Saturday, March 26, 2011


(No this isn't the biggie!) Money is power as they say. But who makes that money? A business owner? Nope, it the employees of a business owner. Being a business owner for three decades, I have an appreciation for employees. Without them, a "Boss" is nothing. And the happier an employee is, the more money they make you. Also I recognize, as well as any business, that experience counts. Experience is something that is valued in business, is rewarded in business, and is coveted.

This week I read the ADL-LA "Asinine Alert" that centered around the employees at LAAS. The ADL-LA and "No Kill" condemns experience, calling it the "old regime". That term, by most standards, should be a positive thing but not with the ADL and "No Kill". They hate experience. Why? Because those with experience know that Nathan Winograd's program is a crock, a disaster for an open door shelter. Oh yes, I know of the Whino's bragging rights of Charlottesville and Nevada Humane. Now he's added a new one in Austin and already I can look at the numbers and see how Austin and the Whino are once again manipulating the numbers. One would think since the Whino has been out there that if his program worked, more shelters would be on board. He started his program in 2001 and in ten years, he only has those two to brag on. Austin doesn't count because it is too new to the scam. Philly fell, it was once his pride and joy. Charlottesville and Nevada Humane are both non profits, we can't get to their records to see the truth. If the program worked, every shelter in the country would be adopting it.

The one thing that any business owner is most concerned about with their employees is morale. If morale is low, your profits are low. If morale is high, you buy a Rolls Royce. So what about the morale of the LAAS employees? They have a woman, Barnette, now in charge who is known for screwing over employees. They have the ADL-LA with their antics. They had Ed Boks, need I say more. So how can these employees function under these conditions? I couldn't. I have seen these so called "rescues" come into the shelters with their holier than thou attitudes, talking down to employees. The public has been poisoned by these types of "rescues" and the ADL and often times the public assumes the same attitudes. Put yourself in the shoes of the LAAS employees and think of how you could handle it. They have to play nice to people who hate them. Even their own bosses, the City Council, puts them down. That's not how you run a business and expect to make anything from it. It's a sure fire way to bankruptcy court.

Now the ADL-LA is calling for the most experienced people to be fired. This reminds me of a woman who's husband has cheated on her and she goes after the other woman rather than her husband. Placing blame on employees is wrong, place the blame where it belongs, with the people who control the budgets and decisions. Destroying the morale of the employees of LAAS accomplishes nothing, it hurts everyone, the animals, the public, and the City.

I have asked the same question to shelter directors all over the county. That question is "What about your job do you hate the most?" I expected them to say the euthanization of animals but no, it was making the assignment to employees to do the euthanization. They know the toll it takes on an employee to take the life of a healthy animal, it's not something that you deal with very well. These employees have to do the dirty work the public has created for them. I have asked countless animal control employees why they chose to work in a shelter. The answer was always the same, they wanted to help animals. Only when they got into the business did they realize that their version of helping was not what they thought it would be. Those who stay were realistic about the type of help they could offer. Taking animals off the streets so these animals would not have to suffer from starvation, injuries, neighborhood punks, and slow deaths became their way of helping. They don't want to see animals suffer and neither do they want to see the animals die. They have the courage and strength to do what needs to be done, the courage and strength that I don't have. I thank the Lord for these people everyday. They have something within them that I don't have.

I have grown to hate the public for they are putting these people through. Nathan Winograd swears that it is a choice that the shelters make to "kill", I say he is full of shit. That choice is made everytime a oops litter is born. That choice is made when those such as the Whino and the ADL-LA tell the public they aren't at fault for the problem. Their philosophy gives breeders credibility so they can breed some more. Their philosophy is the one killing animals, not the animal control employees. What do they contribute to solve the problem? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Do you see them protesting at the truly bad shelters - NO. Do you see the Whino doing anything to help the truly bad shelters - NO. They sit on their vegan asses and do nothing more than run their poisoned mouths.

I salute the employees of LAAS, they've had to endure much more than anyone should have to and they are hanging in there because of their wanting to help animals. They are the true heros here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. You are so right on this. How do these idiots think that AC employees can do a good job when they have to constantly be defending themselves? These employees didn't create the problem of overpopulation yet they are being held responsible. And AC doesn't have the ability to solve it. They are like the garbage men, picking up the public's trash. Garbage people can't stop the public from creating garbage and neither can AC stop the public from creating more animals. That's the job of the people we elect. They are the ones to blame.

