Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello Indy? Anyone Home There?

Douglas Rae has been hired to take over animal control in Indy. DID ANYONE CHECK HIM OUT BEFORE HIRING????? Obviously not or they would have seen the piss poor job he did in Philly.

The description of the PACCA shelter is beyond words, the filth, the overcrowding, the disease (PACCA flu) and who is responsible for all this - Douglas Rae, of course, was he not the Chief Operating Officer? And what was he operating? A freaking hell hole for animals, that's what he operated.

The Philly audit was there for the City of Indy to check out, did they? Anyone reading this audit would know that Rae is incapable of running a shelter. It appears that there may be an unethical association between some of the animal commission and Winograd that resulted in Rae being hired without checking him out. I say without checking him because if they had he would not have the job.

And with all the dirty little secrets about PACCA coming out, what does Winograd say about Rae? "I actually think Doug Rae is one of the best directors of operations that I have ever seen," said Nathan Winograd, director of the Oakland, Calif.-based National No-Kill Advocacy Center. "Most of the success in Philadelphia was due to Doug's hard work." It should read "Most of the FAILURE in Philadelphia was due to Doug's incompetence would be a little more Honest(y).

And how can Winograd supported Rae? The same way he supports any idiot that yells I want no kill. Winograd condemned Howard Nelson until Nelson played the Whino by saying he would go no kill. And the Whino fell for it. Winograd condemns Philly yet supports the very person who made it that way along with Tara Darby. But I say the CEO is less responsible than the person who was supposed to be doing the day to day operations and that is Rae.

So it looks like Indy will become another Philly. Hello, anyone home there?


Anonymous said...

I believe that I read that the problem in Indianapolis is a Warren Patitz.

Patitz announced BEFORE he was on the animal control commission that he intended to get Winograd crony in there.

Warren Patitz runs Move to Act, and they are sponsoring Winograd's conference.

Someone in Indianapolis gov should get fired for hiring Douglas Rae. Douglas Rae was basically FIRED from his previous job.

Honesty Helps said...

I agree that this needs to be investigated. Anyone can look at the audit for Philly and see that this man cannot do the job.

Honesty Helps said...

Just to pass along some info, the Indy reporter has the Philly audit now. Can't find an email for the Mayor but am trying to have it delivered to him.