Monday, March 21, 2011

Brenda Barnette & Mark Salazar Ignore Dogs Tied to Truck in Storm

Calling the homeless in LA! “Get yourself a dog, treat it like shit, and you will be provided a much better life by animal control and have your very own LAPD officer helping you move.”

Talk about hard hearted and you talk about Brenda Barnette. Her flunky, Mark Salazar, just goes along for the ride, his mind is elsewhere according to his background. Where's Pammie with the ADL-LA, why isn't she screaming her head off like she DID with Boks? We can always expect Terri MassiveLardo to come out with a "press release" or an "ADL-LA Alert" that will explain away any involvement by their Saviour Barnette.

I've brought you the story of A1182494. Made for good ink for Barnette but showed no heart, no soul. She left that poor cat to waste away in the shelter, no efforts to make it adoptable. It was on death row. Did it, or will it, make it out alive?

SO NOW…It seems there are these dogs that a group has taken an interest in. The dogs belong to a homeless man and are not being properly taken care of. Awhile back a reader sent in this story about Princess and Dude, two dogs being tethered on very short leads and forced to endure storms because their owner is too lazy to take his shit out of their dog house. These two dogs have been brought to the attention of Brenda Barnette more than once. There are video clips showing the dogs in the storms, trying to get some cover. There are video clips showing the dogs without food or water. Imagine a homeless person trying to lug around bags of dog food or igloos. It's pretty obvious that the homeless don't need a dog when they can't even take care of themselves. And there are video clips of them in the
scorching heat on hot pavement, hiding from the sun under a greasy 18-wheeler.

The STAND Foundation, , has been video taping this situation and making their findings known to Brenda Barnette. Daniel Guss has offered to take these two dogs as soon as they can become available. This weekend, when we had a record cold storm in Los Angeles, these dogs were tied to a truck (no telling what would happen to them when it was moved). . Six months ago, Barnette seized the dogs, but released them to Lori Weise from Downtown Dog Rescue. Oddly, Lori Weise, a formerly good rescuer, gave the dogs back to the homeless man, and into these horrendous conditions. Guess she worships Nathan Winograd too.

Guess who the two dogs are, yep, Princess and Dude again. No food. No water. Standing soaking wet and freezing because their tethers are too short to get to shelter. And apparently Downtown Dog Rescue was supposed to be taking care of them . Here’s what Ms. GM BB wrote in an e-mail last time, “Lori and friends have raised money to get some kind of a vehicle for Wolf and his dogs." But we all know that many times this raising of money doesn't quite get to the people it was intented for, don't we?

Late in December, Mark Salazar (aka the new Dave Diliberto), worked up a 30 day plan to remove the dogs if the conditions didn't improve substantially. As the 30 days past, he hemmed and hawed, and wanted two more weeks to improve the conditions. And then another two weeks. All with BrenDUH the BreeDER's blessing.

It's not three months later, and the dogs are still being treated like the trash strewn around them.

This morning an LAPD officer was to pick up the dogs and Wolf, move the dogs to temporary boarding and drive Wolf around looking for a new spot. The officer will make sure he is settled safely in a new neighborhood that this officer patrols, they will move the dogs back and hopefully this will resolve the situation.” Will this be a new policy adopted by LAPD to make them more "homeless friendly"?

But here they are. In their “new spot.” With all the old problems. Nothing is getting done to help these two dogs. How many laws have to be broken before Barnette takes action? How long before action is taken against Barnette for not doing her job?

Barnette is demonstrating the attitude of "No Kill", which is, any home, even NO home, is better than humane euthanasia in the shelter if they are unadoptable. IS IT? This cat, Princess, and Dude aren't the first ones to find out the hard way about the cold heart of Barnette.

While in Seattle, there was a rescue of Eskimo dogs. Great for collecting donations, taking in these poor puppy mill dogs, but then what happened. According to the employees, the dogs were left in their kennels to waste away. "The last 12 Eskimos remain at the shelter 5 months later without enrichment and no interest from rescue due to the fact they are so stressed they try to bite repeatedly rendering them unsafe to handle."

So Princess and Dude remain in their situation, no shelter, no food, no water, no one who cares except for Daniel Guss. Will any of the rest of you care enough to demand that Barnette do her job and get off her $180,000 a year ass or else get her $180,000 ass out of this job and let somebody do it who cares about animals?

And what's up with that Pammie Ferdin? She is sure quiet when her gal pal BrenDUH the BreeDER is fumbling almost every day. What happened to Pammie? She used to claim to be about the animals, but I can't ever recall seeing her in the shelter, saving a life. She has lost the will to help animals, preferring instead to put support behind the likes of Nathan Winograd and Rick Berman. But then, losing your husband will do that to you, although in this case it might be for the better. Another story, another day.


Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette doesn't make $180,000.

She makes $200,000 per year.

She needs it, too. Her house in Washington state was upside-down when she came to LA. I guess breeding animals doesn't pay as much as it used to.

HonestyHelps said...

Whichever she makes, it's too damn much for what she does or rather what she doesn't do.

Anonymous said...

Stop referencing Pam Ferdin!

She's too busy getting counseling to figure out how she fucked up her marriage.

Anonymous said...

"BrenDUH the BreeDER"

Classic, but not nearly as funny as "Terri MassiveLardo"

It is hilarious how Terri posts her wedding photo, as if to demonstrate that someone found her whale blubber desirable. "Look at me! I'm Terri MassiveLardo and someone actually wanted to marry me!"

Anonymous said...

Has anyone wondered how Terri Macellaro got so fat allegedly being a vegan?

Methinks she's been sneaking in a few Costco Polish Dogs in between depositions.

Two words, honey: Crystal Light

Anonymous said...

How come barnette has an adam's apple and man hands?

Is that 'daughter' of hers adopted?

HonestyHelps said...

Vegan is a disguise that many hide behind. Whoever knows a fat vegan? I've never met one until Nathan Winograd and Terri. Maybe they are having secret meetings at the local McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

Very sad, those videos. Imagine the things that aren't getting exposed.

BrenDUH watcher said...

Meanwhile, I've yet to see a plan from Brenda on how to enforce licensing.

I can't wait to see her explain to City Hall why she can't enforce mandatory spay neuter for the kind of dough she makes and the kind of budget she has.

Anonymous said...

Q: What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhoea?

A: A salad shooter.

HonestyHelps said...

Why should Barnette help these "crap" dogs as the breeders call them. If the dogs were poodles, she would be right there hoping to get them for her buddies so they can replace their spent bitches and studs.

