Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well, the ADL-LA just couldn’t resist a slam at LAAS employees in their latest e-boast praising Breeder Barnette and volunteers. (Which reminds me, where is that great website a volunteer is doing for Miss BB? The ADL-LA promised it would knock our socks off within a couple of weeks. Is Miss BB getting cold feet about her volunteer--who we hear may have not been “free”? More on that later!)

So, back to the latest ADL-LA BB Boast Blast. While they talk about how amazing it is that one volunteer is trimming bushes at the East Valley shelter, they don’t mention that shelter employees have come in on their own time to do this for years.

And the ADL-LA (or is that a Commissioner writing?) just had to remind us that employees are basically really bad. Here’s what they say, “pet guardian's are actually taking their time to e-mail the employee/volunteer who helped them! We haven't heard of this before. In the past it's been complaints about how badly the employees treated potential adopters and what a "turn off" it was dealing with trying to adopt an animal from LAAS.” Well that’s your first mistake. Maybe if you got your head out of your other body cavity you’d have heard a lot of things. Employees get animals adopted and help people because they decided to take hard jobs to help animals and they have always received praise from the public. Maybe you’ve just been too busy condemning them to try to make yourself look important, Pamster!

Speaking of volunteers, a very interesting e-mail was apparently written by an LAAS volunteer, saying that BB really appreciates them and is going to have them run the shelters because of her “if it doesn’t hurt an animal, it’s OK” policy. In other words, forget City policy and rules that protect the public and employees. If a volunteer thinks it’s a good idea, they can do it.

Here’s something scary! According to this volunteer, keys are being made for volunteers to come in to shelters day or night and have access to the animals and computers, and they will soon be telling shelter employees and managers what to do, because (the e-mail says) a call to Miss BB or her flunky Mark Salazar from a volunteer will “get you what you want regardless of what the shelter manager says.” Can this be true? (If not, Miss BB, you are invited to let us know exactly what is going on in the comment section below.)

Along with that, according to this enthusiastic volunteer,
Miss BB is making arrangements so volunteers will have access to records in the LAAS chameleon system on ALL pet owners in the city, especially dogs. That includes the public AND public officials.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Council person, Commissioner, or Hollywood celebrity, or City employee, pretty soon all LAAS shelter volunteers may be able to get your address and phone number from your dog license or if you’ve ever called for help or someone has complained about your pet.
Volunteers don’t go through the screening like a civil service employee. How safe does that make you feel after the threats and “protests” by the ADL-LA have made the Mayor and past City Attorney and dozens of city employees run and hide and caused one GM’s wife to have a heart attack?

To verify that they are not getting information they ”need”, the volunteer e-mail talks about a City Council person adopting a shelter dog and when the dog was recently found tied up over 50 miles away, the owner did not come to get it when called. Naughty, naughty council person, if that is true! However, the e-mail says that pretty soon volunteers will be able to call or write or do protests at homes of any public person to make “an example of them” if they don’t’ keep their pet. That information is supposed to be confidential. That is why LAAS officers and employees can be fired for disclosing public records.

It seems BB has become the “Chief Volunteer Coordinator” now and is building her own system and rules. Volunteers come and go and LAAS doesn’t really know who they are (we saw that happen when she was in Seattle)! If they have access to the part of the computer that has private information and if Queen BB allows this, she and the City can be sued royally if any of a public figures private information is exposed or any harm is done to them or their family.

One more thing, Pammie, and whoever is now writing the ADL-LA BB Boast Posts, the bonds for the LA shelters were $154 million dollars, not $52 million. The taxpayers, not the ADL-LA and not Breeder Barnette, own the shelters and decided they will be run according to City rules. If BB doesn’t know that, maybe a nice lawsuit and the courts can teach her, and YOU, that lesson ROYALLY!


Anonymous said...

This is scary. This would include anyone who does rescue and ever got a dog license. Volunteers don't need this information. We will have to let people know this when we submit their names to the department after they adopt. What's the reason?

Anonymous said...

Poor dumb Pam.

She must have gotten so busy with flooding scientists' homes that it even became too much for Jerry Vlasak to deal with.

I sure hope Brenda Breeder doesn't continue to let the kill numbers slide. Pam might go schizo on her and flood HER home.

It's sad when someone chooses her balaclava over her spouse.

4915Talk said...
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Anonymous said...

For Pam to be desperately defending an admitted dog breeder says to me that she is nuts and at the end of her rope.

HonestyHelps said...

What is scary is that anyone who dares speak against Barnette or the ADL runs the chance of their address being given out to the ADL. That's what is scary. BARNETTE IS USING THIS TO CREATE INTIMIDATION, A TYPICAL WINOGRAD TACTIC.

