Friday, February 13, 2009

This is a Hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This article is by one of my least favorite columnist but this time I didn't mind reading his story. Howard Nelson, as you may know, was kissing up to the Whino, so I am not at all sorry to see him leave. From the sound of things, he walks out when it doesn't go his way. Sounds like a real winner. Read this article and then tell me who it reminds you of.

Posted on Thu, Feb. 12, 2009
PSPCA chief takes leave
By Stu BykofskyPhiladelphia Daily News

Just two months after wresting the city's animal control contract from PACCA, Pennsylvania SPCA CEO Howard Nelson quit late yesterday afternoon. His resignation letter cited health issues and "an environment no longer conducive to my success or the success of the organization."

Neither Nelson nor PSPCA Board President Harrise Yaron responded to several messages left for them on their cell phone and e-mail accounts.

However, Kevin Feeley, of the high-profile Bellevue Communications Group, did. Feeley was hired last night to handle questions flowing from the resignation.

Such as, was the resignation accepted?

Feeley says the resignation "took the board by surprise" and after a flurry of phone calls, it was agreed that Nelson would be placed on a leave of absence. His interim replacement is board member Beth Ann White, who will work without pay and handle day-to-day operations. The board is planning to meet, perhaps as early as tonight, to discuss what they will do next.

Nelson took the reins of PSPCA in March 2007 and immediately raised the profile of the animal organization, but at some cost. A couple of longtime board members were forced out, with one, former PSPCA President Richard Elliott, going public with his complaints that Nelson was a tyrant demanding "my way or the highway."

Those claims were echoed by former PSPCA employees who alleged that Nelson was tyrannical and ordered humane agents to operate outside their jurisdictions. Throughout the barrage of accusations, the board stood squarely behind Nelson, noting the good works he had done in tackling puppy mills and other forms of animal cruelty.

"Everybody need a little bit of time to figure out what happened, why it happened and how we go forward," said Feeley, who has done some PR work for PSPCA in the past.

The PSPCA board became aware only last night that Nelson had "resigned" a couple of times from his last job as the head of the Washington (D.C.) Humane Society only to be cajoled back to his job by the board.


Honesty Helps said...

Upon further research it is learned that the Pennsylvania SPCA is now on Animal Planet. I had noticed that they have been very active busting people, now I know why. You have to suspect something when you see another motive involved. Boy, what a mess. And it all started with the Whino, his hand picked CEO, his program that failed, and his recent buddy, Rae, that now has a cushy job in Indy. Any one want to take bets on how long this one lasts??

Anonymous said...

It has been nice to seen PSCPA getting active on issues like puppy mills.

Nathan Winograd now works WITH the people who support puppy mills and lobby for them, like AKC and their board member Patti Strand who runs NAIA.

Winograd doesn't care one bit about animals suffering in puppy mills. He gladly opposes puppy mill regulations so the AKC can keep raking in their puppy mill registration money.

I hope that PSPCA can continue this activity, because Pennsylvania is a haven for animal abusers.

Puppy mills, dogfighters, hoarders. It's bad.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Stu Bykofsky, who wrote that article, is a friend of Winograd's and licks his boots.

Stu is a fairly delusional guy, and very willing to lie for Winograd until things got so bad at PACCA he had to write about some of the problems.

Even then, he did Winograd's dirty work, and blamed other people.

Stu is a tool.

Honesty Helps said...

Honey, I have had dealings with Stu and you hit it, he is just a tool. A reporter who is close minded and hateful, actually. I think it is funny how he wrote so much in praise and how he has to eat his words.

Anonymous said...

Stu Bykovsky is NOT a journalist or a reporter.

He is just a bootlicker, a fall guy, for a manipulative con artist.

I think he's too stupid to realize that Winograd is just using him.