It does disturb one to think of those things that haven't been exposed - YET!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Pamelyn's house is loaded with spider webs, which probably what did in their marriage. Ultimately, a doctor doesn't want to live in filth.

HonestyHelps said...

It's long past the time that Barnette should have presented a plan to collect those license fees. We should be demanding that she do so. With 90% of the dogs in LA unlicensed, probably no vaccinations for rabies, LA is just waiting for a rabies outbreak.

Anonymous said...

what ultimately will do in brenda barnette and the animals in the shelter is the kill rates and finding out what happened to the ones she's shipping out to Canada and elsewhere.

adlla will have no one to complain to at that point.

Anonymous said...

You guys are on the right side of the fence, but it's a shame you keep resorting to physical insults. You go way overboard and sound even more immature and idiotic than ADLLA if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of HIPPO-crits, how about Jim 'BigFart' BickHERD?

Anonymous said...

If we have the balls???? News flash, honestyhelps is an anonymous name and NOT HONEST. I'm on your side, but "Pit Nutters" and big dark glasses. That just screams loony tunes.

Anonymous said...


Poking fun at someone's physical problems is RIGHT OUT OF THE PAM FERDIN PLAY BOOK!

As is tormenting the minor children of city employees.

Don't even start me on Pammie's posting PHOTOS of city employee's children online.

But thank you for acknowledging we're on the right side of the fence.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:07. it's not possible to sound as idiotic as the ADL-LA. This blog is also meant for people to express themselves openly, to let the world see their frustration with this "No Kill" shit. So I encourage those comments that you discourage. We all need an outlet for these frustrations and if that includes personal attacks, then let them come. You probably want to join in the game, so come on.

Anonymous said...

I will gladly focus away from physical traits.

Pamelyn Ferdin hasn't been in a shelter to leave with an animal to get it a home in all the years I've known her.

Pam, show us just one impound number of an animal you bailed from the shelter and placed in a home.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:10 Just what are you trying to say? Are you so taken with yourself that you are trying to control my blog, telling me what should and shouldn't be on it? Go get yourself a blog if you don't like what I have to say.

Anonymous said...

12:07, I'm sure Dave Diliberto's children aren't crying for someone making fun of Pam. Having cops guard your house will do that to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing at an anonymous commenter complaining that the HH is anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the dogs are probably still out there unable to move two fucking feet.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget pam posting photos of Julie Butcher's kid online.

Anonymous said...


You should challenge Pam Ferdin to buck up and tell us how the videos are kind and compassionate.

Pam never, ever responds when challenged to deal with facts. But it can't hurt to challenge her.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Pam posts photos of children of city employees as if that was going to help get people to see her p.o.v.

Anonymous said...

These dogs are clearly suffering. That's the bottom line on these videos. They're suffering.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:22, you are so right, those dogs are suffering while Barnette plays games with her breeder buddies.

Anonymous said...

I think the commenters are missing the real blame point here. Downtown Dog Rescue gave these dogs to the homeless guy and are microchipped to them.

Since they lost their location, the dogs are staying there alone, and Lori will have no place to move them when Modernica moves to Vernon.

The question then will be if Lori will liquidate her dogs by giving them to homeless people, or will she just euthanize them as one of her comrades told a little birdie that they do.

Lori likes to "get rid of the old dogs to make space for the new, more adoptable ones." Maybe Pam Ferdin can preside over their killing, since it's done "humanely."

Anonymous said...

It's not a game for me. I'm on your side, and my opinion is that physical insults take away credibility. You seem to disagree, which is fine.

And in response to your Winograd/McDonald's comment (And I'm not a fan of Winograd):
Some vegans eat a lot of carbs and not the healthiest of diets. Not eating animal products is the bottom line for them: not being thin.

Anonymous said...

I've lost confidence in Pam. I used to think she stood for doing the right thing.

Watching these videos, who would think that this is humane? My vote says no way.

Anonymous said...

Ultimately Brenda's kill rate, which is up AND LATE are not going as real animal advocates would want.

Check the stats, kids, and see how Brenda's kill rate is going.

You gotta wonder if her Canada and Washington dogs are getting into real homes, thus displacing Canada and Washington dogs, or if they're being killed upon arrival. Who's kidding(or killing) whom?

Anonymous said...

Im with you 1225, but I think this has a lot to do with how pam used to degrade children of city employees when she stood at diliberto's doorstep.

Let's get off that for a moment. What do you think of the video, and what would you say to Brenda for tolerating it?

Anonymous said...

Ferdin and Weise have something in common. BOTH of their husbands had enough. It mustve happened around the time that they crossed over into Nutland, where tethering dogs is okay.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:25 Life is a game, you are in it to win or lose and that always the end result of a game.

You seem to be more concerned about comments than with the issue at hand. If you were an avid reader of this blog you would realize the purpose of it which is to provide an outlet. If that means personal insults, then so be it. By relieving oneself on this blog, one can then get down to business with the officials rather than losing it and losing credibility in person.

Anonymous said...


What do you think Terri MassiveLardo's excuse is?

You think she's just "big boned"?

Or do you think some of those client lunches happen over a thick steak and baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream?

This isn't a comment about veganism, which has its merits. It has to do with hypocrisy, and those who claim to do things for animals in one instance, but allow them to waste away and suffer in situations like this.

Anonymous said...

for anyone who cares, if a woman is pregnant and goes vegan, it can severely hurt the fetus. veganism is a lifestyle choice, but it is not necessarily the healthiest way to live. few extreme things in life are healthy. but let's get back to these dogs. this is beyond cruel. period, and end of the story.

Anonymous said...

I've been signing with anonymous, but I usually sign Melissa M.

I don't use my full name for google search reasons. But I also don't call myself HonestyHelps, wear dark glasses and then tell people they don't have balls. That was my point there.

Yes, exactly, THE DOGS ARE SUFFERING. So why talk about how fat a person is?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:35 Melissa why are you condemning someone for doing the same thing for the same reasons as you? Why are you so worried about my credibility? The points being made is that these people can't even live up to what they claim to be. The issue here is those dogs and why hasn't Barnette done something to relieve their suffering.

Anonymous said...

Because attacking people for their person appearance is right out of the pam ferdin play book. She got it from Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." Check it out at Amazon.

Brenda Barnette would love nothing more than for this to devolve into a conversation about veganism.

People, just look at the videos and comment about why Brenda, Pam and company think it's humane.