Who is gonna speak against her when they think she will feed their address to the ADL for a visit from them?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why Pamelyn Ferdin doesn't talk about Brenda's kill figures up in most categories, including cats and large breeds.

That's what it all boils down to. The kill figures. There aren't any new programs. Instead, Brenda is trying to raise funds by selling KENNEL SPONSORSHIPS? Yeah, that'll bring in the money, Brenda. Try again.

Anonymous said...

I heard Pam's home, or the one she had when she was married to a doctor, was loaded with spider webs and insects because she didn't want to kill an insect. That's probably a good indicator of why she's past the half-century mark and divorced.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:28, it is easy to understand Pam. She has stuck her neck out praising BB instead of thoroughly investigating BB. She can't go back now or she will look more than foolish. She's riding on ego now. Plus it will make her Messiah look bad if she turns on BB.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, another dopey Brenda Barnette idea. It's THIS kind of thinking that is supposed to get us to low kill? Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Pam's brethren in al qaeda are laughing at her lack of due diligence!

HonestyHelps said...

This, without a doubt, is the biggest mistake BB has made. This may be what gets her out of LA.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that when Pam was in jail, she annoyed the inmates and the guards so much that they begged the judge to let her go. Like Pam used to scream at David Diliberto's MINOR CHILDREN, "It's okay, it's alright, we know where you sleep at night!"

That Pam is so classy.

Anonymous said...

Pam likes the breeder
Pam is so fake
While pets are being killed
For heaven's sake!

Anonymous said...

Lol, 934. Al qaeda thinks Pam is an amateur.

D said...

I will put it a bit more delicately.

Remember when Brenda put out that press release about the cat which was caught in Beverly Hills?

Since then, the cat's photo on the website still unflatteringly shows her in an e-collar. And the cat is there more than a month later! Where is the press release to actually get the cat out of the shelter alive?

The press release didn't even result in a single story being done in any medium. Brenda giving up on this cat is right out of the Ed Boks school. Try to get attention, and then find something else to occupy her time when nobody picked up the story.

Anonymous said...

I care less about what pam ferdin thinks than I do about the kill figures, and right now they're awful. Brenda assured us that there would be "substantial progress" by the one year mark, which is six months away.

Sadly, Brenda needs to get better just to make things as bad as they were before. So much for "substantial progress."

Anonymous said...

"Miss BB is making arrangements so volunteers will have access to records in the LAAS chameleon system on ALL pet owners in the city, especially dogs"

Time to gather information on all of Barnette's tax cheat, puppy mill breeder friends


Look out NAIA, there's a dossier being collected on all you breeders in CA!!!

HonestyHelps said...

HELL YES, ANON:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's make this work for us and go after BB's breeder friends. Then once she doesn't have a friend in the world in LA, maybe she will leave.

Anonymous said...

"It seems BB has become the “Chief Volunteer Coordinator” now and is building her own system and rules. Volunteers come and go and LAAS doesn’t really know who they are "

There will be murderers. rapists, stalkers, sex criminals, burglars, tabloid writers, you name it, getting personal info.

Imagine if you are a woman trying to hide from your stalker or violent ex-husband? Just because a volunteer in the Brenda Barnette Terrorist Facility can collect info, that woman could be dead.

And all because an AKC puppy miller lobbyist and pro-cruelty breeder wants to wipe out laws to help the puppy mills and dog fighters, and help her breeder friends cheat on their taxes.

This is literally descending into terrorism.
This Barnette is a fanatic who is dangerous.

It is very clear she is trying to get employees fired and replaced with criminals and the violent and insane.

Anonymous said...

Rescuers, you are in deep trouble.

Her friends at NAIA have had a "rescue stalking program" for a long time where they try to collect info on you, and file false complaints on you if you ever have done anything like protest puppy mills, etc

the AKC wants to shut down any talk of their puppy mill industry or their cruelty or fraud, and they call you rescuers "animal rights fanatics."

They've been stalking you for years!

Now Barnette will help them even more. These same crook, tax cheat breeders will be able to stalk you even more easily. You do realize Brenda is helping the breeders hurt you while they claim they support you to trick you?

Barnette's breeder friends have been saying that "mutts" are worthless and should be killed, and that adoption programs are their competition that should be wiped out.

The breeders HATE you rescuers! And Barnette is now helping them do more harm to rescue.

The breeders don't care about your civil rights. They think they are important and should make all the decisions

Barnette should be reported for civil rights violations.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, this is also about the AKC terrorists trying to collect information on anyone who is an advocate for the dogs in puppy mills, for example.

