Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pitbulls: Bad Rap? Unfortunately Not

We bred the dog with hunting instincts, herding instincts, guarding instincts and we don't deny these instincts that we bred into dogs. Why are we in denial about the instincts that we bred into the bully breeds, particularly the pitbull? We bred them for viciousness, that's all, and they are living up to that breeding.

For weeks now, I have been glued to a great website. I must be a glutton for punishment because this website is a hard read.


I know all the arguments about pitbulls and the bully breeds. I hear "No Kill" telling everyone that pitbulls make fine family pets. Read the articles and links on this website and you'll feel differently.

And does "No Kill" help the situation? Not quite. While we need to be educating people about the pitbull and bully breeds with the truth, they are not for everyone, "No Kill' is saying pitbulls make family pets, they are getting a bad rap. I say Bullshit to that. They have earned the bad rap and more. "No Kill' is adopting out pitbulls into families without regard for the truth of them, they were bred for viciousness. One always looks for a vicious breed to take home to the kids, right?

"No Kill" is in denial of the truth of these breeds. I, personally, love these breeds but would hesitate to have one. And as much as it hurts to say it, I would never adopt one from the shelters. Too many have been bred for bad temperaments and no history behind a shelter dog makes me nervous anyway, much less one of these breeds. I have seen how "friendly" these breeds can be, up until they attack. You can't judge these breeds by how much they wag their tails or the big smiles.

With "No Kill' telling everyone how great these dogs are and they don't deserve a "bad rap" only serves to increase the demand, something we don't want to do. The demand needs to decrease, thereby stopping the breeding. No demand, no money, no supply. When will "No Kill" realize that you don't put a dog's life above a child's life? HEY, WINOGRAD, READ THE WEBSITE ABOVE AND THEN TELL ME TO SAVE A PITBULL'S LIFE.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that some breed specific rules for pit bulls would HELP THE DOGS and protect them from the torturous life most have, and the bad treatment, and reduce the number born just to die

But the breeders of course want no regulation for FINANCIAL REASONS. They could care less about the dogs or people.

And since Winograd is working for the breeders now, he just parrots what the breeders want him to say and uses their propaganda

Funny how he never talks about how San Francisco has mandatory spay neuter for pit bulls, and not only has there been no attacks since they passed the law, the number of pit bulls getting dumped into the shelter has dropped enormously

Breeders don't want mandatory spay neuter, and Winograd does what the breeders say. They tell him jump and he asks how high?

Anonymous said...

Winograd also doesn't care about all the dogs and cats and other animals that pit bulls are killing

I guess for Winograd as long as these victims aren't humanely euthanized, he doesn't care what happens to them

HonestyHelps said...

You're right that the Whino never mentions how successful the program is in SF. And also, it is credited with helping the SPCA reach "no kill" although that has now changed.

And, yes, some of the BSL does protect these breeds rather than harm. If I were an owner of a pit, I would be happy to see this happen.

Another thing to notice when you read of these attacks is the comments. Hateful, vicious comments attacking the VICTIM. A child lies in critical and these fanatics will be blaming the child. The mindset of the followers of the Whino and "no kill" is beyond me.

HonestyHelps said...
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Anonymous said...

No Kidding about the pits. Over the summer three little girls came to my door asking if my name was such and such because they had "heard that I have compassion for animals."

I didn't own up to the name, but I asked what the problem was. The girls said they needed help because their dog was attacked by another dog and that the neighbors had to pull the dog away from their dog.

They said they couldn't afford to take their dog to the vet again because they could't afford to pay the $265 the vet charged on the first visit to have the dog treated. Said the vet didn't do anything for the dog, just gave him fluids and an antibiotic.

The dog apparently needed more medical attention. I gave the girls a bunch of numbers and addresses to low-cost vets and told them to take the dog to a vet to have the dog put to sleep if they couldn't afford medical care. I told them that if they couldnt' afford the first bill, and needed to go around the neighborhood asking other people to take responsibility for their financial costs, that the best thing to do was to have the dog humanely put to sleep, relieve his suffering, and never get another dog again until they are old enough and have the financial resources to get a dog they can humanely care for.

