Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here Nathan Winograd is the Results of Your Personal Agenda

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38978396/ Published 09/02/2010

When animal rescuers become animal hoarders
Rescues, shelters make up a quarter of the 6,000 hoarding cases each year

""LOS ANGELES — Linda Bruno called her Pennsylvania cat rescue the land of milk and tuna. It thrived for years as people sent pets they couldn't care for from hundreds of miles away — unaware it was a death camp for cats.

Investigators who raided the place two years ago found killing rooms, mass graves so thick they couldn't take a step without walking on cat bones and a stunning statistic: Bruno had taken in over 7,000 cats in the previous 14 months, but only found homes for 23.

In doing so, she had become a statistic herself, one of an increasing number of self-proclaimed rescuers who have become animal hoarders running legal and often nonprofit charities.""

Winograd relies on these types, they probably make up his biggest group of supporters. Hoarding is on the increase with the advent of his morbid "No Kill Equation" program. I don't have a lot of use for Randall Lockwood but he nailed this dateline to coincide with the rise in hoarding.

""When I first started looking into this 20 years ago, fewer than 5 percent would have fit that description," Lockwood said.""

""'I wouldn't give one of my dogs to Jesus'
Some hoarders develop a "messiah complex," seeing themselves as saviors even as animals die. One hoarder told Lockwood: "I wouldn't give one of my dogs to Jesus Christ if he came in the door."" How many times does Winograd fit the description of the Messiah? Even he states that the only way is his way.

Winograd's motto: Any home is better than dying in the shelter. Well, Whino, this is your legacy, deal with it, and go to hell with it.

Less we not forget this recent article out of Philadelphia. Remember that Philly was home to the Whino's biggest failure, PACCA and his hand picked manager, Tara Darby. Note the timeline showing how badly hoarding cases became after his program was installed. Also note that the hoarder here was getting her animals from PACCA as well as the PSPCA which is now under the control of one of the Whino's Whinonettes.

""In Philadelphia, the number of large-scale animal hoarding cases went from one every six months in 2004 to one or two each month now. And the suburbs are not immune.""


"She disputed the PSPCA's figures on the number of animals seized from her home, andWilliamson confirmed that Federov had helped foster kittens for the PSPCA.

Federov said she had taken dogs from the former PACCA to save them from being put down."



anonymouse said...

Sorry, Honesty, I just erased the tirade I wrote about what should happen those who enable these situations, because it's just too early in the day to be that negative.

Needless to say, you are spot-on about how no-kill is equivalent to hoarding, and how both animals and people suffer because of it.

Thank you for continuing to shed light on this topic.

Dumbfounded said...

Institional hoarding is the next wave of the future, so long as there is money and recognition, the corrupt bastards will keep on sucking.

HonestyHelps said...

I would have to agree. At one time I thought if the economy took a dump it would hurt the Whino but I was wrong, it presented an opportunity for him. He could get the non profits to come in, offer services at much less, and take away the shelters and/or animal control. Along with his help of criticizing the shelter, these puppets would hound the officials until they would just get tired of it and they felt they would be heros to "get rid of" the killing pound. Add to that, Winograd's use of intimidation by lying about people such as Pat, using her as a naysayer, this is what you will get if you speak out, and who wants to be called an animal abuser/killer? He has many more enemies than friends, believe me but they sit silent because of the way he does people. People are scared of those puppets he jerks their strings. As I study him, I see more and more evil. Seems things are starting showing people are fed up and starting to fight back, it's been a long time coming.

Passing through said...

Saw this quote and thought of Winograd. "never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level, and beat you with their experience."
True statement... he's to stupid to learn.

HonestyHelps said...

Either that or I am too stupid to learn. If you don't argue with this idiot, then his voice will be the only one heard. That's was pretty much true until recently. Things are happening and they have an negative effect on his agenda. Will be interesting to figure out what winding road he will try to go down to weasel out of the current events. Those events being downfalls of "no kill" major shelters, lawsuits, and others speaking loud and clear about his bedfellows. He's made his bed, now let him lay in it.