Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, folks, just when we thought LA Animal Services couldn't sink any lower, guess what? It hasn't bottomed out yet! Now Koretz squirmed himself even further into the Barnette's World of Breeders and so that he, as new head of the Personnel Committee, will have sole oversight of "animal welfare:. Yep, it's now the LA City Personnel & Animal Welfare Committee. Quite a stretch, huh? Where's the Homeless Children Committee or the Elderly Poor in the Streets Committee? Is he talking about city personnel & animals as one group that need welfare? Well, what ever it is, it certainly is a manipulation and wouldn't you say, a conflict of interest for Koretz?  Isn't this the proverbial fox in charge of the hen house?
Here are the facts. Before Barnette got here, Koretz ran to the Mayor and whined his way onto the selection team. Since MV is always glad to share the blame, he jumped on that. So there was Paul Koretz, looking like the proud papa introducing Barnette at a press conference and talking about her being the best thing to ever happen to LA animals.
What did he base that on? Well, she was a breeder and the AKC Legislative Rep in Seattle. I guess that was good enough for him, since some of Koretz's best friends are breeders, according to a letter sent to him and posted by a big-time Encino breeder. (Remember that one? "We MUST have this increase in animals...Louis Krokover of the Encino Neighborhood Council wrote to Koretz as Koretz pushed for 10 adult animals and all the pups and kittens you want to breed in every yard in Los Angeles.). By the way Krokover also seems to have a little thing going with one of Koretz deputies! It's sort of incentuous, just like dog breeding.. Koretz, who thinks he is the expert on animals because he has a cat and had a puppy mill dog he got from a pet shop, he says.. So that qualifies him as an expert?
Now with LA Animal Services under his thumb, Barnette can continue torturing her staff and screwing up the department and getting what she really wants--Destroy LAAS! Remember in Seattle, Claire Davis replaced her on the committee and wrote to the CAO of Seattle, "We have spent 1-1/2 years trying to destabilize King County AC." Well, looks like that's about how long it's taking in LA but now Barnette has had some practice. And she has "Sleazy" Salazar who already proved he knows how to wreck the workplace and get the City sued.
So now, with Koretz, Barnette and Slazar in total charge, watch out City Council. The Big One may be coming. I heard it cost Riverside several mil. With the larger harassed staff at LAAS, let's see how that would add up.
And to get back to that conflict of interest, Koretz hired Barnette, has used her to try to get the animal increase for his buddies and can we say probably his best campaign contributors???? They are joined at the hip on all the stupid and useless things Koretz wants passed and Barnette gets to continue whipping the employees in her department while Mr. Personnel Committee Koretz turns a blind eye. It's just so perfect! And so sadistic! Pity the Animal Services Department. They are sinking like that Italian cruise ship, sunk by a City Council that doesn't care whether there are officers in a fire or earthquake disaster or out keeping the bad assed pit bulls from attacking people in LA. Well San Diego had three deaths by pit bull and a lot more attacks in just last year. With Koretz, Barnette, Salazar and pit bull loving Best Friends in charge of this city, L.A. will be doing better than that pretty soon. But as long as it's not their kid, will anyone on the City Council even care? 


Anonymous said...

Over here in Arizona, a big case of hoarding: Try 100 dogs in a house with no power or running water.

HonestyHelps said...

And I bet many of those came from a local "No Kill" shelter and rescues.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Koretz is pulling a Warren Patitz fraud.

Remember Warren Patitz of Indianapolis? He and his wife got themselves in charge of the animal services citizen board, and never revealed they were in business with Nathan Winograd. They hooked up with a corrupt city official, who had a fake "hire a new AC director" search that was fixed by Winograd and Patitz from the start.

Patitz and Winograd had already fixed it. They had a Winograd associate Doug Rae hired in a scam set up. Rae had just been FIRED from PACCA in Philadelphia, where he narrowly escaped being charged with animal abuse, that's how bad he was and that Winograd set up was. THEY NEVER TOLD THE CITY! They never revealed the history of Rae's and Winograd's no kill failures, they never revealed Patitz's insider connections to Winograd (and extended to Rick Berman, AKC, etc.)