I asked the little girls if they were the ones who owned the dogs from down the street. They said yes. Two of them were pits, and a chihuahua mix. None of them altered at the time, and still none altered to this day.

I was so worried about that dog that I called Animal Control and spoke to an officer who then advised that I check the dog out to see if the dog is injured, maybe the family just needs a little help, she said.

I don't trust those people or the people from across the way because I have pressed and pressed AC to go out to check on the dog across the street because he was stuck in a cage too small for his size from the time he was a puppy, and the owners had stuck another malamute mix in the same cage in the back of the yard. The dogs were under the blazing sun, water bowl knocked over, blah, blah. No one wanted to do anything about the problem for months and months, until one day...the citations began to surface. They got rid of one dog, while the other is in a dog run the owners built for the dog. Still caged to this day. It's been three years now.

An officer from the humane society came over to my home to give me an update when I begged him to go over and educate those people about humane treatment of their dog. He told me to watch out for them because they already suspect who is calling AC and "they are not friendly people."

So, I couldn't check on the injured dog and just begged the officer to go out there and told her that I suspected the dogs got into a fight---the injured one and the one across the street, when the owners let him loose and he goes astray for awhile.

So, you've got these unaltered dogs---all of them, and one has developed behavior problems from the stress of being caged for several years. No kill in the sanctity of your own home. Both dog owners Latino-american. Speak perfect English, raised here. Mistreat their dogs. Then they get rid of them.

I spoke to the owner of the pit who was injured and asked her about her dog. She said she went back to the vet and couldn't have the dog killed because she had faith and believed in God. The vet's assistant put an ad on Craigslist and got donations to get the dog's wounds treated, and she said they gave her antibiotics with those donations. The dog needed to be tube-fed, but the woman said she was used to that because her husband died of cancer a few years ago and she still had some tubes around. They also came to my door to get donations to pay for the husband's funeral at that time. The man left 5 children behind and three fractious dogs.

The woman told me that one of her dogs was hung by some guy who didn't like to hear the dogs barking...a chocolate pit. The guys climbed over the fence, sedated the dog, and hung him, she said.

When I spoke to the officer and asked her for an update on the dog, the officer said that the dog who was "hung" died because the other pit attacked the dog and killed the dog. The dog died from the wounds. AC offered to take the dog to the vet to have it immediately treated, but the woman refused to give up the dog because she wasn't going to get her dog back if she relinquished the dog. She asked the officers if they belived in God. She said God would heal her dog.

The officer told her that faith wasn't going to heal the dog. The dog needed immediate medical attention and if she didn't get that dog the attention he needed ASAP, she was going to be charged with animal cruelty.

The woman had lied to me about the fact that someone had climbed over her fence to kill the dog because they were trying to steal a car from across the street and the dogs began to bark.

The fact was that one pit caused the death of the other, and the dog that was left injured from the fight was dying from his wounds. I asked the woman if the dog was ok after getting treatment (from the donations) and tube feeding. She said yes...he's inside the house until he gets better.

AC went out there to make sure the woman had gotten medical treatment for the dog. She showed them the first bill. Didn't have a second bill because the craigslisters were paying for the second visit. The woman showed the officer the little bottle of antibiotics she got from the overpriced vet here. That's all she had. That wasn't enouogh, naturally. I never saw the dog again.

Two dogs are left out there now...one that looks just like the pup from The Little Rascals. White with a black circle around the eye. Just precious as a puppy. Still really cute. It's a female. Unaltered. So is the Chihuahua mix. Even after all the FREE spay and neuter resources available to that woman and her dogs. Dropped off that info in her mailbox. Nothing doing.

Turns out that the "neighbor" who the little girls told me that pulled the fighting dogs apart was animal control. It was a neighbor who called about the fighting. If there hadn't been a call from another individual about the situation prior to my call about the welfare of the dog and what the little girls told me, no one would have gone over there again.

Two pit bulls died a horrible, slow death, right before the very eyes of the lying family.

