Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tehachapi Gives Tia and Her Thugs the Boot

Tehachapi kicked that broad to the curb where she belongs. No CUP for this liar. The meeting brought out more of the Tia lies, does she even know what the truth is?

Guess all those T-shirts didn't do the trick, did they Tia? Look at the people you put in them, who in their right mind would want to live beside scum of the earth? All you managed to do right was pissed off the officials. The least you could have done is comb that nasty hair of yours, probably for the first time, and put on decent clothes. You looked like you just finished a bad drug trip. Then again you always look like that, maybe because you are a bad drug trip.


Anonymous said...

Think about all the money that could have been spent on spay neuter programs run by people who don't take salaries or spend the money on cars and improving their own property.

Things could be better for animals now.

But, no, the idiots were tricked into flushing their money and support down the toilet. The pit bulls keep suffering while some people get rich.

So much money wasted.

HonestyHelps said...

Tia has put herself in jeopardy now. I think maybe the Attorney General wants to talk with her about where all that money is going. You don't drive new expensive SUVs and get new fake nails every week when you don't show any income.

Anonymous said...

And TWO expensive lawyers to try to get the husband off when he's facing a three strikes situation!

There is so much money coming into this whole deal, and practically none goes to doing anything to make anything better for pit bulls.

Did you know she was running a boarding business for pit bulls in this supposed charity rescue? I saw this on the craven desires site. And some big cat boarding business. So money from these supporters was paying for food for somebody's privately owned pit bulls and big cats, not rescue dogs, and volunteers were cleaning kennels for people's owned pit bulls, not rescues.

I saw that Best Friends was involved with this scam too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think her nails or what shes drives is relevant. What is wrong with driving a reliable vehicle and getting your nails done? She works really heard...does she want to spend her time fixing junkers or saving dogs in need? BTW, who is Pit Nutters?

HonestyHelps said...

Caroline, a reliable car is a Toyota minivan not a $55,000 SUV. And the fact that her nails are never messed up tells me that she doesn't do shit about rescuing dogs. I've done it and you can't have fake nails.

You just don't get it, do you? She a grifter, a scam artist. She was willing to sell other women to support her scam. Maybe she would have sold your daughter, your sister, hell, even yourself.

She's not helping animals as much as she is helping herself. Wise up, a fool and his money is soon parted. How much have you sent her?

HonestyHelps said...

Caroline, a pit nutter is yourself.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think her nails or what shes drives is relevant. What is wrong with driving a reliable vehicle and getting your nails done"

Little girl, she's spending money that YOU donated for the pit bulls on luxuries for her trashy family.

And even a couple of puppy mill puppies for those daughters.

She is RICH, and the pit bulls get SCREWED.

Do you understand that this is all about her ego and promoting herself and her BUSINESSES, which she even admitted to the people in Tehachapi.

She's NOT helping pit bulls, she's helping TIA and TIA ONLY.

And any moron who gives their money to a selfish, egotistical piece of garbage like that is actually stupider than Tia.

Anonymous said...

"She works really heard"

I guess you meant "hard?"

No she doesn't! She has slave volunteers and cult followers do any "work."

She just shoots her mouth off and promotes herself and shills for more money for herself.

She's not doing SHIT for ANY PIT!

Anonymous said...

That's a fucking good Tshirt

"TIA doesn't do SHIT for any PIT"

with a picture of Tia with dollar signs in her eyes and over her mouth

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I love the T-shirt idea and will pass it along to the next group that fights her. Imagine all those Old West people walking into the commission meeting with that T-shirt on. Love it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HonestyHelps- I just happened to come across your blog today- you are a fucking close minded idiot - You sound like you belong in a nuthouse along with your fellow hater followers and I am not sure what you contribute to society in helping dogs, but ranting about people who do their best to help doesn't fix any issues. I am curious what you and these other haters are doing to help homeless animals? Also, you have no clue about pitbulls and their behaviors-not sure where you get off thinking you know what the hell you are talking about. I can tell you that my 3 pitties are probably better dogs than anything you own. {And no, they aren't used for dog fighting-they are house pets who are loving and are well loved} You are such a ranter, your poor animals probably pick up on your negative energy and wish they were in a fucked up shelter instead of belonging to you.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:07 You are nothing more than a fucking no dick pit nutter loser just like your skaggy hero, Tia. You and your kind are the ones who know nothing about pits other than them being a penis substitute for you. You're an idiot who probably sends your welfare check to Tia not recognizing that she is a grifter, laughing at you all the way to the bank.