The AKC is failing and needs the puppy mill registration money. They want to destroy anyone who dares speak out about the puppy mills and the cruel breeders and dog fighters.

This is AKC terrorism through their breeder lobbyist Barnette.

Barnette is likely ending personal information right to AKC headquarters, and to NAIA and Rick Berman. And it sounds like those 2 city councilor breeders that are involved with Barnette are supporting this terrorism and civil rights violations, and maybe even came up with the idea, especially if there is harassment of another city council member, perhaps one they don't like.

Anonymous said...

And what if a bomb-building terrorist becomes a "volunteer" and is tracking down politicians and law enforcement?

This is Homeland Security stuff. Barnette is going to create a disaster.

This incompetent woman is going to get some or many killed.

HonestyHelps said...

If just one person is hurt or killed from this stupid move, it will cost the taxpayers a huge amount of money. And it will be used that way, to track down people. This is still a shock to me that anyone can be that stupid, even her.

Anonymous said...

LA residents need to stop licensing their dogs immediately until this information is secured and they are no longer under any threat!

Brenda Barnette is a lobbyist for a very vile and criminal business industry who is abusing a government office.

The Governor needs to know about this!

AKC and Rick Berman and Center for Consumer Freedom terrorists do NOT belong in government jobs, collecting information and sending it to private business lobbies to hurt people with.

Barnette is dangerous!

HonestyHelps said...

Let's mention that she is giving keys to the shelters to volunteers. This means that someone who has a pet in the shelter can steal it back. This means that someone can come in and suddenly pets are "escaped". This means dogmen going in and selecting their next fighting dog. What if a volunteer is there after hours and gets hurt? God, this woman is stupid.

Anonymous said...

The Governor and Homeland Security need to be contacted BEFORE someone gets killed.

Barnette is doing very dangerous things that she has no right to do.

There clearly needs to be a federal audit to make sure that security is being maintained.

Who are those 2 breeder commissioners that support her? Are they supportive of this Gestapo-like activity in animal control?

Anonymous said...

Someone would have to be foolish to license their dog in LA. Doing so could get them killed!

Even adopting a pet from an LA shelter could get you killed.

Your personal information could go anywhere.

This is also a case for the FBI because this is a gateway for IDENTITY THEFT.

Volunteers can just be collecting this information and even sending it along to organized crime on a large scale.

I showed this to someone in law enforcement who said that Barnette is clearly not sane and should be pulled out of this job immediately.

Imagine someone with a grievance against law enforcement getting access to their information? Judges information? Lawyers personal information?

This is a total and complete security risk.

Anonymous said...

"Let's mention that she is giving keys to the shelters to volunteers"

And bunchers can be taking animals to sell to animal research, or dog fighters, or puppy mills.

The puppy mills have ads out asking for free, unneutered dogs. A puppy miller can just become a volunteer, and Barnette will give them a key.

Has anyone contacted the city attorney also? This is a liability nightmare for the city.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Barnette is not also selling names and addresses from files to her for-profit business partners to use for sales mailing lists?

Anonymous said...

I betcha Pam is only involved in animal matters because she craves attention that she couldn't get after she went from an ugly child actor to an ugly teen in search of acting work. Does anyone know if she has ever actually RESCUED an animal?

I know Pam only had little tiny dogs, and for all her talk about helping big dogs, you wouldn't ever find one in her home.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, somewhat OT, but related to this crazy abandon cats outdoors scheme

Bartonella henselae is a bacteria transmitted to cats by fleas. Recently Dr. Ed Breitschwerdt, professor of internal medicine in the Department of Clinical Sciences at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, has discovered cases of children and adults with chronic, blood-borne Bartonella infections–from strains of this same bacteria transmitted to cats and dogs by fleas and other insects (Breitschwerdt, 2010).

Anonymous said...

To whoever asked about Pam's home, it's true. It's loaded with spider webs and things of that type. Even Jerry got tired of that crap and moved on. And yes, Pam's dogs are just the tiny ones. She never gets involved with larger dogs, so she talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:29 I appreciate the info on cats. As you know I think that TNR is the ultimate cruelty to cats. Free roaming cats are a great problem in terms of carrying disease. In dead sea otters that wash up on the coast of CA, 52% test positive for toxoplamosis, a disease carried strickly by cats. Cats are not harmless to us or wildlife.

Anonymous said...

Pam is an annoying little troll with a shrill voice and a sallow look on her mug. I think she's gone off the deep-end in supporting an admitted dog breeder.

But hey, I'm only basing this on the fact that Brenda IS a breeder and even recently left an LAAS meeting to go to a breeder gathering at Galpin Ford.

As one of the breeders there told another, "Brenda is one of us!" Sad but true.