Thanks be to the SPCA officer who traveled 40 miles to get here when I was concerned about three other dogs just katy-corner from the ones who died, and just across the street on the other side of the caged dog, the man would have continued to breed the litter of pups that had been born to three other pits in his yard.

Oh, he's finding them nice homes, the man told the officer. That was just before the s/n bill passed. The thing is just not enforceable out here for some reason.

I get a pit in my stomach everytime I have to cross that corner. Three sides of that intersenction is full of animal abusers.

HonestyHelps said...

This is a typical story of a lot of pit "owners". They probably go the dogs from a "friend" who just happened to have a puppy left over from his breeding his ill tempered pit to a buddy's ill tempered pit. The next to get hurt will be the children, they will step in the middle of a dog fight and get hurt. When that happens make sure the reporter knows all of this.

Saying that the s/n is not enforceable is not a conclusion you can draw from this incident. The actual law was not be enforced last summer to any extent. Wait until people get the message about calling in on neighbors, it will be enforced. People like yourself calling in will be the way that AC will be able to enforce it. It is a complaint driven law and we need to complain. Don't draw a conclusion before the law even takes effect.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, it sounds like the problem may be animal control

There are some great people working in animal control, but there are also some real duds and even breeders who try to protect people like your neighbors and don't enforce laws

I would suggest going to a community leader or legislator and pushing the fact that if animal control does not enforce the laws, and these dogs attack someone (which is inevitable), the city or town will get blamed and get sued

And the whole community will have to shell out millions, because the damage these dogs do is huge

Take a look at dogsbite.org

Incompetent, corrupt animal control IS being dealt with

Anonymous said...

There have even been dog fighters that have been found to be running animal control

These people are very sneaky

Anonymous said...

Honesty, for many dog breeders, all they see is their financial gains from dog breeding

They want zero regulation. Nothing.

And anyone who even raises the spectre of potential regulation is seen as an enemy to be destroyed and mocked.

That is why they go after the victims of their dogs- these victims bring bad press and shine a light on dog breeders' corrupt practices, and the breeders therefore blame the victims

It is a greed like no other, and why dog breeding seems to attract some pretty disturbed people.

The disturbed ones have overpowered and silenced the others.

HonestyHelps said...

By the way, the deleted comment is mine. I put a comment in the wrong post. I don't want anyone to think that I am deleting posts of non agreement. I believe in the First Amendment and invite opposing views.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes...thank you, Honesty. How silly of me to think that a law can be enforced when the law hadn't passed yet. Boy, do you know how to read and listen to what is being said!

I tell you! You would make a marvelous university professor, lawyer or Judge in a court of law, Honesty.

I just love your writing style, comments and suggestions. Always so positive and enlightening.

Anonymous said...

We did wonder why the comment was deleted. You are very sensitive to our thoughts out here and it is very thoughtful of you to explain why the comment was deleted.

You not only are sensitive to animals, but you are sensitive to people too.

You know what I mean??!

HonestyHelps said...

I encourage people to know your local ordinances regarding animals. Animal control can't be everywhere and know everything. Give me a good law and I will use it. Most people don't know how to call in a complaint in order to get results. First, always ask for the service call number that is assigned to your call. Tell AC that you will followup. Then it makes it easier for you to get a followup. Keep in mind that AC cannot tell you certain things because of privacy laws. Keep logs of animals without water, shelter, etc. Keep a log of your calls to complain. Many times when I have investigated a complaint that AC was not doing their job, I find that AC had done their job but it is not obvious to the reporting party. In my area, if you call in a report, you are the RP, reporting party. AC realizes that this could cause problems between neighbors etc., so if AC can see the problem from the roadway, they make themselves the RP and your name will never come up. Many times a person calls in and refuses to accept being an RP, and that ties the hands of AC.

I usually call for a "welfare" check. Most people calling in are emotional and this hinders the process. Be specific, don't render your opinion, and answer questions asked of you without going overboard. I've had considerable luck using these suggestions on dealing with AC.

Anonymous said...

Wow! sure do love that advice on the welfare checks, Honesty. You sure do Help!