Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nathan Winograd Yells Blackmail

You think that the Whino is sane? Well, think again. Along with his rantings about Stark, his selective memory about the Tompkins County deficit (which he admitted to and is in public records), here is where he posted that a reporter, Craig Malisow, tried to blackmail him. Just had to dig it up with all this happening about Stark. I'm quicker than the Whino, because he took this off his blog within an hour of posting it. Gotcha, Whino.

January 27, 2009

Margaret Downing
Managing Editor
Houston Press
By Fax and E-Mail: 713-280-2444

Dear Ms. Downing,

I just read the blog by Craig Malisow claiming he is going to show my "real" credentials in an in-depth piece about me in the Houston Press tomorrow. I was always concerned about the tenor of his questions, feeling he was looking for dirt on me, rather than focusing on the issue at hand: shelter reform in Houston. I suggested that rather than talking to only detractors, he speak to successful shelter directors such as Bonney Brown in Reno, Suzanne Kogut in Charlottesville, and Abigail Smith in Tompkins County. He chose not to.

Instead, he sent me the enclosed e-mail attempting to blackmail me for money. When I challenged him on it, he claimed it was just a joke, but his refusal to speak to successful shelter directors, and his teaser of somehow exposing me, the tenor of his questions, and the fact that it is not funny, unprofessional, and in fact is blackmail on its face, puts his claim of trying to be funny into doubt. It has also caused me a great deal of personal distress.

After I received this e-mail, I debated not responding to further e-mails, but frankly I feared not being supported by his superiors, and angrying him further. But I see now that an appeal to fairness with Mr. Malisow has fallen on deaf ears. I am asking that the Houston Press look into the matter, censure Mr. Malisow, and preempt the publication of any hit piece. It isn't fair and it isn't right.

Trying to blackmail someone is neither funny nor professional. It is, in fact, illegal. Of course, I didn't pay the cash but maybe my detractors did? Even if it was a joke, it shows a remarkable level of unprofessionalism and lack of sense. Please do what is right.

Very truly yours,
Nathan J. Winograd

When Patricia J. Ruland was doing her story in Austin, Winograd wrote to her editor, not accusing her of blackmail, but accusing her of unprofessionalism, blah,blah,blah. The editor of the Austin Chronicle fired back at him that he stood by his reporter and wondered how Winograd knew what the article was about BEFORE it had even been written or published.

I'll tell you how he knew, he knew from the type of questions being asked by Ruland and Malisow. Some people have enough common sense to know that Winograd's version just doesn't make sense. Winograd also said that Bonney Brown in Reno was displeased for whatever reason when Ruland interviewed her and the editor invited Brown to voice that directly to him. She never did.

It doesn't take a psychologist to see that there is something bad wrong with Winograd. It takes an idiot to think that he is sane. Birds of a feather shit together, Brent Toellner and Mike Fry.



Anonymous said...

You mean Mike Fry of Animal Ark in Minnesota right?

That is the one with the person from the pit bull breeder registry on the board, right?

HonestyHelps said...

Now that is a bit of interesting news. I'll look for a link but you can send one if you have it.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I looked at the website, looked, and looked, couldn't find a list of their Board of Directors. I found that unusual because most list their board members. Maybe with this person being a pit nutter, they decided it best not to let the world know. So if you have any info to pass along, it would be appreciated.

baywatch1greta said...

According to Wikipedia, even liberal commentator Keith Olbermann named Stark one of his worst persons in the world. But Stark says he was not arrested for that conduct and says that this doesn’t amount to stalking. I was using it in the colloquial sense, but fine, it has legal connotations and I fully retract the statement.

But this does not mean I am not scared of what Stark is capable of. And it does not mean I think he is acting responsibly by attacking me also based on lies. Apparently for Stark, the rules only run one way. Mike Stark claims he is a liberal commentator, but he has more in common with the Karl Rove politics of personal destruction than he cares to admit.

Winograd pulled his retraction m but like you Honesty, the people in the know are staying on top of it. I wish I could make the retraction bold, because it's a first form Mr. Winograd.

Winograd Sucks said...

""I suggested that rather than talking to only detractors, he speak to successful shelter directors such as Bonney Brown in Reno, Suzanne Kogut in Charlottesville, and Abigail Smith in Tompkins County.""

In other words, make the article ONE SIDED IN MY FAVOR. Why bother to talk with them, their opinions are everywhere on Nathan J. Winograd's blog?

Anonymous said...

"Why bother to talk with them, their opinions are everywhere on Nathan J. Winograd's blog?"

They are shills for Winograd. They show up at his conferences to promote him, they got their jobs because of him.

Their shelters are screwed up.

AND they sit there at these Winograd No Kill conferences with the most evil puppy mill lobbyists and breeders around.

These are anti-humane people. And not one has been a success. Their shelters have problems that even get reported on in their local papers

(Remember the news story on the overcrowding problems in Abigail Smith's Tompkins County shelter? She'd just figure Stark never read about the mess at her shelter, the lack of money because they blew it all, the NON open admission, the NO animal cruelty investigations, the loss of animal control contracts, and all the other failures.

Bonney Brown, who did nothing more than work for little cat shelters before Winograd got her a job in Nevada? We've heard about the overcrowding, the problems.

Kogut hides all her records and won't let anyone see them. What a joke.

They are all failures, barely hanging on, and the animals suffer because of them. But they make a cushy living thanks to Winograd. He gave them their paychecks and benefits. Of course they'd lie for him.

Every day is a lie.

HonestyHelps said...

Winograd depends on the ignorance of reporters. Malisow knew what to ask. He was told to ask the right questions and he will see a different side of the Whino and he did. The Whino did his own self in with shit like this blackmail accusation or Patty Ruland when he wrote the editor BEFORE she even wrote her story. He knew when certain questions were asked where it was leading to. Happens everytime. He is scared of common sense questions for sure.