I made my one comment about Terri's bulk and I'll leave it at that. I was pointing out what a hypocrit she is.

Anonymous said...

the dogs are suffering right now.

barnette is the cause.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with all of you. I just don't get why you're stooping to ADLLA bullshit.

If it's just to vent, I understand. I thought you were hoping to get the message out with this blog, and name calling never seems to work.

I know this is getting off subject again, but I advocate for pit bulls, so does that make me a pit nutter? Or are pit nutters people who just want to keep them alive at any cost?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:08, no one is stooping on this blog. If you have something constructive to say, then say it and stop with the criticism of others who have the guts to say what they want to say.

A pit bull advocate you say? As if I didn't already know. First rule of nutterdom is to take the focus off the issue, which you are trying to do. Do you advocate rehabbing fighting pits? Do you advocate that pits are like any other dogs? Just what do you adovcate about pits? And why are you bringing this into the conversation? An another attempt to take the focus off the issue at hand, yep, I would call you a nutter.

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to get an understanding, since I was on your side regarding Brenda meeting with breeders and about these two dogs that she's allowing to remain suffering on the street. I'm on your side about Winograd and "No Kill" and ADLLA. Pam doesn't seem to be concerned because these dogs are not dead and they're not primates. She can't go hold up a sign and wear a costume where the dogs are tethered, so it's not a priority for her. I completely agree with you. I have the utmost respect for Dan Guss and the work he does. And although you don't owe me any explanations, especially on your own blog, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I'm just trying to get an idea where you're coming from. Pit bulls aren't the subject here, yet in the space to leave a comment it says "bring it pit nutters" or something along those lines. That's why I addressed it.

I just feel that pit bulls are maligned enough, and for you to call pit bull advocates and rescuers (which I am as well), pit nutters is wrong. Just like Brenda favors purebreds and poodles, you're in essence doing the same. I don't discriminate when I rescue.

I do advocate that pits are like any other dogs, except more loving, affectionate and loyal than some breeds, and yes, stronger than most and capable of more harm. I advocate rehabbing fighting dogs if someone has the means and expertise to do it properly. Just like I would with any dog, regardless of breed, that was mistreated by humans.


Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to get an understanding, since I was on your side regarding Brenda meeting with breeders and about these two dogs that she's allowing to remain suffering on the street. I'm on your side about Winograd and "No Kill" and ADLLA. Pam doesn't seem to be concerned because these dogs are not dead and they're not primates. She can't go hold up a sign and wear a costume where the dogs are tethered, so it's not a priority for her. I completely agree with you. I have the utmost respect for Dan Guss and the work he does. And although you don't owe me any explanations, especially on your own blog, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I'm just trying to get an idea where you're coming from. Pit bulls aren't the subject here, yet in the space to leave a comment it says "bring it pit nutters" or something along those lines. That's why I addressed it.

I just feel that pit bulls are maligned enough, and for you to call pit bull advocates and rescuers (which I am as well), pit nutters is wrong. Just like Brenda favors purebreds and poodles, you're in essence doing the same. I don't discriminate when I rescue.

I do advocate that pits are like any other dogs, except more loving, affectionate and loyal than some breeds, and yes, stronger than most and capable of more harm. I advocate rehabbing fighting dogs if someone has the means and expertise to do it properly. Just like I would with any dog, regardless of breed, that was mistreated by humans.


HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, if you were a reader of this blog you would know why I warn nutters.

What you advocate is increasing the maulings and killings by pits on humans and beloved pets. What you advocate is a breed of dog bred to do one thing and only one thing. They weren't bred to be of service to mankind, they were bred to wreck havoc on other dogs. You need to advocate for helping those whose lives have been destroyed by this breed of dog and stop spreading the lies of the dogmen and breeders. Pits are different, they don't stop, they don't read the book on how to act around other dogs, they are killing people and people's pets. You are definitely a nutter, the worse kind.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that Princess, one of the dogs you're dedicated to saving, is mostly pit bull? Just thought I'd better point that out.

I admit I'm not a regular reader of this blog. Never said I was, but now at least I finally have a handle. I guess we're not on the same page after all.

I'll leave this to the rest of you anonymous people "who have the guts to say what they want to say" ... look at my last comment and look at the the last comment of HonestyHelps...and please tell me, who's the "worse" kind of nutter?


Anonymous said...

Just like Barnette has ignored these dogs, so do the pit nutters ignore the damages being done by their "loyal" pits. This Melissa is coming with her holier than thou attitude, typical of nutters. She doesn't say she advocates for the victims of pits, no of course not, she advocates for pits so they can continue to destroy lives and families.

The issue here is these two dogs and any others that Barnette is ignoring, not pit bulls. I agree that if Melissa were a reader she would understand a little more. She's just another nutter like all the others. It will be the nutters who bring about BSL with their denials and not soon enough in my book.

HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, pick up your toys and leave then. You're talking to a group who are wise to you, a group who has suffered from pits, a group who knows every word you will spew forth because you follow the lies of the dogmen and breeders. You are being used and you follow right along. Give Melissa a script and she is right at home reading it over and over.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, are you saying that because it's "just" a pit, it's okay to treat it that way?

And what about the other dog? What's the excuse for THAT treatment?

Anonymous said...

"Terri MassiveLardo"

FUNNY! And any middle aged woman who posts herself in a wedding dress has ISSUES.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Pam-

Dave Diliberto's children called. The message reads: FUCK YOU FOR PICKING ON US.

Anonymous said...

What is the world coming to when a terrorist can't be counted on to speak up for chained animals?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed how many people no longer belong to ADLA or go to their protests because Pam has gone down the nut path?

I know of at least a half dozen.

HonestyHelps said...

The only reason Melissa came on was because of the pit bull. Nutters don't care about other breeds, look at what they allow their dogs to do to other people's beloved pets. Nutters are a racist bunch, always talking about discrimination while following their rule of "If it ain't pit, it ain't shit".

Anonymous said...

"Melissa, are you saying that because it's "just" a pit, it's okay to treat it that way?"

No, I'm just not understanding why HonestyHelps is trying to save a pit bull when she doesn't believe in advocating for pit bulls.

My dog (a pit mix) was attacked by a pit bull that was abused. So in essence, I am a victim and so was my dog. And I'm not holier than thou, just using common sense. Most of you obviously haven't been around enough pit bulls or you wouldn't be making such generalized, prejudicial, non-fact based statements. Pit bulls that are socialized properly don't attack other dogs. Go out to one of the off leash dog parks on any given day or time. Cocker Spaniels bite more than pit bulls. Of course I feel for any dogs or humans that are victims of dog attacks. Since my dog came out of it, it's just easier for me to look at it objectively.

