Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nathan Winograd LIES Again

Another article on the Huffington Post by Mike Stark that the Whino is responding to with his lies. Along with his inability to produce evidence about Pat Dunaway, he also is not producing any evidence on his accusations against Stark. But it just shows how hateful, vindictive, and lying Nathan J. Winograd really is.

Nathan Winograd 2 hours ago (3:33 PM)15 Fans
Become a fan Stark relinquished his dog at a shelter when he was having a baby--a shelter I helped make No Kill and therefore kept alive a dog he abandoned. Now he is interested in scoring cheap points with a blog based on lies. In his recent blog, he blames me for things that happened after I left the Tompkins County NY SPCA. For example, he accused me of running a deficit by citing figures when I was no longer there. In fact, I inherited a deficit and closed it with surpluses. Moreover, he attacks me for what my predecessors did/didn't do, citing a 2009 period (five years after I left) when they temporarily housed cats in the laundry room. What does that have to do with me? And so what? They got food, water, shelter, socialization, and were eventually all adopted. Isn't that what we want--creativity short of killing? And why should cats from '01-'09 have been killed because like all shelters they got jammed in '09? Tompkins didn’t kill them, and Stark calls that failure, while other shelters do kill, and he calls that success. Most significantly, I have recently learned that Mike Stark was arrested for stalking someone at their home. That is very scary. For my personal safety and for the safety of my family, this will be my final post, nor will I engage him further. If people want to learn the truth, go to and judge for yourself.

I guess he forgets that he admitted to a deficit to the Rancho Cucamonga City Council and explained it in his own terms. He kept saying he left Tompkins with a surplus but thanks to Pat Dunaway, the City Council learned differently and questioned him about it. Although the link provided is now off line, it is still a matter of public records and if you don't believe me, then request it and see for yourself. Be sure and check the response recently by the interim director after Winograd on the older post.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Now I don't want to see anyone running up to the Whino with a fire extinguisher.



This Is Pat Dunaway said...

Who is he to call the kettle black? His fucking Whinonettes came to my front door, pushed me to the floor and said they would burn my house down with my pets in it if I didn't back off Winograd and "No Kill". Whino, that is stalking and your followers are guilty of it in your name. They have traced a PO Box, one I set up just to see how far they would go, and published it online. That is stalking and all in your name. So you are the one conducting these people that makes you the stalker.

Anonymous said...

This Nathan Winograd has the Rick Berman disease- constant, unrelenting lying. He just can't stop himself.

And now he does what every low-rent crook tries, to pretend to be a "victim" and to be "afraid" so he can try to weasel out of his lies and terrible things he has done to animals.

You are guilty, Mr. Winograd!

Nathan Winograd tries the Berman smear approach, this from a guy involved in terrorist activity in Los Angeles! From a man who encourages his breeder employers to harass animal control workers and volunteers and make up lies about them and encourage threats to be directed to them.

And now he is associated with some very dangerous people- puppy mill people, dog fighters, AKC breeders that have been stalking people for years.

Here's what is really disgusting. I looked at that new blog where Winograd claims that it is "defamatory" to say he supports puppuy mills.

Well, the problem, Mr. Nathan Winograd, is that it is the PUPPY MILLERS that are saying they support you and that you represent their interests!

Patti Strand, the chairman of the puppy mill business committee at the AKC, who runs a lobbying group supporting puppy mills and animal cruelty for profit, (called NAIA) supports Winograd and has members promote him. They say he is supporting the puppy mill industry for them! These are people who hate everything humane.

The puppy mill industry lobbying organizations support you, Mr. Winograd, and say you and your program helps them and represents their interests. Even the dog fighters have done this on their websites!

It is the puppy mill breeders themselves who say you support and help puppy mills, Mr. Nathan Winograd.

You are angry that you have been caught out in your lies and your inhumane business associates and inhumane business plan, but only the guilty then go on to pull the Berman Smear Attacks of the Guilty!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, do you have any links you could share showing that they think of the Whino as their Savior? We all know it but I would like something in writing.

Note how he doesn't present any evidence that backs up what he says. No wonder he couldn't make it as an attorney, he doesn't realize you must have evidence. Just like with Pat, he has yet to present any evidence of his accusations.

Anonymous said...

Just one example of many

Craig Curry, who has set up these PRO PUPPY MILL con front groups savemypets and icaw to oppose any kind of regulation or laws and to help puppy mills keep abusing dogs, is a puppy mill industry lobbyist and public relations hired employee for the puppy mill industry of Indiana and a chain of pet stores with a particularly horrible track record that sells ALL puppy mill puppies from the most abusive breeders in the country. Connected to Rick Berman also, and Berman lobbies for these puppy mill pet stores.

Suggest you save this.


Curry and his fellow puppy millers and lobbyists are connected to Patti Strand and her group. They lobby together, because the AKC makes money off these puppy mill registrations.

See him not only promote Winograd, BUT CALL HIM "OUR FRIEND" (in other words, the friend of the puppy mill industry that Curry represents and works for)

Dig a little into this Curry and the Indiana puppy mill industry. It will make you vomit!

