Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There are PlayERS, and Then There Are Those Who Are PlayING

It's always exciting to see another blog or web site going up that is against the Whino and his ridiculous and morbid program, the "No Kill Equation". And thus, I was excited when the "No Kill, No Way, Not Today, Not Tomorrow" blog went up. I remained somewhat reserved with my excitement and now that reservation has proven true.

There are playERS in this game, those who are dedicated to getting the truth out about the Whino and then there are those playING for whatever reasons they have. Looks like this is the case with "No Kill, No Way". In short, this blog is now totally worthless because it has gone private. My question is why hide your light under a basket? What good does a private blog do other than to make with the chit-chat? It doesn't reach anyone other than those who agree with you, it doesn't do anything to bring attention to the Whino. It is a waste of time to be a private blog with an agenda.

If this issue is not worth keeping an open blog, spreading the word, then close it. It makes you no better than the Whino with his closed comments on his blog. It makes you a coward, just like him. Either be a playER or take your toys and go home, there is no place for playING when it comes to this serious issue. As the saying goes, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.


NoCowardsAllowed said...

I agree wholeheartly. Either shit or get off the pot as we say. The whole purpose of having these blogs is so that the world can access and get the info/tools they need to fight Winograd in their areas. If you can't share info, then what good are you. It's like talking to yourself.

HonestyHelps said...

It's a shame, I did enjoy that blog but I have no interest in it if it is private. The Whino wins when you allow him to intimidate you into making your blog private.

pah said...

wow, those playing types versus the player types mut be hard to sort through. I thought I saw about 6 on Stark who were light weights. yOU KNOW FROM THE LOSER BLOGS. We love ya HH

HonestyHelps said...

Pah, who would know where they are from because the loser blogs are private?? You're missing the point altogether. Those on Stark's article that you call the lightweights obviously want people to know the truth, so why would they hide behind a private blog?