And Honesty Helps, I rescue all kinds of dogs, and have 3 of my own: a boxer mix, a pitbull/beagle mix and a chow/golden mix. I had a lab mix that recently passed. I just save great dogs that need saving, regardless of breed.

As I said earlier, I'm completely on your side in regards to Brenda Barnette, Nathan Winograd, ADLLA, and getting these two dogs safely off the street. But I don't agree with your name calling or discriminating against pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Pam Ferdin can't complain about such tactics.

She read, and lives by, "RULES FOR RADICALS" by Saul Alinsky, and if you align yourself with this scum, then don't be surprised if it smacks you in the face.

Pammy needs some red meat. But I don't know any men who would give her some.

HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, I am not advocating for this pit, I am advocating that Barnette is not doing her job. I don't give a shit what kind of dog it is, no dog should have to suffer.

There you go, reciting the excuses given to you by the dogmen and breeders. The standard one is you've never been around pits, sorry to bust your bubble but I have probably worked with more pits than you will ever see. How many deaths are contributed to cocker spaniels? You talk of bites while I talk of fatalities.

You nutters do the same things over and over again, say the same things over and over again. You compare apples to oranges with this bit about other breeds "bite" more, when you don't even know what that means. Sure all dogs bite, but only one breed doesn't let go, the pit bull. You want to compare labs, the most popular of breeds to pits when you know that there are far more labs out there, therefore they get more bites just because of their shear numbers. When pits only comprise about 5% of the dog population but their killing rate is 2/3rs, why can't you see that something is wrong? And it is not the way they are raised, it is in their genetics. Why is so much research dedicated to genetics, because genetics rule. And the genetics of a pit is one of killing. Get off your highhorse and come out of denial.

Anonymous said...

2:57, why don't you just take the good, and do something about it.

It's clear to me that this is the approach HH is taking because that's EXACTLY how Pam Ferdin operates. You take down the entire person, not just their viewpoint.

Or you can look at those videos and say, "Just because you're namecalling, I'm not going to speak up for these animals being choked in the rain."

Anonymous said...

The real miscreant here is Lori Wiese of Downtown Dog Rescue.

The dogs belong to her and she placed them with this homeless guy after BRENDA seized them last year.

HonestyHelps said...

I agree Anon08, it is Lori's fault. She is protecting this abuser.

Anonymous said...

HonestyHelps, I'll just end it here, because I know we'll just keep going in circles. You've been around more pit bulls than I'll ever see? And still hold the opinions you hold?

I'm sorry, I find that hard to believe. Although you call yourself HonestyHelps, I say you're lying.

Anonymous said...

I know Melissa, and appreciate the outstanding advocacy she does. We don't have to agree with her on all points, and she doesn't have to agree with me. I will stand up for a pit, the most downtrodden dog of them all, as much as any dog because they NEED OUR HELP MORE!

See how many pits Brenda Barnette or Terri MassiveSlobbo kill, in her commissionership. MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.

But Melissa is cool.

Anonymous said...

3:14 = anonymously commenting about somebody posting anonymously

Anonymous said...




HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, the only liar here is yourself. Spreading the lies given to you. The reason I advocate for BSL on pits is because of my experience with them. If you had that experience, believe me, you would be ashamed of the fool you are making yourself out to be.

Be content with your chains being yanked. How does one know a pit nutter is lying, they open their mouth.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I stand up for the victims of pits. How can one defend pits when they are mauling and killing like no other breed in history? And it is because of people like Melissa that pits are given a bad rap, not people like me. As long as the lies are spread around, the pits will continue to be abused. Melissa can blame herself for that abuse. Melissa is not cool, she is cold, cold hearted to not recognize the damage being done by the pit bull.

Dan said...

I am something of a pit nutter, too, but I appreciate HH's rather accurate portrayal here.

I know Melissa, too, and I say "to each his or her own." We're in unison in frustration and anger with Brenda about this.

The video doesn't lie. I shot it in the heavy Sunday rain. And check out the other videos of these same does suffering months ago when Brenda assured me that Lori had control of this situation.

Those video clips are at

HH, if you send me a note through our friend, I will send you the photos of Princess and Dude suffering through the scorching heat of last Summer on burning concrete, with empty water bowls and the homeless man's trash stuff in the nylon tents I provided them.

If Brenda isn't embarrassed by those conditions, you can ask her to provide commentary on them, and to indicate how they, or the current clips, are humane.

Speaking of not telling the truth, I saw some of the communications that Lori W. wrote about my efforts to help these dogs. I'm big enough to say that Lori saved the day with a rescue of mine last summer, but she is being cowardly on this one, especially since my charity was prepared to take them in.

Dan said...

Let me add one more thing regarding Downtown Dog Rescue.

When Lori told me that they were losing their property (which was a great facility), guess who got an article written for her charity? It was me. And guess who was the ONLY person to go to City Council to see if they could give Downtown Dog Rescue a property for a dollar a year? It was me. When Pam was on trial years ago for harrassing Jerry Greenwalt's family, I went to support her countless times, even though I disagree with her methods. But I think the treatment of these animals is sickening, especially since I was prepared to take them on.

Anonymous said...

Let's talk about dogs.


Check out Brenda's kill rates for those vicious cats.

Did you also know that Brenda took on a small dog and killed it? Ask Brenda about that.

HonestyHelps said...

Dan, nutters are actually welcome here as long as they are standing up for what is right, not standing up for just the breed.

Dan said...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to ask Dan and Melissa what they are advocating when it comes to pits. Are they advocating for BSL so that pits may not so easily end up in those hands of people who use pits for other things? Are they advocating for the victims of pits, have either of them sent money to victims? Are they advocating to stop referring to pits as "nanny" dogs so as to pimp them to unsuspecting families? Are they advocating staying in denial about the genetics of pits? There's a big difference between advocating and pimping with most pit "advocates" being the latter, nothing more than pimps.

See how Melissa came here, not because of the dogs that are suffering in this situation, but to throw off the issue with her rants about pit bulls. She doesn't have virgin ears. Get these dogs out of that situation first. I bet Melissa's letter was nothing more than a rant to the officials about pit bulls.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 57 I would have to agree that most pit bull advocates are nothing more than shrills for the dogmen and pit bull breeders. A true advocate would be in favor of BSL and not denying that it is working. Still these dogs need to be rescued, will a pit nutter do it since one is almost a pit?

