Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breeders = Cruelty

It is amazing how some people can actually defend people who chose to breed in this day and time. And how can these same people make mention of "reputable" breeding in light of the recent BBC announcement of why it will no longer air the Crufts Dog Show. I have said for many years now that I don't want a purebred because I have seen them having more and more problems. Read this article and weep for the poor purebreds. Breeders are dirt, and yes, I mean all of them. There are no reputable breeders. How can you be reputable when you bring animals into the world knowing that homes will be taken and other animals will die? You can't be. Doesn't work that way. Then to make a mess of those dogs that are bred, well, what can I say?



Anonymous said...

An interesting article on the problems with purebreds


especially about 2/3rds of the way down

Honesty Helps said...


Part of this link cut off on the comment.

Honesty Helps said...

Let's try again. At the end of the link after "dogs." would be "html". Hope that works for ya.