Take your fucking ugly frankenmaulers and stuff them up your ass where they belong.

Anonymous said...

haha- I didn't think you would come up with any reasonable response.. like what you actually do to help animals in need. You must have had a seriously bad childhood and it may be possible that need anger management classes or therapy to get over your issues. hahaha- I did not mention Tia, so it is funny how you came up with your little hater rant about her- I happen to love all dog breeds {in which I donate money to all dog different animal charities,which is something you probably don't do} , I own pitties because people like you are uneducated about the breed and rant about something you can't back up , so people like me actually have opened our minds & hearts to this breed {for over 15 years I have owned this breed}, who by all accounts are loving,smart,goofy & loyal . I am far from welfare but I hope none of your followers are because that was a pretty offensive statement.. You spew hate and nothing more, your entire blog is negative.. so who is in need of penis?? Maybe you should try a personality adjustment and do something for homeless pets instead of ranting hate.. just a thought, but somehow I don't think you would comprehend that idea.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, there is no reasonable response to the likes of you, an idiot who doesn't know your ass from a hole in the ground. You're a fucking liar using the same old shit that all the nutters use. You own pitties because you don't have a dick, thinking it makes you a big man. All it does is tell the world that you are incapable of satisfying your wife who is out fucking around around on you.

You're a sucker, a loser, and the world knows it. Your frankenmaulers are going down, dumbass, because of fools like you. You come onto this blog expecting me to back down, well I am "game" and bring it on.

Anonymous said...

i dont expect you to back down- you sound like you were brought up in the kkk.. a close minded fuckhead.. keep ranting,ranting.. have fun not doing anything of importance , you are a loser and always will be.. I a done here because you aren't worth anymore of my time.. I should be spending my time networking another dog that needs rescuing from one of our hellish shelters- go back to your misery,prickhead

from: anon woman, not man.. so you are right, I don't have a dick.. but then again, neither do you ,difference is I am female.

HonestyHelps said...

You thought if you came on here with a foul mouth that it would "scare" me off, shows how much you know about me. Rescuing dogs, you are so full of shit, you can't even rescue yourself much less a dog.

Your fucking hero is part of the Aryan nation and you have the fucking nerve to bring up the KKK? If you are a woman, you make all women look bad. You are a penis wannabe, even worse than a no dick man. Sorry, hahaha, but having a pit won't make your clit grow.

Anonymous said...

"for over 15 years I have owned this breed"

Translates to "I'm a pit bull breeder making money off these fighting dogs and have been for a long time until Michael Vick messed up our game, and I pretend to be a dog lover and a "rescuer" to get sympathy and to oppose regulation so I can go on making money with pit bulls and treat them like crap and add to the overpopulation"

15 years ago no one was "rescuing" any pit bulls.

Tia helps the pit bull breeders make $$$, and she tells them the way to do it is cry and whine about discrimination so they can fool the media and some dumb girls and women who "love animals" into helping the breeders breed more pit bulls. And abuse more pit bulls. And get more pit bulls abandoned and killed.

Anonymous said...

And that's why the pit bull breeders thank Tia, right on their websites selling dogs to any thug who wants to torture one, and pose with her in pictures.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:09 These nutters always say the same thing, over and over and over. I'm thinking of providing a checklist so instead of them straining to type they can just check off all the excuses. Make it easier for them since their lack of intelligence or creativity takes up so much space on the comments. And this one with the same old statement of wasting their time, won't be back, well the site meter shows this one has indeed been back. They just can't stay true to their word.

mrs.poodle said...

