Sunday, February 19, 2012


This is an excellent blog with links to show how miserable animals are now in Delaware. Is Nathan popping his chubby cheeks up there to see what the problems are? Of course not, he always has his flimsy excuse that no one is following his program EXACTLY!

Misery for those needing to be relieved of their suffering but used instead for the collection of donations and to feed the souls of the "Saviors". Breeding in these "No Kill" rescues allowed.

I look forward to the day when the name of Nathan Winograd is reviled and spit upon.


Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd doesn't care about animals and NEVER cared. It is all about collecting the lobbying grift from his puppy mill and animal torturer friends at Rick Berman and Company.

Winograd is a loser and losers sell out.

Anonymous said...

Yet all of this proves what a MORON Winograd is. (Is there any surprise he has failed at "real life" and is supported by his father-in-law?)

As all of these No Kill horrors come out, and out they will come, his name and face will be attached to all, and he will be associated with animal cruelty and psychopathic hoarders. That's already happening.

This guy just doesn't have a brain. He is so desperate to haul in a buck, he doesn't realize he will pay for it a hundred fold in the future.

Anonymous said...

It is more than likely that the dogs are being intentionally allowed to breed because the "rescue" IS SELLING THE PUPPIES FOR A HEFTY ADOPTION FEE. In other words, they are DOG DEALERS.

Giving them a new group of owners to exploit for "donations," new owners who think these are "rescue" puppies and aren't aware that they were intentionally bred to SELL.

What kinds of salaries are the people at this scam "rescue" pulling in? What vet is working with them on this scam? The puppy sale fees, for instance, could be getting laundered through the vet bill route.

Anonymous said...

Honesty did you see this one?

These abusive hoarders that refused to get this dog's broken leg treated got the dog through What Else? a Craigslist ad posted by some No Kill rescue group just dumping dogs anywhere to anyone. The dog more than likely was extorted by them from some poor animal control.



Jake said...

What Winograd doesn't get is business. Whether it's a non-profit or government run shelter, what he proposes requires alot of resources and alot more people. Neither are going to fall out of the sky tomorrow just because he hopes so.

If this were a part manufacturer for cars trying to triple or quadruple their production with the same amount of money available for raw materials, the quality of material has to go down to get the additional parts. If that manufacturer is also working with the same amount of payroll, the workers will drop dead from working double shifts at twice the pace. The end result is subpar parts in a vehicle going 50 miles an hour that fail and result in dead customers.

So it's no surprise that his followers fail in their attempts to turn a community no-kill overnight. The only difference is that with his plan we end up with dead and suffering animals, and increased population that makes the situation worse. Look at his followers and their Facebook spamming. Armchair activism doesn't get dogs out of kennels, it just traps them in a punishing jail. I've agonized in the past when I had to put my dog in the kennel for a week, and I paid for him to get walks twice a day, so it's really sad to hear about dogs here that have spent nearly 500 days in a kennel with limited interaction.

If the excuse is they are not following his plan, then maybe he needs to get out of his recliner and show them how it is done in the long term, not for the hiccups in time that he did in the past. He wants an international audience, so maybe we can ship him to Mexico city and get him out of our animals lives. I'd donate to his relocation fund.

HonestyHelps said...

Jake, it's like they expect a miracle to occur at the shelter. Most guests in the shelters are the rejects of these no kill rescues. There is a double standard. If "No Kill" were possible then why isn't already happening. If rescues have the capability to pull so there is no euthanasia, then why aren't they doing so already.

It comes down to either these rescues are withholding their services to force euthanasia upwards and they can complain OR they can't put their money where the mouth is, they don't have the capability to help.

When animals die in the shelter, who is really to blame? The shelter which is dedicated to public health and safety or the rescues who claim they are the ones saving lives.

Anonymous said...

Oh he understands business. His own.

Nathan Winograd is in it for Nathan Winograd. He could care less how many animals suffer and die.

If you follow Winograd's interviews they focus on one thing, promoting himself and to do that he has to lie through his teeth because everything he has touched has been a big fail.

But he manipulates primarily mentally disturbed, intellectually defective females who can't figure out that a con artist is taking them for a ride and using them.

These are the kind of women that are prey for the cults, who offer to give them easy answers if they cease using their brains, send money, and look the other way when the cult is molesting children or stealing or killing.

If Winograd's plan worked, Winograd wouldn't be home sitting on his butt in his million dollar house that his father pays for. Winograd and his equally deceptive wife would be running rescue groups and spending some of those millions helping animals.

THEY DO NOTHING. They just tell other people what to do, then they throw those people under the bus when things go wrong, because Winograd's "program" is built on lies, fables, and fake statistics, like any con artist.

Selfish con artists are to be found everywhere in this society, yes, including connected to animals.

And since Winograd sold out to Berman and the puppy mills, his only obligation to them is to lie for them and protect them. He DOES NOT represent the animals!

Winograd's father was ragging on him to "make more money" and Winograd SOLD THE ANIMALS OUT to the animal profiteers like AKC and their puppy mills.