Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brenda Barnette: Why is A1182494 Still in Your Shelter?


A1182494 is the cat Brenda Barnette used in her press release of January 19, 2001, describing how LAAS "rescued" a cat from under some Beverly Hills pool furniture and then impounded the "rescued" cat on January 16, 2011. Brenda Barnette's press release said the cat would be available for adoption on January 20, 2011. The press release called the cat "sweet" and said nothing else about the cat to make someone want to save the cat.

Today, March 11, 2011, this cat is still impounded at LAAS, seven weeks later!!!!

Scroll down for the New Hope Alert list for cats, as of this morning, March 11, 2011. Search for the cat's impound number (A1182492) and you will see him listed, with the same awful photo Brenda Barnette never cared enough to improve. The cat Brenda Barnette "rescued" has now been on the New Hope Alert list for over two weeks, meaning he is at highest risk of euthanasia. Still, Brenda Barnette does nothing special to help this special cat she used for her own purposes. Seven weeks later.

Brenda Barnette was told that the cat's photo is awful (wearing a cone, looking terrified) and will hurt his chances of being adopted. She did nothing. The same awful photo is still on the website, seven weeks later.

Miss BB, why didn't you do any PR to help promote and save the cat you used in your press release for your own purposes to make herself look good, seven weeks? I heard from a volunteer that someone donated the adoption fees so the cat can be adopted for free. Don't you care, Brenda, or are you just not creative enough to save one cat?

Brenda Barnette can't even get this one cat saved. No wonder cat adoptions are down so much and cat (and dog) euthanasia is up. It's not even kitten season yet!!

Nice "rescue," Brenda. Nice skill getting the public to come adopt animals.

Will Brenda Barnette do one of those "transports" on this cat so he can be disposed of out of the public's eye? Or maybe one of her breeder friends can give her a training film on how to do adoptions. OR maybe you are too damn busy screwing up the LAAS website to care about this cat or any others.


Idiot Owners said...

3/10/2011 Austin, TX

My neighbor had her thug friend over with a pitbull in her back yard and when I let my chihuahuas outside in MY yard they started sniffing the fence. My little baby girl chihuahua was dragged under the fence by the pitbull, and BRUTALLY murdered. I couldn't break the fence down in time to save her. She was still breathing with her insides exposed. It was the most horrific site I ever had to see. I miss her so much. She was a member of the family, and now she is gone because thug owners want to make these dogs even more aggressive than they already are. My wife and I are currently looking for a lawyer to sue. This literally was like seeing our child mauled to death, as we have no children, and consider our pups our children. Her name was Sweets because she was just that sweet. Very very very sweet. She deserved better than this and now her ashes are in a box in our living room.

HonestyHelps said...

IO, I grieve for you, no one should have to see their beloved pet killed in such a fashion. I want to note that Austin has chosen the evil path of Nathan Winograd's "No Kill" program and you realize what that means I hope. Save the pit bulls whether they are vicious, aggressive, or been deemed dangerous. Expect more attacks under this program.

Yes, please do sue. From experience pit nutter owners rarely have insurance or money. Sue anyway. Don't let your officials forget the death of Sweets either. Remind them constantly.

I also suggest that you go to and report this to Craven. Craven keeps track of as many attacks on pets as possible with a "Weekly Frankenmauler List".

Also this nutter will blame you as they always do.

Please accept my sincere condolences for Sweets. Poor baby didn't stand a chance. See how many nutters tell you that chihuahuas are bigger biters than pits. These nutters don't understand that chihuahuas do bite but they can't maul and kill like a pit bull. What more can I say other than I grieve with you?

Anonymous said...

Idiot Owners, it sounds like you hurt yourself trying to break that fence down to save her! You have back injuries or any strains, banged your head, etc, YOU SUE!!!

You WERE injured get it?
Contact a doctor and get a health record.

Please please sue, or more dogs and children will die. That homeowner has homeowners' insurance or the landlord does. The lawyer will track down who has the insurance. Liens can also be placed on property.

DO NOT GIVE UP! The people who own these violent dogs want us to give up!

All vet costs ,all work missed, etc

Is animal control pursuing charges? Also notify animal control and the mayor where the friend comes from. IN writing. That dog is going to kill a child. Most who kill children start by kiling other dogs.

Contact your mayor!!

Have you seen

Consider naming the owner of this violent dog so that other victims can come forward,.

Please give craven desires your story, and encourage your friends to visit the site so they can get educated about what pit bulls do and how they can protect their family, and yes their pet family.

Pit bulls are bred to do this, and terrible places like Best Friends Animal Society don't care about your wonderful dog. They are promoting fighting dogs instead and lying about the dangers

We victims must fight back!!!! We owe that to our loved ones!!!!

HonestyHelps said...

AMEN!!!! Anon:32, AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

Terri Macellaro, who weaseled her way into the Commission (she also wanted to become the LAAS GM, but disqualified), runs a Cat Rescue organization. People asked her to do something about this cat, but she IGNORED their inquiries. Shame on Macellaro for looking the other way when there are many things she could do as a Cat Rescue AND as a Commissioner.

HonestyHelps said...

Terri Marcellaro is on my list of "to do". She is another Pam Ferdin in my book. Yes, why doesn't she take this cat? Someone needs to ask her that at the next commissioners meeting.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, these corrupt clowns at the Cat Fanciers Association are also involved with the AKC.

"AKC joint venture" (and AKC approached the cat breeders, even though AKC knows there is a massive cat overpopulation problem!)

The cat breeders (how many cats dying due to overpopulation every year?) lobby right along with the AKC to oppose laws and make it easy for the cat breeder cretins to make the bucks, and for cats to keep dying and rescuers to keep going broke trying to save them.

These greedy cat breeder scum also get MONEY from Iams (supporter of puppy mills and dog fighters) and Royal Canin to keep overbreeding cats and opposing anti-cruelty laws.

The LA shelters should have these rich cat breeders coming regularly to save and adopt cats.

Are they? No! They are too busy making money overbreeding cats and lobbying against laws so they can make more money.

They are getting CORPORATE MONEY to breed more cats and promote purebred cats and oppose laws, rescuers!

That is what Iams and Royal Canin support!

These cat breeders are Brenda Barnette's friends! But the AKC and Brenda and the Cat Fanciers Association want you rescuers to GO BROKE trying to solve this problem. They don't care that cats die. They don't care that cats linger in cages or get dumped outdoors to die.


HonestyHelps said...

Anon:05, any kind of breeders are those who don't care about animals, they care only about the money they can make off animals. Cat people, in particular, are the craziest of the lot. Just try to bring up the subject of licensing, mandatory rabies vaccinations and you will see them crawling out from under rocks. Just think, how many litters does it take to produce one show quality cat or dog? Too damn many.

I'm Pamelyn, and I'm a kook said...

Okay people! Rise up! Get your balaclava on! Let's protest!

Oh, wait a minute. I'm doing a 180 and helping Brenda the Dog Breeder.

So I will instead send out misinformation! Doing so cost me my marriage. I don't know why that happened, since I USED TO BE famous.

Well, I have to go now. Time to flood someone's home, or scare their minor children.

HonestyHelps said...

Or leave a pipe bomb at the wrong address and scare a poor elderly lady. After all it is Saturday night, let it all hang loose.

Anonymous said...

Will Pam ever admit that she got taken?

HonestyHelps said...

She can't unless the Whino yanks her chain. If Barnette lets him down a second time, then Pammie is his ace in the hole, he'll send her after Barnette. She has to have those orders first.