Friday, February 17, 2012


Yet another one bites the dust. Okay, Nathan, let's hear the overused excuse how they didn't follow your program exactly. Can anyone follow your program exactly? Wonder if they learned from Tompkins County just down the road a piece?

ATTICA, NY (WKBW) - Multiple complaints and 2 weeks of investigating led New York State Police to raid the SPCA of Wyoming County in Attica and its satellite adoption center at the Eastern Hills Mall Wednesday.
The Wyoming County SPCA is a no kill shelter and some volunteers say close to 250 cats were living inside the Attica location. Police aren't commenting on the exact conditions inside but said the sheer volume of animals caused a filthy environment.
"Deplorable does not accurately describe it," said New York State Police Captain Steve Nigrelli.
Hey, Captain Nigrelli, that's "No Kill", blinded by the deplorable conditions because of drinking Nathan Winograd's koolaid.

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