I feel sorry for her current neighbors. They have to cancel that big party now.

HonestyHelps said...

Or put it on hold. I hear rumors that she and the person who actually owns the property are at odds and Tia is being asked to leave. Hopefully, one way or another, she will have to go. The question is where will she end up.

Anonymous said...

of course I had to come back one more time to WRITE something - I guess I am not suprised you have a follower, most fanatics do....
My 3 RESCUE dogs are fixed and the 2 before that were fixed, and yes- 15 years ago people were rescueing pitbulls along with all sorts of breeds it is nothing new,just more publicized because of the internet- I do not believe in breeding dogs,especially pitbulls- I hate the fact the dumb fuckers like Vick are out there fighting pitties for fun & money and also the other dipshits who breed for $$.It makes me sick to my stomach..
There are millions of animals in all the shelters across america and many are pitbulls,obviously and millions get put down each yearit is horrifying. I hope neuter/spay laws start going into affect so that everyone has to spay & neuter.I feel sorry for you people, because you could be making a positive change regarding safety to animals,instead you are breed hating bashers... there is no sense in your madness..maybe you should go donate some of your time to a shelter instead wasting it here being a hater. YOu still haven't said what you actually do to help animals, please tell!!?

HonestyHelps said...

Pit Nutter, blah,blah,blah, heard all of that before. There are no pit buyers, only rescuers, according to you nutters. Have you once thought as to why there are so many pits in the shelters? Could it be that once someone gets a pit they realize their mistake?

I had a sanctuary when I was a teen. I have always been in shelters. I do rescue and have for decades. What the fuck do you do to make it better other than waste your time lying about pits? Does the fact that pits killed 22 of the 33 people who died from dogs last year escape you?

See, you can't even keep your own word about not returning so why would anyone believe what you have to say anyway? Go kiss a pit and it will be one less pit nutter out there.

Anonymous said...

Somebody wrote that the Pit breeders thank Tia on their websites. Could someone provide a link or two to those sites?

Anonymous said...

blah blah rescue blah blah

You are a liar.

Make sure your liability policy is in effect, and keep your dogs under control at all times, because people are sick of your fighting dogs killing their them, their kids and pets.

You and your ilk are going DOWN.You've done nothing to solve the attack and overpopulation problem. The public will solve it for you. And you won't like it.

To the other (maybe) poster, if you follow craven desires blog at all there have been many links to breeder websites of scumsucking breeders that exploit these dogs who are essentially running pit bull puppy mills posing with Tia, thanking Tia, and rubbing themselves all over Tia (yechhhhh!) Nice big photos of Tia posing with pit bull puppy millers with a big smile on her face.

Anonymous said...

Hi-I don't know the difference between a poster and a "maybe" poster. I'm the one who posted the inquiry on links to breeders praising Tia. I'm also the one who posted before on Best Friends. I don't recall seeing any links on the Craven blog, but I confess to not doing a thorough search.
I also posted a question about the Council man or woman that might have tethered a dog somewhere, but that comment was never posted. I did not swear on the comment, so I don't know why it wasn't posted.
I will do another search on the breeder links. I have some thoughts on that, but was hoping to find some link first. Thank you.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:30 Sorry a comment didn't post, I didn't get it. I don't pick and chose comments, I post them all. To answer your questions, there are plenty of breeders quotes on Craven. I realize that Craven's blog can be overwhelming to do research but that's all I can tell you to do. I know I've seen breeders quotes praising Tia on Craven's before.

Also there was a Council man who adopted a dog from the shelter in LA and the dog was found tied up in the middle of nowhere. I can't release the name of this councilman because the city council does read this blog. It will probably come out sometime in the future. This councilman was asked about the dog and he replied that he gave the dog to a relative. Only problem was the relative lived about 50 miles from where the dog was found.

I hope to reveal this later but right now we need him to vote against the pet increase and I don't want to piss him off.