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NOTE OF INTEREST: At the time it was noted before City Council by Michelle Dawson with the City Manager's office that Winograd had no references yet he was selected over the HSUS to audit the shelter for $25,000. You think there was no hanky panky there? You bet there was and Michelle Dawson left her position, took a lesser position further away from her home because she probably knew too much.

I realize that you guys won't know who or what about this so let me explain.

Rex Gutierrez was the Rancho Cucamonga City Council member responsble for bringing in Winograd. He has been convicted on several counts, two counts of grand theft and one count each of conspiracy to commit a crime and filing a fraudulent claim. In other words, he is a crook.

The first Ad Hoc meeting I attended, I was sitting at the table with Michelle Dawson of the City Manager's office when Rex walked in with the "activist" who was pushing to bring in Winograd. I watched those two, turned to Michelle, expecting her to direct them out of the room, and when she didn't, I said, "Michelle, those two need to find a room". She informed me of who they were and I was shocked. I responded I didn't care, they need to find a room and fast. They were all over each other, it was so obvious what was going on.

Upon leaving the meeting, I jumped the head of animal control as to why she didn't tell me about this and she said she didn't want to influence me. I can understand that. It was so apparent what was happening and why it was happening. Pillow talk brought Winograd to Rancho, without a doubt.

So I just had to post this. Makes me wonder how many other places have seen the same thing. This particular activist dropped out of sight once the Winograd program was installed. She didn't care when Rancho had them stacked and crated in the hallways. She didn't care when the State report showed they were letting them die in the kennels. She didn't care when the staff came in and found a bloody mess from their housing dogs with pit bulls. She didn't care when disease went through the shelter. Oh, she's still in Rancho, working in the Recreation Department, a new job after her activism on the shelter so she is aware of what is happening there. This activist filed two cases against her boyfriend for domestic abuse too. The first time not bothering to show for court. When a woman does that, she makes all women look bad. Her sister commited suicide by jumping from a bridge over the 210 freeway during all this.

Just had to vent. Justice is coming to Rexxie and no one deserves it more than he does. Makes you wonder just how far Winograd and his cronies will go.

Pat Dunaway


Anonymous said...

Charlottesville is not open admission. It is limited admission. Another failure that Winograd doesn't admit to.

Winograd has lied endlessly about open admission. Tompkins County shelter was NEVER open admission. They put animals on lengthy waiting lists and charged $200 admission fees for them.

Animals of course got abandoned to die on the streets, or were killed in old-fashioned, inhumane ways.

All Winograd cared about were that his statistics didn't get messed up so he could continue to sell himself like a cheap con artist.

Animals died in bad ways and suffered, but they didn't get counted in his statistics, to help him lie about his diseased program.

The breeders bought him though. They lie to hide their abuse and profiting, so lying and hiding the truth are attractive to their profit games.

Making public appearances for the owner of PetPac, the puppy mill lobby (which I believe Winograd did get paid for) is a disgrace. The owner of Petpac is a racist who lied to and threatened Latinos to frighten and con them out of money for his lobbying organization.

This is Pat Dunaway said...

None of his shelters are true open admission. Anytime a waiting list is used, it becomes a limited admission. I've said it before and I will say it again, there are far worse things that can happen to an animal than euthanasia in the shelter and Winograd subscribes to them all.

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No shit, Craven, karma gets ya every time.