HonestyHelps said...

Guess the ADL-LA along with the Whino and Barnette never heard the saying that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Anonymous said...

Winograd, ADL LA, and AKC, PetPac, and Barnette are all involved with Rick Berman, who not only works as a lobbyist for the animal profiteers like puppy mills and factory farms, Berman is also a union buster.


AKC hires Rick Berman as a lobbyist, and the companies AKC has business arrangements with like Petlabnd, Hunte Corporation the puppy mill broker, and the puppy mill breeder groups do too.

Winograd has talked a lot about his desire to be a union buster (yes, Mr. Civil Rights, what a hypocrite)

But Winograd represents and is involved with AKC and puppy mill people from the likes of Missouri, extremist right wing.

Berman at work through Barnette and Winograd and ADL LA and AKC, attacking good employees and trying to get them fired to replace with scabs..

And Berman at work through those two city council people, Koretz and the other one.

The animals will suffer and because of greed and business pretending to "care."

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mispelled Petland. Petland is basically run through Hunte Corporation in Missouri, the biggest puppy mill broker in the country.

Hunte and his family own a large number of Petlands and supply them with the tortured mill puppies, which the AKC gets millions after millions of dollars for registering and selling microchips through.

AKC even sets up booths at the Hunte Corporation conventions, and has contracts with Petland.

It is all these related groups that hire Rick Berman to lobby against anti-cruelty groups, and against anti-cruelty and animal control laws and the people who enforce them.

The breeding industry needs to abuse the dogs to produce as many as possible as cheaply as possible to make all the money they want. So they oppose laws and regulations.

They used ADL LA, Winograd, those two corrupt city councilors, and AKC lobbyist Barnette to get breeders MONEY interests into animal control in LA. No cruelty investigations, let the puppy mills and dog fighters flourish, let breeders go unlicensed, let cruelty go unpunished, don't enforce the laws.

The breeding industry clearly has duped some of these pseudo "rescues" into helping them too, like that Lori Downtown dog person who is pushing the scam AKC good citizen racket and opposing laws breeders don't like with likes of that Ledy VanKavage and the Best Friends mob letting dogs get killed at their "sanctuary."

Never mind letting dogs suffer as breeders would approve of.

This is a puppy mill industry/breeding industry assault on animal control, and this breeding industry is one of the most corrupt in the country.

The AKC in those breed clubs and the California Federation of Dog Abusers needs the puppy mill money for their dog shows, events, lobbying and everything else. They need dog abuse to make the money.

If there are real animal control workers that enforce anti-cruelty laws, then the breeders don't get the blood money they want.

The American Killing Club, and all its puppy milling and dog fighting allies.

They laugh at the stupid people they dupe.

HonestyHelps said...

American Killing Club - AKC
That's a good one, a real good one. Thanks, I'll be using that one.

You're right unfortunately. The AKC can't exist without those puppy mills. And puppy mills exist on cruelty, it breds more profits.
Each time Barnette paid her dues, each time she paid to show, she was supporting this cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Here is a legislator that Barnette's AKC supported with Rick Berman to protect the puppy mill abuse.

Jason Smith, Mr. Puppy Mill of Missouri.

This is so corrupt, that even Fox News, a conservative news outlet reporting from very conservative Missouri, pointed out the corruption here!


These are the legislators that AKC and Rick Berman give money to to support dog abuse.

These are the legislators that collude with shills like AKC lobbyist Brenda Barnette to ALLOW CRUELTY, OPPOSE LAWS, OR REFUSE TO ENFORCE ANTI-CRUELTY LAWS, as well as harass and abuse and fire honest people who investigate and punish cruelty.

The AKC needs cruelty to make the money!

Winograd and AD LA, with those two city councilors are the Jason Smiths of LA.

No matter what the rest of the people of LA want, these people WILL push cruelty for profit for the AKC and mills.

The question is, will fake rescue groups help them abuse dogs?

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon:12 that is indeed an interesting link. Rosendahl was/is a breeder and introduced the increase in pet limits to LA. The only ones to profit from this would be the breeders. Again another politician trying to help his fellow animal abusers to abuse even more.

Anonymous said...

"Each time Barnette paid her dues, each time she paid to show, she was supporting this cruelty."

It was much worse than that, I think. She also was a legislative liasion for the AKC, a lobbyist.