Doug Rae turned Indianapolis into a death trap. Warehousing, disease, dogs killing each other in crowded cages. Refused to pick up strays, on command of Winograd so his fake statistics wouldn't get impacted, and packs of dogs were attacking citizens and their pets, as well as dogs dying on the streets.

Giving bite cases to families, dumping animals, house of horrors, animal cruelty No Kill Winograd style.

Innocent people and pets getting hurt and killed thanks to Winograd and Patitz.

City investigated, Patitz scam exposed, Rae fired, corrupt city official canned, and PATITZ AND WIFE FIRED FROM ANIMAL CONTROL BOARD.

Koretz is doing the same thing.

Fraud to get a breeder lobbyist and Rick Berman puppy mill industry goon hired, now the whole system is failing the animals and people, and Koretz wants to HIDE IT ALL AND KEEP ON LYING.

So now he commits even more crime by getting himself in control to hide the truth of the death, failure, and puppy mill help,. as well as assistance to breeders committing tax fraud, abuse, and breaking laws.

Koretz has just proven his guilt. THis is a desperate man, working for Rick Berman's breeders and animal torturers.

Barnette is even having people steal dogs and remocve their microchips!

So Koretz is desperate to hide these crimes from the city council and the citizens.

This man is a crook. The city needs to be held accountable for letting this man destroy animal control.

Any death, abuse, or injury is HIS responsibility and he needs to be held accountable!

This is a public health issue and he is tampering with the lives of LA citizens and their animals so that he can help puppy mills and criminal breeders, and Rick Berman.

This is organized crime.

It is all on his head now. He is responsible for EVERYTHING that happens. He can't hide the crime.

Anonymous said...

No honest person would do something like this. This is not how government works, particularly connected to public health.

Lobbyists don't run departments like dictators.

Koretz has just proven to the city that he is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY of corruption.

This scam was his, and he's trying desperately to hold it together.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, there's more that will be coming out on this, just stayed tune. You are on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Louis Krokover

Breeder. DEVELOPER, and Paul KOretz associate


I am not liking this.


This whole situation stinks.

Special interest payola stinkeroo.

HonestyHelps said...

Here's some background info on these two.

HonestyHelps said...

Do a search on this blog for these two.

Anonymous said...

Louis Krokover has already been involved in some dirty government business, locally, in Encino.

Interesting examination of how these corrupt committees, and the crooks on them, can hijack a city and hurt the citizens on behalf of their special interest hook ups.

These Committees (run arounds around the city council) are run by crooks and special interests that do favors for "the money" and break the rules of the city or town and force illegal things down the throats of residents and city council.

It's a way for crime to happen in city government, money to change hands to get favors and variances for special interest groups and get their needs and wants met over what's best for the people of the city. And their needs and wants are ENRICHMENT, making more money doing the bad things they do, the things that hurt others.

Krokover claimed he was against this kind of Committe Dictatorship in Encino.


And yet as head of this neighborhood council trying to rights the wrongs that this Committee committed against its citizens and the city council, what has he done? The situation hasn't been fixed, the crooks got away with it, and he claims it is "still being worked on."

Well, he's a DEVELOPER. How hard was he working? or was he working on it at all? What was going on?

It looks like this same kind of Committee Dictatorship is going to take over animal control in LA, and sacrifice pets and the people for the MONEY MAKING interests of the breeders, the puppy mills.

Koretz (breeder Krokover's pawn) is like the drug lord for a cartel, getting on the law enforcement Committee to dictate to the citizens what the cartel wants, by force, not debate or votes or input from the people.

This is ORGANIZED CRIME, and this is falling right on Koretz's head. He's the front man.

Anonymous said...

Another business of Krokover's



This is getting stinkier and stinkier for Koretz all the time.

He's hooked up with for-profit animal BUSINESSES, not public health interests or animal welfare interests or taxpayer interests. Quite the opposite!

We know what happens in the "campaign donation" game.

