Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Says It All - Report on Franklin County "No Kill"

This article points out all the horrid aspects of "No Kill". It is written by vets who worked at the Franklin County "No Kill" shelter. Unbelievable!!


Anonymous said...

I wish you would send this to Ed Boks, Honesty.

If a shelter manager is aware of the ramifications and the cruetly we have seen in these cases under "No Kill," why do they keep subjecting these animals and staff to this kind of cruelty, and expand programs that harbor more disease, cruelty, and animal neglect, and place adults and children in danger?

I wish you would send this to Villaragosa out here, Honesty.

Would you, Please?

Amazing how you gather all the crucial resources.

HonestyHelps said...

I plan to get this to several people actually and those would two of them.

I think this does say it all, the mentality of "No Kill".Never hesitate to lie.