Dan said...

4:57 PM,

I am advocating for Princess and Dude, for being subjected to the de facto cruelty portrayed in these video clips, and previous video clips, at

I am advocating about a shelter GM, Brenda Barnette, who has no experience whatsoever in field enforcement, law enforcement, or public shelter management.

I am advocating about a "charity" (Downtown Dog Rescue), which believes that a shitty life in the street is better than one where my charity was prepared to take both of these dogs AND the third dog, Marla, which Lori took and who-knows-what-happened-to.

I am advocating about defending CRUELTY like that which you see in the videos.

I am not advocating anything else, at least not at this point.

Anonymous said...

I thnk Lori from downtown dog rescue is as much to blame here as brenda the breeder.

What I dont get is that the conditions were bad enuf for brenda to have the dogs seized months ago, but not NOW?

Anonymous said...


The videolink you posted isn't working!

Please have the readers go to


HonestyHelps said...

Then we are on the same page, Dan. Advocating for these two dogs is primary right now.

HonestyHelps said...

Dan, I put the new link in the post. See if it works now.

Dan said...

The link works now.

Since we're discussing Brenda, maybe she can tell you what happened to the purebreed German Shepherd at the vacant lot at 5414 S. Western Avenue.

Both Brenda and Mark Salazar were aware of this, and I personally met Mark Salazar there. He never acted on her behalf, even though she was intact and unlicensed.

HonestyHelps said...

Dan, if people had done their research on both Barnette and Salazar, they would know that neither of them give a damn about the animals. Barnette overlooked animals in her own local public shelter, screaming the entire while about the euthanasia, while she was bringing in dogs to broker and make money for the HS.

Salazar has so little experience in animal control, he doesn't know what to do. Isn't it strange that in all other types of businesses, etc., experience is a valued commodity but in animal control it is condemned by these "No Kill" nuts. Research shows that Salazar didn't have a clue on running a shelter and the shelter in Longview was going down the tubes under him. We won't mention the real reason he left however. Pretty much the same reason why he left Riverside.

If you're depending on these two to help animals like the shepherd or the other two, you can forget it. Neither know enough to help animals.

Anonymous said...

Also what Brenda and the Terrorist AKC stand for- dogs are property and they can be abused by owners in whatever way they want.

As for this Lori Wiese, when did rescue turn into abuse?

HonestyHelps said...

Correct, Dan. Those who chose to follow the AKC look at pets as product, not companions. Barnette fits that to a tee. These two dogs are "crap" dogs and don't deserve to have their suffering end. Barnette is a breeder through and through.

As for Lori, she's using outside hoarding methods for these dogs. She's the prime example why "rescues" need to be regulated. There was no money in rescuing these two dogs, so why bother when she can lie about dogs being on death row that she is "rescuing" and watch the donations coming in.

Anonymous said...

"for anyone who cares, if a woman is pregnant and goes vegan, it can severely hurt the fetus"

That is a complete and utter lie, and millions of women in cultures other than overweight, heart diseased Western ones prove it to be a lie.

The children of these vegan mothers are very healthy, and births are easier.

The American animal product diet is simply unhealthy, and our disease rates show that to be so.

Plus the meat and dairy products are laden with hormones and drugs that are very dangerous to fetuses.

Plus take a look at Rick Berman, Mr. Factory Farmer. Ewwwwwww. Unhealthy all right!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 18, you need to do a little more research on vegan, your's is one sided and not completely correct.

Anonymous said...

"but I advocate for pit bulls, so does that make me a pit nutter"

Dumb fuck, attacks are going up, and overpopulation among pit bulls is increasing, abuse of pit bulls is increasing, pit bull puppy mills are increasing, pit bull breeders are increasing despite the numbers getting abandoned,

in part thanks to you "pit bull advocates" promoting the breeding and sales of these dogs, and doing NOTHING to solve the problems or deal with the breeders that fuck these dogs over for money, and nothing about getting laws passed to stop the abuse of these dogs and stop the abusive and trash from using and abusing them

You "advocates" are fucking over victims AND the pit bulls, and you are too egotistical to figure this out.

Yes, that qualifies as pit nutter for sure.

You "advocates" are FAILING. But you just scream louder and keep doing the same FAILING things. And if you don't care about people, you are failing the pit bulls.

HonestyHelps said...

"And if you don't care about people, you are failing the pit bulls."

Couldn't have said it better myself, ain't it the truth?!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, do you realize you are fucking over pit bulls?

It is people like you putting them in situations that are doomed to fail, and thus we have the attacks and the "rap" gets worse.

All you are doing is repeating the lies that pit bull breeder scum made up to avoid regulation so they could keep persecuting these dogs and make money.

You have become so emotionally obsessed you don't even realize you are helping the breeders and hurting pit bulls.

It is "pit bull advocates" like you that are going to sink pit bulls.

You aren't helping, you are hurting pit bulls, but your ego is so inflated you can't even step back and have a rethink and face reality.

The breeders have played you "advocates" for fools because they think you are too simple-minded to figure out what is going on. They think you women have girls' minds, and get too emotionally obsessed to see reality.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, don't give away secrets, we want people like Melissa to continue what they do. That will bring BSL faster and stop all these maulings and killings of people and their pets. We want them to continue to pimp pits because the more that are out there, the more attacks will occur. Although I hate to see people and their pets go thru what they go thru with a pit attack, it might mean saving lives in the future. I don't live in the present, I think only in terms of the future. Pit nutters only live in the present, no laws, no BSL because it will kill more in the shelters. They don't realize without BSL and laws the future is doomed to fail. They are their own worse enemy, let them work on that tombstone.

Anonymous said...

"Pit bulls that are socialized properly don't attack other dogs."

Melissa, you have the brain of a barbie doll. Why is it that there are so many emotionally and intellectually impaired women that are so naive, so foolish to be tricked by the breeders.

And pit bulls get fucked over even by the people that supposedly "advocate" for them.

Even the breeders of these dogs, when they are being honest, admiit that pit bulls don't belong near other animals, period. They are bred to attack other animals. They are specifically and methodically bred to attack other animals. "Socializing" and goo goo kisses don't change that.

They certainly don't belong in dog parks.

It is obvious that the Melissas of the world need to get slapped with some hard assed lawsuits to wake them up to reality, and out of their little girls fairy tales.

And that is happening.

Anonymous said...

So I see that this Lori Wiese is apparently another one of these "pit bull advocates" that supports dog abuse.

