Friday, February 17, 2012


Another one bites the dust. First let's hear from the "rescuer".

Lacewell is adamant, saying she wasn't responsible for the dog's bad health, explaining that some of the dogs had come from puppy mills and she was in the process of rehabing them.(IF YOU AREN'T RESPONSIBLE THEN WHO IS??)
She also showcased where the dogs were kept, saying at times things did get a little messy but she always cared for her animals properly.(MESSY? YOU WANT TO CALL IT MESSY?)
"When I got off work, I would come in and usually clean, feed, water and play with them until 4 in the morning," said Lacewell.  (LOOKS LIKE YOU DID MORE PLAYING THAN ANYTHING ELSE!)
Now let's hear what the police had to say about the "messy" "No Kill" shelter.
Authorities say at least 100 dogs have been found alive while multiple dogs were found dead.
Since when do you count dead dogs as being messy? "No Kill" strikes again.


Anonymous said...

It is so important to find out WHERE she was getting these dogs.

If animal control or a shelter was duumping dogs there, they should be cited as well. This No Kill formula of "give the animals to any psychopath who will take them and don't visit their facilities first hand regularly and often" is as cruel as the hoarders.

No Kill only manages to get by in its scam through abandoning animals to die "off the statistics" like this, in some hidden hellhole. Nathan Winograd doesn't count the dogs and cats killed by some torturer "foster home" or hoarder fake "rescue."

Then No Kill is shaking donors down for money, claiming the animals have "good homes" when they are long dead or dying after suffering.

Of course the breeders approve! AKC breeders like Barnette and her ilk have long stated that they think shelter dogs are worthless trash. Yes, Nathan's friends.

Anonymous said...

How does someone who works stay up until 4 am to play?

Lies, lies, there are always lies with No Kill.

They don't even have the dignity to admit like adults that they made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

I heard Winograd believes a majority of shelter employees should be fired. Is that true? If so, do you have links to where these statements can be found?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:24 he states that quite often, out with the old regime. No links really, don't keep those, it's being said all the time and people know that is what he preaches. Sorry to not be of any more help than that.