Anonymous said...

This is like the Rat Pack from Encino kill animals in LA!

So some tax cheat breeders can get rich

Anonymous said...

Koretz has a big mouth when it comes to scams in government. Who will police Koretz, Krokover's and Rick Berman's pawn?

What about Koretz's lack of candor? What about his political game with Krokover and the breeder lobbyists? He knows what a government scam is, so he can't claim ignorance now!

"Holding the DWP Accountable

Councilmember Paul Koretz wants to hold the Department of Water and Power accountable for having blithely misrepresented its financial condition to the City Council. That’s why he has initiated strict steps to make certain that the DWP does not escape a recent condemnatory audit unscathed. The Councilmember revealed his intentions at an Audits and Governmental Efficiency Committee meeting where DWP was notably absent despite having been repeatedly invited to attend.

As Chair of the committee, Councilmember Koretz concluded its June 15th meeting by introducing three separate motions (unanimously embraced by the committee) regarding the DWP’s March refusal to transfer promised funds to the City.

The DWP had earlier justified its refusal to turn over $73 million by claiming that it had insufficient funds, but a subsequent audit released by the Los Angeles City Controller’s Office found this claim to be fabricated. (City Controller Wendy Greuel was at the June 15 committee meeting and made a full presentation of the audit. She was joined by staff from Crowe Horwath LLP, which was the outside auditing firm used in this matter.) “I would like to thank Controller Greuel for this important audit and its thorough scrutiny of DWP’s finances and behavior,” Councilmember Koretz said.

He continued, “We need to find out who is being disciplined for this scam by DWP, which caused grievous harm – the City’s bond rating suffered as a result. We need to determine whether there was any illegality involved in DWP’s duplicitous conduct. But we also need to address DWP’s disregard for our bond ratings, by removing that agency’s authority over its own bonding.”

The Koretz motions call for:

1) A report back from the Mayor and the DWP, to the Audits and Governmental Efficiency (AGE) Committee, detailing who in those offices – including the DWP Board – is being disciplined as a result of this misconduct [falsely claiming that a sizable Energy Cost Adjustment Factor rate increase was needed or no transfer of funds would be possible].

2) The City Attorney to report back to AGE on whether any of said misconduct reaches or breaches the threshold of criminality.

3) A report back from the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Administrative Officer to AGE committee on the timeline for removing bonding responsibilities from within the DWP to the City Administrative Officer – the agency that does bond items for other departments in the City. (Councilmember Koretz explained that, “For too long the DWP has played politics with its bond ratings, using it as a tool to hogtie the Council into decisions that may otherwise be imprudent.”)

Councilmember Koretz said that the DWP’s failure to send a representative to the meeting was “outrageous. In a department that may have 10,000 employees, you’d think that they could find someone, even if it’s just one person, to be here to listen to our questions and concerns regarding what Controller Wendy Greuel and her auditors have uncovered. That the DWP couldn’t even bother to send a single person to this meeting shows the incredible arrogance that got them into this particular mess to begin with. Their lack of candor has lost them the confidence, trust and respect of the people of Los Angeles.”

Anonymous said...

Interesting list of Koretz campaign donors


Krokover, real estate developer.

Donor to Koretz, California Real Estate PAC

I wonder if Koretz told the Teamsters and union people that give him money that Krokover's breeder associates are represented by lobbyist Rick Berman, UNION BUSTER?

Has Koretz told the teachers in the LA school system that he is working for breeder lobbyist Rick Berman (Teacher union Buster) interests?

Anonymous said...

Paul Koretz gets PAC money from real estate developers.


He always shows up all over the place with his "friends" the real estate developers that even send him emails pushing for their personal special interests, Krokover pushing for breeder and puppy mill interests.

And the PAC money is showing up in Koretz's campaign funds?

This is not ok. This is how people and pets get hurt very badly.

The interests of the animals, citizens, nor taxpayers are getting met here. This is special interests at work, and no fabrications on earth cover that up.

Are the real estate development PACs bullying the city council and threatening them?