Where the hell did these people come from?

Dogs don't need any more enemies, then we have the fake rescuers and advocates abusing them to pile on top of the breeders and puppy mills.

It is no wonder that Rick Berman thought Winograd could play these women.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 45. TLC has never and will never overcome genetics, the hardwiring of dogs. If Melissa thinks that "raising them right" overcomes genetics, then we can expect to see her out hunting with a chihuahua. I tried to tell a bald man that the reason he is bald is because his mama didn't give him enough TLC, he didn't believe it. Wonder why?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 48, those people come from a failed attempt on the Jerry Springer show.

Anonymous said...

This was before Animal Ark took a turn down the road of Berman/pit bull breeding/AKC/ Winograd, which is sad. They interviewed AKC.

But AKC admits that they believe that dogs are property, and that there should be no anti-cruelty laws, no seizure of abused pets, and property owners may abuse or kill dogs as they want. This is because AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations, and even its "hobby breeders" are primarily psychotic, selfish degenerates that support all kinds of dog abuse. Puppy mill money pays for their luxuries like their dog shows. Look at NAIA. That is Brenda's gang. That is the AKC board, and represents many of the breed clubs.

And since Winograd works for AKC these days, he's convinced the more gullible of "rescuers" to help out the AKC's cruelty plan by opposing laws and allowing abuse.

Barnette is working as an AKC lobbyist while masquerading as animal control director.


Anonymous said...

The big problem for dogs is that part of the rescue community has veered off into animal abuse, and is no better, maybe worse, than the puppy mills.

When disturbed people get into animal rescue, dogs lose big time.

HonestyHelps said...

Wonder how much of a deficit Animal Ark has now?

Anonymous said...

Which is worse here? The 18 year old psycho abusive girl child sucked in by the "pit bull advocacy" fad that ends up abusing the pit bull? Or the wacky rescue group that worked with an 18 year old child, and thought that anything good could come out of this?

Most of the pit bulls that "advocates" and "rescuers" place end up in situations like this, or dumped in the streets, or shot, or given to an abuser, and the rescue never finds out, and yet pats themselves on the back for "saving a pit bull." Meanwhile the dog is dead or suffering.

Most households can't handle a pit bull. You may talk them into it, or call the dogs "nanny dogs" to get them to take the dog, but most people cannot handle such a dominant, strong, willful breed with a high prey drive and the "adopters" just end up abandoning the dog.

"Rescue" and "advocacy" are about the worst things to ever hit pit bulls, that and No Kill death farming. When did "rescue" become so hideously ignorant and abusive? I guess when it became a fad, and attracted the foolish.


Anonymous said...

If that cached link doesn't work, here it is. "Advocacy" and "rescue" are failing these dogs so badly.


Anonymous said...

If you look at all the lobbying that AKC does, it is one long list of lobbying for "property rights" and FOR abuse!

And Barnette is a lobbyist for AKC.

HonestyHelps said...

Or the "Pit Boss" going out on the Venice boardwalk trying to find people to adopt. They even took a pit directly from the shelter to the boardwalk, no idea if the dog was aggressive, socialized, nothing.

Many groups don't care if someone like Melissa (in the link) doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground, just as long as they can pimp off a pit.

HonestyHelps said...

I wonder if Barnette's kennel club knew that all she did as an AKC rep was "hit a button". Not only is Barnette a breeder, she lies about it among other things.

Wonder if Pamster buys that, obviously she does. Hey, Pammie, I have a bridge over here for sale, you interested?

Anonymous said...

These are the "advocates" that are saying that pit bulls won't attack other animals if they are "socialized," and yammer on about Cocker Spaniels and chihuahuas biting more, and this ridiculous "discrimination" routine.

Do you see, Melissa, what you are teaching the Melissas like this? Do you see what you are doing by misrepresenting these dogs and pretending that they don't have special needs? Do you see what happens when you hand out these dogs to those who believe your misrepresentations? You are screwing over pit bulls.

"I've put pictures of Quinn when he was at the shelter, and pictures of him the night we removed him from Melissa's care. The pictures speak for themselves.
We are in the process of charging Melissa, the foster home, and Central Washington Bully Breed Rescue with animal cruelty and neglect. We contacted Melissa and asked her to stop doing rescue,

Melissa has no business being in any part of animal rescue, let alone pit bull rescue. Pit Bulls are one of the hardest dogs to place in responsible homes, and they have a bad enough reputation without people who don't know what they're doing trying to "save" them. One of her previous dogs also had major food allergies that she thought was mange, but it was because of the crap, corn based food she was feeding him. In addition to the fact Quinn was starved, he was also living outside in his foster home. He was in a run, no heated doghouse, just some makeshift shelter. In WINTER. He has close to no hair, and he was living outside in WINTER. Once Quinn was placed in one of our foster homes and was fed, he began gaining weight immediately. He is now at a healthy weight, and we've only had him for 2 months. That in itself is proof that the reason Quinn was so skinny was because he wasn't being fed!

She cannot provide proper care for these dogs she is "rescuing," yet she continues to send emails out and posts on craigslist asking for help and foster homes. She is continuing to take in dogs, even after we presented her with all these facts. She has refused to take any responsibility for any of this."

HonestyHelps said...

Sounds like Lori Weiss and Downtown Dog Rescue. Maybe they changed the name to protect the ?innocent?

Anonymous said...

Here is this Melissa and her Central Washington Bully Breed Rescue.

An 18 year old girl, and notice she doesn't mention the pit bull she nearly killed. But she knows how to ask for money, doesn't she? And put up a website that conveniently avoids the truth completely about what harm she is doing to pit bulls.

And I bet that "advocates" are sending her dogs and money, more to abuse.

This is what "pit bull rescue and advocacy" has become, a holocaust for pit bulls.


HonestyHelps said...

Wonder if any of those transported dogs from LA went to this rescue? How does one spell rescue these days? MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you're pissed at Lori Weise for treating these AND OTHER DOGS, like the older ones she has "put down" to make room for the younger dogs, complain to MODERNICA, the furniture retailer. They've housed Downtown Dog Rescue dogs at their warehouse for years. In fact BOYCOTT Modernica. Show them that you disapprove of this torture.

And complain the hell to Brenda Barnette and the City Council of Los Angeles.,
or call her at (213) 482-9558 (office) (213) 435-0815 (cell)

Lori Weise of Downtown Dog Rescue, at 323-933-0383
Really don't like it?
Call LA City Councilmembers:


Anonymous said...

