Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another No Kill Charged with Cruelty


Anonymous said...

What happened to some of those dogs No Kill Best Friends said didn't die after their Katrina rescue

HonestyHelps said...

I highly recommend the dogsbite website. It is up to date on info and has a lot of it.

Also try this one on as well.

They are falling on a regular basis now. How long will it take before people realize that this movement doesn't work? How many animals and people will suffer before people wake up to the truth?

Anonymous said...

Just the first paragraph

"Katrina Rescue Fraud: Dogs Hijacked by "Trainers" and Pit Bull Advocates
Man Hoodwinks Best Friends
Amherst, OH -

After Hurricane Katrina, Best Friends gave 28 rescued dogs to a man that was found guilty of fraud last week. Donald D. Chambers, 40, of Amherst, told Best Friends that he would take some of the dogs and find them homes. Best Friends gave Chambers nearly 30 dogs and $36,720 to care for them until they were adopted. But Chambers didn't spend the money on the dogs, and just three of them landed in homes.

Most ended up dead.

Best Friends spokesman John Polis said of the 28 dogs given to Chambers, only three were placed. Ten were euthanized at the Lorain County Kennel. One died in a dog fight. One died of untreated heartworms. Three died and were tossed into a trash bin. Six are unaccounted for."