Saturday, October 30, 2010


This is the only blog that I am associated with, you jerk. The other blogs are by people that I don't even know who they are. Get it through that ugly head of yours with those chipmunk cheeks that say you are no vegan, that there is a growing army of those who have been disillusioned by your worthless program. People who have seen the damage your "NKE" has done to shelters and continues to do. WE ARE FED UP WITH YOU AND WE AIN'T TAKING IT ANYMORE!! We are exposing you for what you are, one sick, demented sadistic killer of animals. WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE, WINEY, ABOUT ME OR THESE OTHER BLOGS? You don't have any, not one piece. No wonder you failed as an attorney, you don't know the meaning of EVIDENCE. I challenge you once again to produce and back up what you say, you freaking coward!!!

And to all those PUPPETS who followed this berserk liar, ask him for the evidence. Don't continue to take his word, HE IS NOT THE MESSIAH. Stop letting him make fools of you all unless you want to be his fool.

This is Pat Dunaway
and I'm not scared of you but you are scared of me.


Anonymous said...

very interested to hear what the whiner said this time--very interested. Link? story?

This is Pat Dunaway said...

If you can stand to look at his ugly face, it is on his blog.
"The Irrationality of Opposition to No Kill"

""At last count, I have six or seven websites dedicated to attacking me. Without exception, they are all anonymous, run by Dunaway and her ilk, people who do not have the fortitude or integrity to stand openly behind their pathetic claims.""

I only know of two or three myself, I want to find these other blogs so if have any info on them please let me know. We all need to stand together against this menace.

I've had it with this guy, he runs his mouth with absolutely nothing to back it up. I've challenged the fat coward to put up or shut up, nothing. So here I am, Whineypants. You sent your henchmen after me once before, send them again, I am prepared this time. Better yet you COWARD, come after me yourself this time.

Winograd Sucks said...

Remember Craig Malisow's article?

""And in October 2008, a reporter for the Austin Chronicle was the first to shed light on his true capacity at the San Francisco SPCA. Reporter Patty Ruland checked with Winograd's former boss, Ed Sayres (now the head of the ASPCA), who explained that Winograd held the position of Director of Operations for a week and a half before resigning.

Ruland quickly learned what happens to those who dare ask questions about Winograd's claims: They are summarily scorned. Before Ruland's story ran, Winograd blasted her on his blog, accusing her of asking "inflammatory and defamatory" questions.

Winograd regularly criticizes anyone who does not swallow his no-kill philosophy — no matter how much experience they have in the world of animal control and welfare. For example, Kate Hurley, a veterinarian who teaches shelter medicine at the University of California-Davis Veterinary School, has a "pro-killing agenda" because she has suggested that some no-kill shelters have simply warehoused animals.

And just a few days after Winograd spoke with the Press, he blogged about how this paper's line of questioning was based solely on the claims of one of his most vocal critics, a private citizen with the audacity to disagree with Winograd.

Under the heading "A Smear Campaign," Winograd wrote: "The line of questioning was based on the rumor and innuendo of No Kill detractors like Pat Dunaway in order to undermine my efforts and maintain a policy of killing in our shelters. No lie is too grand and no contradiction too obvious for them."

Winograd apparently believes a reporter can't ask tough questions of him based on simple Google searches or interviews with other sources. No, it is the work of the ubiquitous Pat Dunaway, a California woman who has criticized Winograd on various shelter-related blogs. Winograd has also accused Dunaway of being behind the Austin Chronicle's critical story.

In Winograd's mind, Dunaway's trespasses are so severe that he devoted an entire blog post to attacking her personally, accusing her of using false names when feeding lies to gullible reporters. Morally, Winograd has placed Dunaway on the same level as the heads of the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States, who are alternately described as defeatists shackled by institutional complacency and malevolent demagogues who get off on killing perfectly healthy, squeaky-clean puppies.""

baywatch1greta said...

Much as you I am terribly saddened to see the Huff back off, but it's the frivolous lawsuits I'm certain. I noted that Mike Fry mistook me for PETA on the stupid "brand new" vet story by the usa today people. Let her get a few shelter notches under her degree and she will get smart. I hope Stark continues to research this issue. I'm having visits from the human services department of the US government. That seems odd to me. I don't know of any other blogs that I visit, you, Chap, Oreo,FOBF, CD& petpac corruption. With mine that makes 7.I know there are more somewhere but I can't come across them in average reading.

HonestyHelps said...

Actually Baywatch, there is an interesting piece about this vet:

I sent it to Stark. This woman goes back and forth and I think she is a bit unstable herself. As I just said on another post, birds of a feather shit together.