Thursday, February 5, 2009

Animal Control Contracts - Winograd's "No Kill" or the Road

Please make up your mind would you? First you believe in privatizing like in King County, now you say the SPCA's and Humane Society's need to back off of animal control.

Guess what? I agree with you on that one. The non profits are not transparent enough with their sheltering, look at Philly. Had it been subject to public records, maybe so many animals would not have suffered under the hand picked "No Kill Equation" director. Reno had to resort to filing a restraining order against a valued volunteer and commission member for speaking the truth of what she saw going on inside. Porter County had a long time volunteer arrested for speaking the truth of the suffering he saw inside their "No Kill" shelter.

So we agree on something, never thought I'd see the day. By the way, shove it with the history lesson, we don't live the past like you do.

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