Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winograd Gets It Wrong Again: Study Shows Suffering at Tompkins County

Does this man hate cats or what? First he supports TNR, the old one, Trap, Neuter, and Return, except now he wants to change it to Release. In other words, don't follow what has always been accepted about "TN&Return" which is you must return them to the same place. Makes sense to do that. But it doesn't make sense to release a poor cat who has just been through the trauma of being trapped and altered, in a new place where the cat is confused and frightened even more. Why does he want to hurt cats that way?

NOW, a recent study shows that the "garden" room that is so popular with the Whino and his Whinonettes is actually contributing to the stress the cat feels in the shelter. We all know that cats don't necessarily get along or want the companionship of other cats. We all know that humans coming in and out of these rooms would scare cats. Typically a cat would seek to hide.

So again the Whino gets it wrong and it is contributing to additional suffering. So what else is new?

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Anonymous said...

Trap, neuter, RELEASE? The man isn't just a psycho, he's a sociopath!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You BET he hates cats. What an ignorant fool!