Friday, October 29, 2010

Stark and the Whino

I was sorely disappointed that the Huffington Post took down all the comments on Stark's last piece. But I managed to put this together to save for prospertity.

Update: It turns out Mike Stark surrendered his “Pit Bull” (pit bull mix at best) at his local shelter, which just happened to be the Charlottesville SPCA, a facility I helped make No Kill and which is following the No Kill Equation model of sheltering. (It's a non profit, not subject to public records so how do we know what they are doing, take your word for it Winograd?)Stark admits his dog is doing well and most importantly, alive. (but it has been in foster care for two years, hardly a sucess story for "No Kill") Had Susanne Kogut not visited me when I was in Tompkins County, had she not taken the job at my urging, had I not done training for the staff there, had she not followed the model, (a lot of animals would have been better off, not languishing in their cages for years) Stark’s dog would be dead. (And how would you know?)His tribute to his dog? Attacking the person who played a role in keeping that dog alive. (it would piss me off to if I had been lead down a rosey path with a promise that the dog would be adopted and wasn't. Seems Kogut didn't try very hard to place this dog in a permanent home) And why did Stark get rid of his dog? He was having a baby. (And Stark had the good sense to realize that his dog was much too big and hyper to be around a child, in other words he cares about human life which is more than we can say about the Whino) This is the new spokesman for the anti-No Kill, pro-killing crowd. (Oh, we hope) It is pathetic and shameful. (Not near as much as your deceit and lies, Winograd)

Further Update: I posted a comment on his community blog that I would not be responding to Stark because I read online that he had been arrested. (No where on his "source" did it refer to Stark being arrested) Mike Stark subsequently e-mailed me and threatened me with a lawsuit because he says the information I found on the internet that he was arrested at Bill O’Reilly’s home following incidents at his speaking engagements is not accurate. ( and how many people have you threatened, Whino. You have sent two cease and desist orders to Pat Dunaway, and I know others you've done the same to) And he demands a retraction. Really? For a guy who tries to make his reputation defaming me based on inaccurate (sic, should be accurate) information he gets on the internet, this is really a case of the pot calling the kettle black. (What inaccurate info, it was all true) Will Stark be retracting his crossing of the line by accusing me of being in league with puppy mills? (Why should he, the puppy millers all claim you are their friend, that's all over the internet) Will he stop the Nathan Winograd “is for torture” attacks? (Well you are, you praised PACCA all the while animals were being tortured with overcrowding, disease, lack of care or do you conveniently forget about that one too?) Because that, also, as he says “tests the boundaries of New York Times vs. Sullivan.” Will Stark play by the same rules? Or will he continue to play the Karl Rovian-game of slander? (You're the only one playing that game)

According to information online, including Wikipedia, Stark confronted O’Reilly at his home. (And if you read all the links, it was journalism. He had a camera man with him, not quite the same as your stalking Pat Dunaway with absolutely no evidence to back yourself up) He also went to O’Reilly’s neighbors telling them that O’Reilly could not be trusted with their daughters. (And in your name the ADL-LA did the same thing, only they picked on the kids in the neighborhood. They destroyed property, they smoke bombed high rise apartments with innocent people living there, all in your name, trying to force you onto the City of LA) [Do not read this as support for O’Reilly’s politics. I’ve posted extensively about my politics:] (Your politics? Your agenda is more like it)

But I was scared (Bullshit) when I read online that Stark actually targeted his home with those kinds of attacks. (It didn't bother you when the ADL-LA smoke bombed that apartment building with children living in, all in your name, Whino) Did I want my kids being similarly confronted by Stark because he now targets me? (Your kids will know one day what a wanker their dad is anyway. You didn't consider the innocent kids that day the ADL-LA smoke bombed their home in your name) Did I want my neighbors being told I am for torture or in league with puppy mills who torture dogs? (Yes, they need to know. Just like the ADL-LA did to the directors of animal control all in your name trying to get you hired in LA, you can dish it out but you can't take it? ) What else was Mike Stark capable of? I also received two e-mails from people telling me to be careful. (Just two?? Doesn't look like you have many friends.)

According to Wikipedia, even liberal commentator Keith Olbermann named Stark one of his worst persons in the world. (Like who cares?) But Stark says he was not arrested for that conduct and says that this doesn’t amount to stalking. (Turn about was fair play in this case, after all it was O'Reilly who did the same thing to JetBlue but you aren't accusing O'Reilly of anything.) I was using it in the colloquial sense, but fine, it has legal connotations and I fully retract the statement. (No, Winograd, as usual you distorted the facts for your own personal agenda. Lawsuit scares you but you have sent so many cease and desist orders threatening people with a lawsuit, they can't be counted. Turn about is fair play I would say)

But this does not mean I am not scared of what Stark is capable of. (Yeah, right, and your shit don't stink either.) And it does not mean I think he is acting responsibly by attacking me also based on lies. (You're scared alright, scared that your scam is ending) Apparently for Stark, the rules only run one way. (Oh get real) Mike Stark claims he is a liberal commentator, but he has more in common with the Karl Rove politics of personal destruction than he cares to admit. (Chaps your butt that you couldn't scare him, doesn't it? How does it feel to be on the receiving end, Winograd?)



Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Nathan Winograd and his cronies were letting dogs die of disease in cages at Philadelphia PACCA animal control when they seized control of it and tortured the animals there. They let animals kill each other in overcrowded in cages. They didn't treat injured animals. They gave dogs to a known hoarder to kill, even though rescuers informed them of the situation and begged them not to do it.