Guys, let's not make this about Melissa, who (since I know her) does damn good work.

Let's focus on the CULPRITS, Lori Wiese or Weise of Modernica and BrenDUH the BreeDER, and the IDIOT who hired this dog breeder, the always-pants-down Mayor Antonio Sleazaraigosa, who sold his wife & kids down the mayor when he started banging Lu Parker a non rescuer who masquerades as a rescuer.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see that dumbass Mayor's Deputy Jim "BigFart" Bickhart was caught red handed posting malicious shit on blogs?

He's the same moron who was caught SLEEPING IN SHELTER COMMISSION MEETINGS, right Jim, you narcoleptic idiot?

That's at
That video is

HonestyHelps said...

But all this is about these people. It is about the attitudes that put Barnette into her position. It is about those who care so little about animals to put these dogs in this position and then keep them there. The names may be different but they are all one in the same.

Lori is giving dogs to homeless people who can't even take care of themselves, much less a dog. She expects these poor homeless people to sleep in the cold and rain because shelters won't take the dogs. So why should she care about these two dogs? Can't you see that all this is interrelated?

Anonymous said...





The Macellaro Firm
124 Brooks Ave
Venice, CA 90291
Phone Number: (310) 399-8585
Fax Number: (310) 399-8686

If MassiveLardo, who is so sensitive about her weight (and posts a photo of her in her wedding tent, er, dress) isn't answering, it's because she's finishing her second business lunch of the day. Or peanut butter cups. Weird how someone who TELLS people she's vegan could be such a chunk.

Anonymous said...


Lori wants to be a social worker, or she has a thing for black men who she thinks she can "rescue" like a dog, such as Kenny, her ex who dumped her when she became a nut too.

Right Lori darlin? Where's Kenny tonight? He aint sleepin in YO bed.

Don't let lori sell you on that she chose animals over the guy. That would be honorable. No, he got tired of the nuttieness.

HonestyHelps said...

Nutterdom is full these days, wonder if they euthanize when it becomes overcrowded?

Anonymous said...

Yeah to whoever said that Lori gives to a homeless guy who cant take care of his self two dogs who were going to go to gusses group. Real smart. A dog bed or concrete, whats more comftable?

Anonymous said...

Leslie Stein who is Laurie's trainer readily admits that she and Downtown Dog Rescue kill their older dogs so they can make room fo ryounger dogs. If they do it on their own, its illegal. But they probably do it at the vet where the dog gets no justice.

StayFocused said...

It makes me sad to be a part of a rescue community that would act hateful. I can only speak for myself and my main focus is to try to try to rescue injured, neglected, starving and loose dogs, just to name a few.

We have photos of "the homeless man" playing with his dogs, his dogs eating and all of them together. We work at a nearby business and we all check on him daily. He has plenty of dog food and either we walk the dogs, or he does at different tiems of the day. The dogs are often allowed to paly in a nearby gated yard, and run free while "the homeless man" palys too.

Unfortunately people are often caught up in the hype and dont allow themselves to look deeper. "The homeless man" talks to those of us that he knows. He is very leery of new people. He has a great sense of humor and deep caring for his companions. Just because the situation is not ideal does not make it impossible. We think that instead of being mean and critical we have decided to assist him. We know that if we lost eveything due to death, and if we lost our job due to poor health, we would want someone to try to help us function.

If we look at each and every homeless man with a dog situation Im sure we could analyze some and be critical.

This "homeless man" sweeps the city street and keeps it clean, often moving the trash that has been dumped during the night. someone said "the homeless guy is nowhere to been seen" that is not always true. He sees more than you think. If he doesn't then...we do...we are the car reapir guys...we are the bus drivers...we are the tow guys...we are the Hostess people...we are the furniture business nearby...we are the people on the bicycles...we see you...we watch the dogs..we know his name...we know his name...we know his story...we know who helps him... We have found great satisfaction by helping "the homeless man" get his laundry washed, his dogs new blankets, get his pants taken in, get his favorite fruit, get his dogs bones from the meat market, take him to his doctors appointments. So instead of looking through a magnifying glass...look out of the bowl. One dog likes to sleep on his back, one dog likes cars.

Its too bad that some people from somewhere else have focused on this Black man and his dogs, in a neighborhood they dont even know the neighbors.

Im very sad about the hateful statements...but hey I can only account for myself and my behavior, and my friends and co-workers for theirs..we are trying to make a difference by helping him with his dogs

HonestyHelps said...

StayFocused, it makes me sad that someone like yourself makes up excuses to condone your actions. It has nothing to do with being "mean and critical", it has to do with what has been observed and that is two dogs who obviously need to be taken away.

You really think that giving dogs to homeless people is the right thing to do????? These people have a hard enough time taking care of themselves and you just add to that misery by pimping your dogs to them. We all know that many times people are on the street because of mental illness. You are using their illness to take advantage of them.

And then to try to play the race card is disgusting. You are nothing more than an outside hoarder, not a rescue, if the conditions of these dogs are acceptable to you. Thank goodness there are people who think this situation is not acceptable because it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone think that maybe an owner has been looking for these dogs? Did anyone check on that?

The way I see it, is that this rescue didn't want the dogs because from the looks of them, they would not be easily adoptable. But instead of doing the right thing, this rescue chose to leave the dogs in an unacceptable situation by most standards. They should be ashame to take advantage of homeless people like this.

StayFocused said...

Homeless people are not the only ones that "often" have mental illness...

HonestyHelps said...

StayFocused, I agree in this instance it sounds more like the "rescuer" is the one with the mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I visited this blog to get information on the two dogs that the STAND Foundation have been "advocating" for.

I am turned off by the comments that have ensued attacking different people in the rescue community.

The tone of this blog reminds me of spoiled children and bullies that want to hurt others no matter what the cost.

My two cents?
"Often insulting people are insecure and emotionally weak deep within."

This blog proves it.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:45, you think I believe you? Because I don't. I've been doing this long enough to know that you're here for a specific reason, not because you want to learn about Stand and these dogs. If that were the case, you would be on that website.

Do you think that just because someone calls themselves "rescue" that they are honorable people? Not the case many times, unfortunately. Charlotte Spadaro called herself "rescue" and look at all the torment and torture that she caused animals.

I'll resort to my favorite saying,
"During the times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act". The truth is hard to swallow but if you don't swallow it, you will most certainly choke to death. This blog exposes the truth, if you can't take it, then go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

A percentage of the rescue community has become nothing more than animal abusers and pawns for the puppy mill AKC and Rick Berman.

