Monday, October 25, 2010

"No Kill" Will Kill For Enough Money

I was appalled at this news story. First of all because I love ducks and second because it appears that if you have a large enough donation (indicating it is a non profit) then "No Kill" will become "Kill".

""Robert and Blain Aymond were accused of hiring a trapper to take ducks from the Frenchman's Landing community. The couple said the ducks were a nuisance, causing damage to their plants and leaving droppings on their lawn.

The couple said they hired the trapper to take them to a "no kill" shelter but the ducks were later euthanized. A Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office investigation found that the "no kill" shelter euthanized the birds because the Aymonds had given a large donation.""

Their neighbors are upset with the couple, what about being upset with a shelter that is supposed to be "No Kill" and killed them upon presentation? I would blame the shelter quicker than the couple. Wonder how many "feral" cats end up the same way with the same circumstances. Just goes to show that you can't trust these "No Kill" shelters, they can be bought off.



shar pei mix said...

All this could have been easily avoided if these people had just put up a fence to keep the ducks off their lawn.

Florida is filled to the brim with lakes and wherever there are lakes in Florida, there will be some sort of aquatic birds, and snakes, and other reptiles, and amphibians, and palmetto bugs, and all kinds of other fauna. It comes with the territory.

And the fence doesn't even have to be that high, so that way you can have the best of all possible worlds by enjoying the ducks from a comfortable distance without having them mess up your lawn. It's just not rocket science.

I know I'm stating the obvious and your original post was about No Kill wackos, but it's just that people amaze me sometimes.

I guess I already know that No Kill shelters are a scam, but these people take the cake along with them. Yeesh.

Thanks for pointing out the No Kill connection, Honesty. It's important to keep illustrating the No Kill advocates' true colors.

HonestyHelps said...

SharPei, you are so right, it could have been easily avoided. The neighbors also revealed that these people were feeding the ducks, duh, doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that animals will return to a place where they know they will get food.

This "No Kill" shelter should have known better than to have killed them. They could have gotten a donation as a surrender fee instead. People are always looking to adopt ducks, I've rescued a few in my lifetime and had no problem finding homes. This "No Kill" shelter killed healthy ducks, what else have they killed would be a good question. Note how I normally use euthanasia rather than killed, but in this case it was just a plain killing.