All to fudge the euthanasia numbers to PRETEND that No Kill was working, even though animals were dying in terrifying, suffering ways.

Winograd only wanted to make his numbers look good, like a bookie on the take or a common crook.

And Nathan Winograd is pointing the finger at anyone else on earth?

Winograd is a Hitler for animals and a Hitler for people too. This is an evil sick man.

At Tompkins County, an eyewitness was present at the shelter when Winograd worked there. A student brought in an abused, mange ridden pit bull in suffering condition. Nathan came out of his office and looked at the dog and told the student "we don't take those kinds of dogs" and disappeared. Who knows where that dog got abandoned and how long it took that dog to suffer and die?

Nathan could have taken the dog to a vet to be humanely euthanized and end the suffering. He did not. HE ABANDONED THE DOG TO SUFFER. That's as good as killing that dog, his own dog, because that dog was brought to his shelter that had the animal control contract. He had responsiblity for that pit bull, and he killed that pit bull and caused suffering.

No wonder the puppy mill breeders have bought Nathan Winograd. He is as evil as they are.

This is Pat Dunaway said...

Ah, yes, PACCA is the best example of how he tortures animals like Stark says.

I like the comparison with the bookie, that's a good one.

That eyewitness at Tompkins County just happens to be in public record in Rancho. She was a San Dimas native who had just moved to Tompkins, a paralegal. She wrote a letter to the Ithaca Journal and I just happened to have found it and gave it to the Council. I won't mention her name online but it is in public record, Rancho did call her, she gave her permission. What he did completely enraged her. And after she wrote the letter she told me that Winograd wrote her several emails and called her everything but a white woman. She stated to me that the very least he should have done was euthanized the dog. Actually he should have charged the student with neglect/cruelty and then euthanized the dog.

Now one has to ask from his response, did he mean they don't take sick dogs or they don't take pit bulls? Either way it goes against his philosophy as he presents it. I hate to think what happened to that dog, I really do, it has bothered me ever since. How many others did he turn away that needed help?

Yes, he is evil without a doubt.

cravendesires said...

i am surprised that they even allowed the critical comments in the first place.

the huffington post is a joke. it didn't start out that way but that's what it ultimately became. arianna huffington has not only become disgustingly politically correct, she has been soliciting donations. i think jane berkey infiltrated that blog.

i commend stark for his courage to challenge the emperor of the nokill movement. my advice to stark is to move to blogger/wordpress.

HonestyHelps said...

You and me both are surprised. I never cared for the Huff Puff either.

Dumbfounded said...

I am just grateful for any little piece of truth that anybody gets out there. Those web pages will linger, I notice he took down the incriminating "update" from his blog.. he was copy pating to his under the Prob B post and he took his retraction down,

Anonymous said...

Honesty, as for the Stark/Bill O'Reilly incident. FIRST, Bill O'Reilly sent people to a JetBlue executive's home to confront him and picket, and Stark responded by doing the same to O'Reilly with a news crew.

No arrests, no nothing. This was a battle of public figures about news issues.

(And again, Nathan Winograd's ADL LA cronies were sending smoke bombs to animal control workers' homes in Los Angeles and spray painting their sidewalks and screaming killer at them, all to get people fired by smearing them and threatening, intimidating them to get Mr. Nathan Winograd a lucrative contract! It is absolutely beyond belief that this hypocritical loser Winograd is trying to concoct a false story like this about Stark with the ACTUAL guilt Winograd and cronies bear.)

I think it is really funny that, no matter where you stand politically, Winograd is again catering to the extremist, super right wing fascist politics of his puppy mill and AKC breeder Rick Berman cronies by making up this Bermanesque smear and lies about Mike Stark to try to silence Stark and stop him from releasing the truth about Nathan Winograd, while Winograd pretends to be all about "civil rights" as a sham to try to cover up what he is REALLY involved with (Petpac, Rick Berman, AKC, and all that gang.)

Winograd is trying to trick progressives, while he works for the super right wing, really more libertarian fanatic militia types like the puppy mill breeders and all related to them. (These are NOT conservatives. They are extreme radicals, really more anarchists.)

Make no mistake, Mike Stark, you are getting Rick Berman-ed through Nathan Winograd. This is how Rick Berman and his gang works for their animal TORTURING clients.

Anonymous said...

There were people who volunteered at the PACCA shelter who had a website that detailed all the TORTURE that they had witnessed that Winograd No Kill committed to animals through No Kill and his hand-picked No Kill cronies that he got hired at PACCA in Philadelphia. (including Douglas Rae who, FIRED in Philadelphia, went on to do the same thing in Indianapolis after Winograd tricked the city into hiring him through Warren Patitz, a Winograd associate and crony who sponsored and appeared at Winograd's personal business conference thing, got Winograd/Rae into Indianapolis, and the same terrible things happened to hurt animals and Winograd's Douglas Rae was fired from there too, and Patitz got thrown off the animal control committee!

The website about the Winograd/PACCA TORTURE is down now, but I saved the pages.

There is a trail of TORTURE behind Winograd and his cronies.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I never knew about that website. Can you send some of those pages to me and I will post them. Lets try to help Stark out and give him something to write about.

There is quite a bit of difference between what Stark did and what Whino's troops did in his name, quite a difference. I see the Whino as running scared right now, he's is being caught in his web of lies. He can't even remember his lies now since he said he left Tompkins with a surplus. He forgets that it is public record that he admitted to a deficit and tried to explain it away. He went so far as to throw one of the people that hired him in Tompkins, under the train.