Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Typical No Kill Way to Handle Pitbulls

Don't go on service calls. This is incredible. Indy has hired Doug Rae, the second in command of PACCA. Doesn't anyone check before hiring? In a commission meeting yesterday, Rae said he intends to save the pits and adopt them out after "rehab"? reports that Indy is over the top with pit attacks, one woman lost her arm just this week from an attack last week.

The point of this is that the NKE shelters do drag their feet on service calls about pits, they don't want to pick them up. No body does. In Tompkins County, it was discovered that they weren't answering their phones until after 10 in the mornings, why, so they didn't have to answer service calls. I do have town hall meeting minutes backing this up.

This reporter has done a lot of stories on this issue so if you want look those up too.


Anonymous said...

Quick correction

It is dogsbite.ORG

Anonymous said...

The reporter on this topic is a neophyte sensationalist who doesn't know her material.

HonestyHelps said...

Close to the Issue, I will have to advise you to read the articles again. She is very close to printing the truth about it all. She seems to have enough of a grasp that she will start investigating, that will lead her to the truth. Thus, again, another reporter will start informing the public in a truthful and insightful manner of the misgivings of this misguided movement called the No Kill Equation. It does speak highly of you that you know a couple of hard to spell words but newspapers usually write on a 5th grade reading level so you should be able to gather something from your re-read. Please drop in again once you have done that and we can have a discussion then.

Anonymous said...

The people are to blame. The NO-KILL experts are to blame. For goodness sake. Blame somebody!

I read the comments on this article. Just horrible. What do people expect to keep happening to these poor dogs and the threat they pose when they keep breeding them and allowing them to go astray!

When I went to Logensport, Indiana for a couple of days to visit, I thought to myself, "what a beautiful, beautiful, heavenly place. So green, so spacious...but oh, no fences in the yards. How do people keep their dog in their yard? Well, they don't! Driving down the street, there are little tiny children walking BY THEMSELVES---NO parent anywhere around, and loose dogs galore!

The people were pastors at a church there. I was afraid for the little girl I had seen walking briskly on the sidewalk. "oh, that's common around here," the pastor's wife said, nonchalantly. The pastor asked me that if it made me feel better we can go to check on the little girl. I felt helpless. Too many, the town is full of them...little children and stray dogs.

So, the children get attacked by dogs and grown ups, and it is the fault of the grown ups.

Not enough officers to answer service calls, and if they do, the poor dog is shot to death. Who's $$$$#@#! fault is that!

It's the culture and society people have built for themselves, isn't it? And the children, the elderly, and the DOGS and their wild, fractious puppies that are born to them by the millions have to pay. Aarh! What the hell! Or rather, what a hell.

And, these are the Sarah Palins of the town. *!*hole son-in-law of the pastor KILLED a poor innocent deer and cooked him for dinner, and the hypocrites ATE the little thing. They're not poor people that they have to hunt for food.

THIS is the mentality that is out there. All the suffering of the animals and that if the innocent children is caused by mindset like this!

Let them multiply! But then kill 'em. Makes you want to bash their head against the wall. Poor God that has to see this every single day, non-stop. When it storms, I think he's crying sometimes. When it snows, I think he's freezing over too by how much ignorance and apathy he has to witness among his kids, and he loves them all.

So, when there is no other way, and we have to relieve their suffering, and we love them too, and we hurt like there is no other pain, how in the world must he feel each and every time an animal hurts an innocent little being, or a helpless elderly person, whomever, and then the animal has to die, or dies on the street, or in somebody's back yard because that person is scared *(!#tless because the poor animal doesn't know anything else except to attack in self-defense simply because he is wired that way.

Here I am, at the computer, just screaming and feeling so badly. People need other people to help with situations...that's how you help the animals, the children, animal control, and God to do his job in loving and caring for as many as we can with the heart, mind, soul, and ability that he has given us for the short time we are here on earth. If we can do what we can wherever help is needed. But that 'help' is often so tragic and painful.

Rant, rant, rant. No constructive criticism here. It's raining today and there is going to be a storm. Poor God...his tears cleanse the earth, flood the cities, drown the innocent, and make the grass grow. What a paradox.

HonestyHelps said...

Your ranting is appreciated on this blog. I want it to be a place for people to get their frustrations out. Since if you do it anywhere else, you might have the wrath of Winograd come down on you like it did on Pat Dunaway for opposing him.

Please feel free to rant away.

Anonymous said...

OMM, Honesty. Poor Pat!!!!!!!!

I pray that this man and his cultic witches spin their wheels until they fall off the cliff they've set up for the innocent.

I can only wonder what happened. I would be utterly terrified. I'll bet he and his witch hunters stalked her.

Did you know that I looked up stalking and from what I read, the ADL and their rigt-wing Winnonettes involved in the animal community and on Craigs do exactly that? I just read last night that stalking is against the law, even on cyberspace.

Gosh, whenever I was concerned about the welfare of certain animals, I would be after the person involved for a very long time, until I was able to do something about the situation mylself, and finally with the help of the Humane Society and the help of AC.

I just finished up one such situation and it took me about four years to be able to go in and do something.

In the end, I am so glad that I did because the woman was going to leave the last of her 16 cats behind to starve and die underneath her home once she finally went into foreclosure and construction workers came in to close up the crawl space where the cats were living. I wasn't able to get the last two because I nearly bumped into her as she had arrived to leave some food for the cats (after she had moved).

I'm still scared of what happened to the last two because the weather has been so horrible, and the woman hasn't come back to feed in over a week.

It as so hard to get the cats because the woman was so sporadic. Showed up when she felt like it, and then wouldn't show.

I had permission from the banker to go in and get the cats before the crawl space was completely sealed, but I coudn't get the last two because she kept leaving food out from time to time and the cats weren't getting into the traps. Then she would set my traps off.

Now the place is all muddy and the cats are nowhere underneath the crawl space.

I have followed that woman and have kept an eye on her for the last four years since I saw a ton of cats in the Alley in back of her home.

I gave her some food for the cats from time to time because she allowed them to go hungry so often. She couldn't afford to care for all of them. Had 30 cats inside her home at one time, according to one officer.

So, I feel horrible now that I stalked her. But if I hadn't, those cats would have suffered even more. I managed to get 14 of them before it was too late.

I can't thank you enough for listening to all of this, Honesty. You are so right that when people don't like you, they go after you to cause you harm.

I put in an ad on Craigs in response to the president of Stray CAt Alliance, who didn't like one of my posts this week. She found my post, Identified herself, and then talked to me in a very intimidating manner. She's an ADL affiliate. I told her that she ever showed at my house to do anything to me, my animals, or my property that I would have my pits and the police after her because I know it would be her if anything or anybody was destroyed.

These are very hateful people.

I can't even begin to imagine the kind of intimidation, harrassment, and death threats he hurled at Ms. Dunaway simply because she disagrees with him.

Thank you so much, Honesty, for giving people like us a forum to express our feelings in regard to the heinous crimes against animals these animal rights activists are committing against them and against the various communitties where they have turned the system upside down.

You are so right that as soon as you say anything against their precious little views or methods, they come down at you like vultures.

It should be on the news that these people are committing such heinous crimes against the animals and against the people who love those animals and can see right through them, as Ms. Dunaway is able to see.

Thank you for giving us ostracized people a safe place to go, Honesty.

Anonymous said...

Tompkins County SPCA is ending their service calls and law enfocement soon, if they haven't already.

Tompkins County is getting even less for their animal control dollar from the Winograd Tompkins County SPCA.

Puppy mills and dogfighters must love it when they have a Winograd shelter in their area. It probably attracts them to the area.