deserves it more than you. Rave all you want, it won't do any good now. We and I am happy to say we, are coming after you with the intentions of stopping your hurting and killing of good animals. You, Whino, are evil, shear evil but you will not prevail.

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