Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brent Toellner's Dirty Politics

We all know KCDogPoop, Brent Toellner. He's bragging that Prop B, voted in BY THE PEOPLE, will be overturned or at least watered down to nothing. First of all he should be ashamed to feel this way because the people have spoken loud and clear about their opposition to the puppy mill cruelty that is rampant in Missouri. Here is the types that Toellner supports, crooked politicians with a vest interest in continuing this cruelty. And because Toellner supports this, that makes him dirty and in my opinion, just as much of an abuser as any owner of a puppy mill.
Listed as one of Missouri’s Dirty Dozen Mary Ann Smith - Smith’s Kennel, Salem, MO.
STATUS: Smith’s Kennel remains both USDA licensed and MDA licensed through 2011 despite ongoing repeat violations.

Smith’s Kennel has a history of repeat USDA violations stretching back more than a decade, including citations for unsanitary conditions; dogs exposed to below-freezing temperatures or excessive heat without adequate shelter from the weather; dogs without enough cage space to turn and move around freely; pest and rodent infestations; injured and bleeding dogs, dogs with loose, bloody stools who had not been treated by a vet, and much more.

Mary Ann Smith’s son, now Republican Majority Whip Representative Jason Smith, was once listed in state records as a co-owner of her kennel and has been an outspoken opponent of Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act and other animal welfare bills.

Also on making the list of one of Missouri's Dirty Dozen locally was a Reeds Spring facility. A June 2010 USDA inspection noted repeated veterinary issues with two Chows, one of whom had “mats hanging down” while another had patches of untreated hair loss.

That kennel is located in State District 62, represented by a co-sponsor of the House Bill to overturn the voters decision on Proposition B.

So, there you have it, a Fox News affiliate, a most-definitely Republican leaning media outlet, has noted that Republican Majority Whip Representative Jason Smith has a vested interest in seeing the vote of the people overturned.,0,3145505.story has some interesting comments from this crooked politician.

When a very conservative REPUBLICAN news source takes on one of their own, then you know the politics are down and dirty. These are the guys that Toellner supports. Whose payroll are you on Toellner? It certainly ain't the payroll of truth, justice and the poor animals suffering in your state. You should be working for Prop B in Missouri, instead you take pride in undermining the voice of the people in Missouri. Nathan Winograd has you under his thumb, Rick Berman has you under his thumb, or maybe they have that thumb up your ass and you love it.


Anonymous said...

The links to the Fox News stories about Republican puppy mill breeder and legislator Jason Smith of Missouri, Rick Berman and AKC payola recipient, are collected here


Toellner and Winograd are right on Jason Smith's team!

And the team owner is Rick Berman.

Anonymous said...

The politics and tricks of puppy mill Missouri got brought right into the city council in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Toellner and Winograd are drenched in the blood of tortured dogs.

HonestyHelps said...

Absolutely they are Anon, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Jason Smith and his trash clan are part of AKC business model. The puppies that come out of Smith's mill get registered and microchipped through AKC meaning MONEY for AKC.

Smith and family are in buiness with AKC. These are the kinds of lowlife that Barnette, Winograd, and ASDL LA protect.

HonestyHelps said...

You forgot to include Winograd, he also came out against Prop. B as per the directions of his boss, Berman. In other words, the Whino protects the same people. I've said all along, from the very beginning that Winograd was a pawn to hurt animal control shelters and he has proven me correct.