Friday, February 17, 2012


Controller Greuel finally completed her audit of LA Animal Services. Now this can read both ways. BUT, if you understand the political nature of this, it reads pretty much one way, Breeder Barnette has a lot of explaining to do

Usually I do excerpts from articles but there's just too much here. Many of the mentioned things I have done previous posts on. I was speaking with a friend about this and we both agree that Barnette should have come in and have been able to overcome all these things within the almost two years she has been on the job. These are just plain management problems, and should have been her first priorities. She screwed around on the licensing issue, taking ACOs from the field to walk door to door like vacuum salesmen, when there were other methods that would achieve better results.

Now to beat the band, Terri Macellaro has resigned from the LA Animal Services Commission. This really has me shaking my head. A better thing could not happen with Macellaro's baggage, literally and figuratively. I think she is going to make a run for Barnette's job. Barnette must be a big disappointment for the ADL-LA and Macellaro. I'd say things should start getting interesting soon.

This is the second commissioner to resign lately.

Ruthanne Secunda, a Hollywood talent agent and president of Much Love Animal Rescue, quit early this month after she was accused of failing to license her three dogs, then voting to cut penalties for owners of unlicensed dogs. She later volunteered to pay five years of licensing fees, with penalties.

I bet Ed Boks is laughing his face off at LA right now. If it weren't so sad, I would be laughing with him. 


Bob said...

I will at least give credit to Ruthanne Secunda for resigning for her actions that would be in conflict with the position that was held. That is more I can say for the President of our local humane society that has admitted to not vaccinating his personal animals and possibly long term fosters that would be organization animals for rabies. There is also the admission that animals are not fed everyday and the justification is that it is healthy for animals to fast. Be sure the person that holds leadership responsibilities in your organization is the right person to represent your organization to the community.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the situation with Blount County. The boards of directors of nonprofits have a heavy obligation to properly oversee the running of the organization- financial, upholding charity tax laws, financial disclosure, etc.

There are strict laws about these things, and boards of directors can be sued if they are not properly supervising an organization like this. They also can get into deep trouble with federal tax authorities, etc, even for small things.

Has there been a formal request made for financial records, to start? Federal records filed? State records?