Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time to Get Back To Work

Through the tears, there has been a shining light.

Mike Stark has an article in the Huffington Post that is receiving a slew of comments. Of course, the Whino's cult followers are commenting, the likes of Ryan Clinton and Mike Fry. But the comments from those not drinking the koolaid are putting these cultists in their place. I ask that anyone wanting to weigh in do so. We always need to encourage getting the word out to the public, plus it is an education for Stark. He will be doing more in the future, including a blog to "explore" the connection between Berman and the Whino.

You will have to register and don't forget to mark the rational comments as favorites and/or as a fan of the commenter. The Whino himself is making comments although most of the comments have to be from his wife under another name. Don't blame her, I would be ashamed to let people know too if I were married to such a man. God forbid!!!!

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