Saturday, February 4, 2012


Oh, how Winograd has his panties in a wad right now. After he went and patterned his bullshit Companion Animal Protection Act after the Hayden, now the Hayden is in jeopardy of being repealed. Repealed or not, the damage has been done. Word is out that it is indeed a failure. Of course, Winograd is putting his usual spin on things. Gov. Brown is well known for riding that fence. Gov. Brown originally hoped to smooth things over with saying that it worked so well that we don't need it anymore. But the Legislative Analyst report says a different story although it does try to soften the blow.

If you haven't read these articles by Phyllis Daugherty yet, here are the links for some essential reading. Note that Randall Lockwood of the ASPCA and Merritt Clifton both back the merits of this article. Clifton took his time to comment.

Once you have read these, there's really nothing more for me to say. Except that PETA has seen fit to take this to a worldwide audience.

So let the explanation begin Winograd, spin your tales to cover your ass. The truth will take you down.


Anonymous said...

The Haydn bill was a ploy by dog fighters, puppy millers, lab animal dealers, and psychotics including hoarders to get their hands on free, unaltered animals.

These animal torturers tricked good-hearted people into supporting a bill that sent pets back to the Dark Ages.

Shelters can and do certainly work with rescues, but they need to be approved rescues that have credibility and honest people running them, and not latching onto pets for bad reasons.

The Haydn bill let the criminals take over, and how the animals have suffered.

Anonymous said...

When Nathan Winograd opens up even one spay neuter clinic, he's walking the walk.

Until then, he's just talking the talk, for sleazy breeders and animal torturers.


HonestyHelps said...

Randy DeCarlo keeps asking that same question and he is getting sued for doing so.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the comment left by an LA resident

"This is so important--thank you for exposing this terrible law and the nightmares it has caused for animals. A friend of mine found a dying Doberman laying on the concrete floor of a Los Angeles shelter--the shelter couldn't put him down because a so-called "rescue" had put a hold on him! The dog was 14-years-old and was cruelly withheld a peaceful passing with dignity because of someone claiming to be a "rescue" wanting to "save animals from euthanasia." Shame on them. For shame. "

HonestyHelps said...

Zephyr was one of the best examples of how the Hayden is abused. Do a search for Winograd, Zephyr and Carson shelter. Although I have felt this was a set up deal and the dog was selected to die so Winograd could get a lawsuit filed against the County of LA.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, I though you might be interested in the expose on Nathan Winograd's handler and associate, Rick Berman of Center for Consumer Freedom, and the AKC and how they helped the puppy mills of Missouri.

Here is how they supported the puppy mills in Missouri by opposing anti-cruelty legislation. Scroll down. David Martosko works for Rick Berman.

These are the people Winograd works for now. No Kill is all about protecting the breeders and puppy mills from legislation and rules, and preventing cruelty investigation by overwhelming and impoverishing shelters and rescues.

Winograd is right in the pocket of the puppy mills!


Berman is putting money in the pockets of corrupt legislators to get the pro-abuse crowd into the shelters.

It gets laundered through "campaign donation."

Anonymous said...

Honesty, I have looked at the Austin Texas animal control website and I see no mention of spay neuter services at all.


So they are actively HELPING the numbers of unwanted animals to increase?

No Kill vowed that they were going to reduce unwanted animals by building low cost spay neuter clinics and educating. So now they have sold out to the breeders and puppy mills so much that they don't even do that any more?

Anonymous said...

And you want to know the really sick thing that Nathan Winograd doesn't tell all his mindless slaves (and doesn't tell the media either)??

When he and Rick Berman and the AKC fought against anti-cruelty puppy mill legislation, and bought out the corrupt Missouri puppy millers who are legislators to repeal it and let the torturing continue by the AKC puppy mills, Berman & Wino and friends retaliated on the Missouri animal shelters and rescues by imposing a big fee and a PER ANIMAL CHARGE that goes to the state to help the farm industry and puppy mills torture more dogs.

They actually extorted the animal shelters and rescues and worked to impoverish them as retaliation for their care and concern for the puppy mill torture!

Do you think Nathan Winograd mentions that he and his Berman puppy mill breeder AKC friends did THAT to shelters? They outright hurt them for a bunch of criminal puppy mill breeders!

Nathan suposedly wants to help shelters??


This crook is out there with Berman HURTING shelters!

Nathan WinoBerman wants to do one thing and one thing only- help the puppy mills and the corrupt breeders in every way he can. He belongs in jail just for the lies alone.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:50 Actually the Hayden was more the work of ignorance than anything else. It has been exploited since by rescues. And we know that rescues can be the puppets of all the above.