Thursday, March 24, 2011


Breeder Barnette, is this how you keep your dogs? You okayed this "shelter" for this dog.


Anonymous said...


but so few people understand how deviant Barnette's AKC breeder pals are.

I had to send you this that a friend forwarded to me who recognized the AKC breeder involved.

The Christina Lane in the car with the heroin, the pills, the check forger and thief with the warrants is a dog breeder along with her friend Brenda Roush of Gloucester, Ma. Bull terriers.

They are AKC breeders. They breed and show and co-own and co-breed bull terriers in AKC events with a vet, Elizabeth Hennessy DVM of Carr Island Animal Hospital in Newburyport MA.

So a vet is involved in this breeding racket with people like this. Is it any wonder some of these vets oppose laws and support deviant behavior? They are cashing in on dogs with criminals as partners. They only care about their dog shows and protecting their fun, while the mixed breed dogs can go to hell.

Meanwhile the vet is getting big buckos just to spay or neuter, pricing out most residents who can't afford the bills so she can play games at AKC dog shows.

They belong to the South Windsor Kennel Club of CT, that proudly links to NAIA and lobbies with them, also the Framingham Ma District Kennel Club, involved with NAIA.

They all lobby against mandatory spay neuter, against breeder licensing, against anti-cruelty laws, against seizure of abused dogs, against anti-chaining laws. If it's abuse, they love it.

This is the kind of toilet bowl the breeding community is. Is it any surprise that Barnette thinks dog abuse is ok? Barnette is involved with NAIA too. Nearly all of them are. These people only care about their own selfish games.

Can you imagine a VET involved with the NAIA types? Supporting animal abuse?

These legislators don't even know the kind of trash bullying them to support the abuse, and get their friends like Barnette running ac so the breeders get what they want and oppose regulations, and cruelty can flourish.

Can you imagine a vet involved with a group like this,

run by an AKC board member? That supports the abuse shown in your photo?Can you imagine a vet having happy fun play time at dog shows paid for with puppy mill registration money?

Does ANYONE believe that these AKC breeders don't want to dump on rescue dogs and encourage and tolerate abuse? They lobby to support abuse!

Anonymous said...

And if anyone wonders why some members of the media propagandize for the AKC, and influence their cronies who works for the media, why there is propaganda getting published opposing anti-cruelty laws for example, and helping these slime breeders support abuse, it's because some of the media is in BUSINESS with them. She wrote a book and a newspaper photographer who is into dog breeding did the pictures. Any wonder why the dogs lose and the AKC gets their business interests pushed in the press?

NAIA and the AKC say it is perfectly ok for a dog to be kept in the condition of the dog in your picture!

"Lou Ruediger is a full time staff photographer with the Pittsburgh Tribune and hiscontribution to the book is immeasurable. I had a list of the concepts I wanted to illustrateusing an assortment of dogs. However, I had only a vague idea of how to translate thosetraining concepts into pictures. That’s where Louie came in and saved the day. Lou has an incredible ability to use the medium of photography to express his keen artistic sense.He also happens to be an ardent dog fancier with an excellent eye for a dog."

He's a breeder too.

Meanwhile, how many dogs are suffering and dying while these people play games and oppose laws? How many rescue people go broke while the breeders rake in the bucks?

Anonymous said...

Dogs suffering like this (and worse!) are bringing in the puppy mill registration money so Barnette and her AKC can have dog shows, breed clubs, and pro-cruelty lobbying events as well as millions of dollars to spend on lobbyists like Rick Berman to support animal cruelty.

They support this kind of abuse. It's what the AKC is built on.

Barnette is working for the AKC, not the city.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:48, there are many cases of AKC breeders and judges being scums of the earth, stealing, hurting people. These are people who have no respect for life, not the animals and not for people. Barnette is a perfect example of that from her actions in Seattle.

Anon:24 if you are a breeder, this is more than a crap dog deserves. They would rather see the dog hanging from a tree.