Sunday, February 12, 2012


Watching her show on the Pimping for Pits channel tonight, not because I want to either, Tia mentions how she intends to wear a pair of Uggs to a wedding. Don't ask. She had on a pair of Uggs. My God, doesn't that woman own a hair brush?

In my opinion, Tia is probably a cheap woman and buys the imitation Uggs but whether she does or doesn't, these animals are being skinned alive because of Uggs. I bet she buys stock in the horse meat trade probably. After all, she didn't think twice about selling women, why should she care about horse meat, meat is meat to her.

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Anonymous said...

What is with Mrs. Aryan Brotherhood these days? Where is she? I thought she was getting evicted after her druggie family was stealing from the neighbors. after they stole from her donors. Do you think she had to return any of the donor money she ripped off from the fools? She's the one with the wolves and other wild animals that she forces to live in cages, isn't she?