"Rescue" is perhaps torturing more dogs now than the mills are.

I suppose that when it became a fad, the disturbed people came out of the woodwork to exploit animals and hide it under "rescue."

Real rescue people need to deal with this and clean this up, or rescue will be seen as just simple abuse and also moneygrubbing. Support will disappear, and the IRS will crack down on the entire rescue community, as will other authorities.

Wiese has done much to destroy the reputation of rescue, as have the Melissas and Ferdins of the world.

As for the whiner, it is clear that this individual is one of the problems, one of the ones destroying rescue while they support animal abuse.

When the rescue community "sticks together" to protect abuse, bad adoptions, misrepresentation, lying to the public, bad operations, then the entire rescue community goes down in flames. There has been too much tolerance of the bad apples, who understandably are the biggest bullies. But sitting idly by and refusing to address these problems means more dog abuse, and the ENTIRE rescue community crashing and burning.

The breeders are pushing for more regulation of rescue so they can more easily sell more purebreds as unregulated business.

Rescue is going to destroy any possible future if the bad apples aren't dealt with.

HonestyHelps said...

Speaking of those bad apples and how the rescue community is protecting those bad "rescues" is Pets Alive. They walked away from animals obviously suffering and did nothing to get law enforcement involved. These types of rescues make us all look bad.

Anonymous said...

Why are Wiese and Stein not bringing this homeless man into their homes and providing him and the dogs with shelter?

Why do they patronize him, but not help him?

If they really cared, then would help directly, because this man is "in the cold" too.

They would cook for him and make him a part of their families, instead of "ghettoizing" him to live outdoors.

There seems to be a distinct lack of concern here for this man as well as the dogs.

Anonymous said...

It seems that as long as abusive people call themselves "rescue" they can trick the rest of the rescue community into potecting them.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:01 you are exactly correct. If they are going to play social worker then let them start providing this man with what he needs to get his life back together. In letting him keep the dogs, all they are doing is making his situation worse. Even if he got a job, he would be hard pressed to get a rental with those dogs. They are basically keeping this man down.

Anonymous said...

Stay Focused, you are abusing and patronizing this man so you can pat yourself on the back and call yourselves "social activists."

Why aren't you taking him into your home? Why not at least contruct a heated and cooled shelter for him in your yard, a home, an address for him?

Is it because social activism is ok at a distance when you throw him a piece of fruit at him every so often and treat him like a child, but he is "too dirty" to be near you and part of your family?

This is very racist and very demeaning.

Man and dogs suffer because of selfish middle class egotists.

Anonymous said...

I misspelled, the correct spelling of this "individual" is Lori Weise of Downtown Dog Rescue

I am somewhat suprised to see Lori Weise trying to push this AKC Good citizen fake certificate, nothing more than a piece of paper from the AKC Puppy mill Company that means nothing.

Surely Lori must know this "certificate" is meaningless advertising for a corrupt, cruel organization that preys on dogs for profit.

Or is Lori getting money from this organization?

Is this why Barnette will collude with her, because Laurie will sell dogs out to promote Barnette's AKC and therefore expand the breeder abuse and profits?

Where does the money come from anyway?

There are so many people who call themselves "social activists" and promote themselves in the media, as Lori has done, but when it comes to really DOING and really HELPING, they are MIA.

HonestyHelps said...

Under these circumstances, one does have to question the motivation behind all of this. It's pretty obvious that leaving the dogs with this man is NOT in the best interest of the dogs, nor the man.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now this is making more sense.

Weise is involved with the promote pit bull abuse, breeding, and exploitation squad.

If you notice, they even are pumping a book written by a mentor of Karen Overall, who is a shill for AKC breeders, and AKC pit breeders.

There is an obvious reason why AKC Barnette is involved with Weise.


Anonymous said...

And Wiese was dishonest with that reporter. She claimed she was for "all dogs" but here she is working with people connected to pit bull breeders, and people who protect pit bull breeders.

This is the kind of thing destroying rescue, and destroying dogs.

The AKC wants rescue to take animals out of shelters and toss them anywhere to suffer "off the euthanasia statistics", so the AKC breeders can try to get away with claiming there is no overpopulation and breeders don't have to take any responsibility for the problem. And theus the breeders can fend off regulation that restricts the puppy mills, like mandatory spay neuter laws and breeder licensing.

That is why AKC and Rick Berman bought No Kill, to use it as a breeder enhancement and protection tool.

They have tricked some "rescue" into helping the breeders by taking these poor dogs and throwing them with hoarders and killers. Dump them like trash. Anything so that the statistics look better, and AKC can pretend there are homes for all the unwanted, all the surplus getting bred.

The question I have is, how many pseudo-rescues out there are getting money from the AKC to do this? How many have sold rescue down the toilet to cash in on AKC Puppy Mill money and support?

No real rescue person, knowing that the AKC survives on puppy mill blood money and supports cruelty, and also persecutes real rescue, would ever promote an AKC sham certificate or program, nor would they hang out with breeder promoters, lobbying for breeder profits over the dogs.

I think I understand better the Barnette connection. The AKC, as right wing extremist as they are, will gladly use "social activists" as their pawns.

Anonymous said...

The right wing radical AKC is using the front of "social liberalism" to advance the cause of profiteering from dog abuse and opposing regulation that could restrict this abuse for profits.

The AKC and Rick Berman clearly feel that liberal and progressive people are dolts and can be manipulated.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon for that link. Yep, Lori is definitely drunk on the "No Kill" koolaid. Her drug of choice is Karen Delise. To sit at the same table with those Lori sat with tells the tale, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Weise is also involved with people who say it is ok if people's pets get savaged and chewed to bits by those AKC-beloved pit bulls, Ledy VanKavage, funded by Berkey. The Best Friends maniacs and cash registers, funded by Berkey. Jane Saul Berkey.

Animal cruelty by pit bull is ok for them.

Of course, when they propagandize that "pit bulls don't attack other pets if they get socialized," something that even pit bull breeders say is a lie, no wonder so many helpless pets are getting attacked.

Apparently social activism doesn't involve actually caring about pets killed by pit bulls that aren't being handled or adopted out properly, or are being misrepresented to adopters who get suckered.

Berkey's brother is a Republican politico, found in the middle of a nasty ethics issue that made him drop out of a political race.

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Do these "social activists" know what's up or down, or not?

HonestyHelps said...

I think there is a saying about "running in the family".