She lobbies FOR the puppy mills and against anti-cruelty laws and enforcement. She contacted legislators to support the abuse for profit machine that is the AKC, oppose puppy mill regulation, oppose anti-cruelty laws, oppose ANIMAL CONTROL laws.

The AKC lobbies directly with the puppy mill breeders. Barnette lobbied directly for the mills. Barnette lobbied with the pro-cruelty and pro-animal torture group NAIA.

Barnette's breed clubs gave money to NAIA.

NAIA, AKC, and the millers and the rest are involved with and hire RICK BERMAN. Barnette lobbied for Rick Berman.

Then there is her involvement with AKC breeder run PetPac and their crime in LA.

She wasn't just a breeder paying her registration fees.

She was a lobbyist FOR the AKC puppy mill industry and AGAINST shelters and anti-cruelty groups.

A business lobbyist has no place taking a public service job. And she still is NOT serving the public and NOT serving the animals. She's serving the AKC puppy mill and cruelty business.

Anonymous said...

I suspect some of these fake rescue people that are abusing dogs and conning donors aren't making the money they want, and they want to latch onto taxpayer-funded jobs to do their abusing.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:29 you're right. Barnette went beyond the boundaries by being a legislative rep. She stood against anything that would help the "crap" animals. What gets me is how the ADL-LA is supporting her. If you want to research the ADL-LA, feel free. Something has happened in their ranks to turn them. A lot of what happens in LA is because the councilmembers don't want the ADL to come down on them.

Anonymous said...

Rosendahl is another Jason Smith. That's the kind of corruption the animals have up against them.

If he's a breeder, the organization he supports is supporting the Jason Smiths and giving them lobbying money, and Rosendahl is imitating Jason Smith in LA.

Is he getting lobbying money? I guess that is a big question, and about Koretz too.

Rick Berman has millions that he gets from AKC and the others to spread around, and many different ways to spread it.

They are very guilty of failure to disclose their business links to Barnette and AKC, and to disclose that Barnette is a lobbyist for AKC.

This is very similar to putting a tobacco industry lobbyist in charge of the Board of Health (and Berman lobbies for the tobacco industries in addition to the AKC and puppy mills)

Is it any wonder with all this corruption that the animals still suffer?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the unions feel about the Berman, Rosendahl, Koretz thing?

Anonymous said...

How do the council members feel about the ADL sticking them in bed with Rick Berman?

They clearly had no idea they were getting duped.

And who in their right mind would support the one or two people running ADL, especially with what has come to light about what they are hooked up with?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:45 the council members are worried that the ADL-LA will graffiti their homes, smoke bomb their condo building, scare kids in the neighborhood by telling them they murder animals. That is the hold the ADL has over the councilmembers. They just don't want to be bothered because of a few animals.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at what the AKC spends and how many dogs need to get abused and die horribly to support that spending.

Swank, expensive Madison Avenue, New York city offices with big rent.

People on the payroll making more than a half million dollars each with perks.

Millions on lobbyists.

Millions upon millions for dog shows that cost more every year. They raised exhibitor fees some, and the AKC barnette type breeders got angry. They don't want to pay! Let more puppy mill dogs suffer to cover the increased expense of their games!

They havev to have an ever increasing number of puppy mill registration and microchip money every year to pay the ever escalating costs. So they can't let anti-cruelty laws and investigations slow down that abuse and those profits for a second.

There is a lot of financial motivation to corruptly get a Brenda Barnette in control to protect the industry.

If they can trick the rescue community into helping them, through No Kill and people like Winograd, then the money will keep pouring in.

And breeders don't have to worry about increased exhibitor fees, or less money for Berman, or lower salaries for AKC staff, or taking cheaper offices.

The really weird thing about this is that all this kind of cruelty support and the puppy mill business tarnishes every AKC breeder and makes them all look like trash, and makes the public associate "purebred" with "trash." But none seem to care. They seem to be very short sighted people, condemning the reputation of purebred dogs to the garbage.

Maybe it is that too many of them let themselves get used by the Patti Strands of the AKC. Who knows?

Rosendahl and Koretz certainly have no thought of that.

HonestyHelps said...

You don't see Winograd complaining about how the AKC spends their money. That alone shows what side of the fence he is on.

Anonymous said...

By letting the AKC and ADL terrorize them on the animal control issue, the city council has let Rick Berman in the door to rub himself all over them and poison the city. This is an entry for him to be doing things like going after ALL city workers, and lots of other things too, that the voters and the city workers won't like one bit.