Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not Your Usual TNR

Forget the old regime, the old way of thinking, now you have an alternative.


All cats deserve to live but Trap, Neuter and Retain insures that not only do they live, they live a good life. They deserve to be free of hunger, pain, coyotes, neighborhood punks, cars, poison, and a variety of other things that make their lives outside miserable.

No longer will the wildlife have to suffer from "outside" cats. Cats won't be taking prey meant to sustain other animals. And with the elimination of feed stations under the old regime thinking, wildlife won't risk their lives coming into residential areas to the cat feed stations. Life can get back to normal with the removal of a non native species, the domestic cat.

No longer will the "caregivers" of "feral" cat colonies have to go out in the middle of the night to feed cats in dangerous neighborhoods. No longer does the caregiver have to worry about how the cats are or if they are dry and warm. Now with Trap, Neuter, and Retain, the caregiver always knows where and how they are.

Cat enclosures are plentiful on the market. It may take a little extra time and money to Trap, Neuter, and Retain, but hey, you caregivers love cats, right? Nothing to too much or too good to have cats have a good life. So get out there and buy those enclosures. Bring those cats to your home and do the right thing by them. Truly save their lives, not just throw food and water to them on nightly drive bys. Join Trap, Neuter, and Retain today, don't let them suffer one more night.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Real responsibility for feral cats!

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you're back!

I just knew that was you! I so hoped to God it was you!

I was cracking up like you wouldn't belive and told my husband, "OMG! She's back! She's alive, and going strong!"

I can't wait to read your website! What a great idea! JUST LOVE IT!


Gosh, you're brilliant!

HonestyHelps said...

Hello there old friend. Good to have us back together, we are a pair.

Anonymous said...

Dear Honesty Helps. You're a blast! Did you know that I'm a Leo cusp Virgo? No wonder were a pair.

Can you write more funny, truth-telling stuff? It lifts our Virgin spirits. Virgos love TRUTH and everything pure and right. I know because you're that way, my husband is that way, and he tells me I'm that way too...so that's why you and my husband have a faithful follower. Another Virgin at heart. : )

Just don't get too stressed out. It's not good for your blood pressure. We need you to stick around for a very, very long time, until all the animals and everyone we love are liberated in the best sense of the word.