Winograd is a puppy mill helper and essentially lobbyist in the puppy millers' own words!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of thing that puppy mill industry lobbyists in the various states are sending out to their constituency and posting, complete with links to Winograd's site and I've even seen a request to send Winograd money on at least one of them!

Anonymous said...

You want to know what these puppy mill industry people have done to people who even set up simple websites educating generally about puppy mills, no breeders mentioned, in their states like Indiana?

Back in Nineties, a kind single woman just set up a website doing just that, and the puppy mill lobbyists tracked her down. One of these puppy mill industry THUGS showed up at the woman's doorstep with a corrupt good ole boy sheriff and a corrupt state Department of Agriculture slave for the industry, and they threatened the woman that if she didn't remove the informational website they WOULD MAKE UP LIES ABOUT HER AND GET HER THROWN OUT OF HER HOUSE AND HER PETS TAKEN AWAY AND KILLED. And they laughed as they did it.

What could this single woman do? They threatened her into silence.

I could do nothing for her. She could have gotten killed by one of these millers, and no one would have done anything.

These puppy mill industry people have been getting away with hiding the truth and hurting animals for decades, and they are very angry that legislation is getting passed now and that the public found out what cruelties and crimes they commit, this "commercial breeder" industry. They need front men to try to oppose regulation for them, to try to pretend that NO LAWS are "good" for animals. That is the kind of despicable human garbage this industry is.

THESE are the SAME PEOPLE that Nathan Winograd is involved with now, helping their puppy mill industry not only abuse dogs and cheat buyers and oppose anticruelty laws, but threaten especially WOMEN and people who tell the truth.

Winograd found the perfect group of liars and thugs to work with.

And yet Winograd brays about being a "civil rights leader." Well, he is involved with people from the population who used to kill civil rights activists or run them out of town.

Winograd is involved with the least progressive people in the country. These puppy mill industry people are radical, radical libertarian, anarchist, militia type extremists.

Anonymous said...

Here's Mr. Indiana Council on Animal Welfare (FRONT GROUP for puppy mills using a name to try to trick the gullible into helping the puppy mills) Craig Curry (friend of Nathan Winograd)
lie and try to cover up his company's puppy mill sales.


Even this rather simple person who wrote this puff ad piece article heard about the problems!

But Curry just lies, lies like Winograd to try to hide the puppy mills.

"Senior project manager" means lobbyist and truth hider for the puppy mill industry.

He tries to cover up the dirt getting uncovered on these puppy mill "USDA Commercial" breeders and related ones. He's a propagandist.

And he works with OTHER LOBBYISTS to protect the puppy mill industry from laws that might dampen the profits of these stores and brokers.

Factory farming dogs (with all the cruelties associated with it) is how they make their money. And the AKC feeds off this by registering these dogs. Without the puppy mill money, no AKC.

This is Pat Dunaway said...

I'll take this one, Honesty. That woman who was threatened ain't alone.

The Whinonettes came to my door, got physical, waved their finger in my face and told me to back off the Whino and "No Kill". When the truth comes too close to him, he sends out the troops. That's what happens when he posts about people, he is calling to arms, find 'em, and stop 'em. He didn't stop me, just pissed me off and now I spend everyday fighting him. He picked on the wrong person this time. I would take some credit but I don't want him to know. He is one evil SOB.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, here's a cut and paste from that site. First of all the site is with this site which is all breeders

Then to show that they are supportive of the Whino:

""We can not come up with any reason that any Indiana Humane Society or any Indiana Dog Rescue would not embrace the No Kill mentality of Nathan J Winograd. Nathan has written a book called Redemption, we highly suggest that you read it.""

""We at ICAW agree with the mindset of Nathan J. Winograd maybe just maybe the father of the no kill movement. If Nathan isn't the father he sure is the biggest proponent of the no kill movement in the United States. No Kill is the absolute proper way to deal with animal shelters or animal rescues.""

Another of their "friends"
""ICAW always forwards you information when abuse of power situations occur involving animals and their owners. We would like to share another lawsuit that is happening in Pennsylvania that our friend Patti Strand has made us aware of.""

Nice set of "friends" huh? Course you know what the Whino would say, just dog lovers who support me. No Whino, just BREEDERS who support you and in reality, if you truly are a humane leader, they would HATE you. Us dog lovers HATE you while the breeders love you. What's wrong with this picture.

Anonymous said...

These breeders hate absolutely anything humane. Even the faintest whiff of humane thought or sympathy about animals, they ATTACK.

The ONLY PEOPLE ON EARTH these breeders support are animal abusers and people who support animal abuse.

If they support Winograd, the message they are getting is "Nathan Winograd supports animal abuse, particularly for profit"

If Winograd supported humane treatment of animals in any way, the breeders and puppy millers would be attacking him, not selling and promoting him. The breeders feel that Winograd helps them abuse more dogs for profit. He is their partner.

HonestyHelps said...

This Curry guy is over 5 pet stores, yes he is involved in puppy mills. And you are right, since when do these pet stores care about anything humane? Pets are a product to be bought and sold, not to be cared about.

Good point, if Winograd were for real, the breeder industry would hate him.