Sunday, October 31, 2010

Deficits, Deficits Who Has Deficits?

Does being "No Kill" lead to disaster for a shelter? Obviously it does. Animal Ark aka Mike Fry, another infamous Whinonette along with Brent Toellner is running his shelter into the ground trying to make "No Kill" work. Now, one would think that since he features Nathan Winograd on his so called radio show every week that the donations would pour in. I mean, aren't these guys saying that "No Kill" is on a roll, sweeping the nation, blah, blah, blah. So one would think that the donations would be sweeping too, right?

Wrong. Here is the status of this "No Kill" shelter.

Federal ID# 411311053
For Fiscal Year Ending 8/31/2009
Direct Public Support $508,228
Government Grants $0
Other Revenue $337,711
Total Revenue $845,939

Amount Spent for Program or Charitable Purposes $831,978
Management/General Expense $144,878
Fundraising Expense $53,595
Total Expenses $1,030,451

Excess/Deficit $-184,512
Total Assets $937,636
Total Liabilities $522,056
End of Year Fund Bal/Net Worth $415,580

Wait, there's more. Since the year before their donations dropped dramatically. They better get the Whino off the radio show it looks like.

Federal ID# 411311053
For Fiscal Year Ending 8/31/2008
Direct Public Support $786,232
Government Grants $0
Other Revenue $312,631
Total Revenue $1,098,863

Amount Spent for Program or Charitable Purposes $941,401
Management/General Expense $122,802
Fundraising Expense $24,431
Total Expenses $1,088,634

Excess/Deficit $10,229
Total Assets $1,067,694
Total Liabilities $467,602
End of Year Fund Bal/Net Worth $600,092

Wow, can't wait to see the next tax report. Does one have to file a report when you go under?
Wise up, Mike Fry, you are riding a dead horse.


Anonymous said...

Animal Ark is a rather bizarre mother-son operation.

Marlene Foote (who also like so many claims to have pioneered no kill) founded it and her son runs it.

What do they get for salaries?

HonestyHelps said...

Oh, good question.

The 990 for 2008 shows the President, Marilyn Foote works 16 hours a week and her salary was $23,980 with an expense account of $3,600.

Mike Fry is listed as the Executive Director, working 40 hours a week, making $49,488 with an expense account of $9,000. I mean after all it is expensive going to the Whino's conferences.

This is according to Guidestar on the federal 990 for 08.

Anonymous said...

I'm breaking this up into two posts.

Winograd, Fry are basically in bed with the breeders.

Remember the link you posted to Patty Khuly, the vet/breeder lobbyist that Mike Stark mentioned, that dogsbite covered for lying about her fake "service dog"???


She's involved with two AKC breeder lobbyists (yes, AKC the puppy mill registration business

The breeder lobbyists that pose as pet reporters and writers, Gina Spadafori and Christie Keith (who also works for an extremist animal breeding and sales company.) These two run a business called Pet Connection, which is breeder lobbying under the guise of "pet reporting" and "pet writing." It's a charade to lobby for things like no regulation for the AKC puppy mill business, no laws, no breeder licensing, no mandatory spay neuter because breeders would have to get licensed, etc

Kim Campbell Thornton is another one of them, an AKC breeder lobbyist who poses as a "pet writer" to lobby for AKC and breeder financial interests, like opposing regulation for puppy mills so AKC can keep raking in money.

Yes, the AKC involved with PetPac, Rick Berman, etc

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon. Gina & Christy are definitely pro-breeders and they dearly love the Whino. I have a saying what's good for the breeders is NOT good for the animals. Breeders don't give a shit about animals, they are products to them. They see $$$$ when they look at a dog, they don't see inhumanity, suffering, neglect.

Anonymous said...

PET CONNECTION SPONSORS WINOGRAD's CONFERENCES. THESE BREEDER LOBBYISTS GIVE HIM MONEY. They also go to the conferences he has, and promotes him, because no one who really cares about animal welfare does!


Scroll down and also see how the Patitz/breeder connection works, and Patitz also sponsors Winograd's conventions.

The American Dog Owner's Association, a virulent pro-cruelty and anti-regulation lobbyist for for-profit dog breeders and puppy millers and worse (I have seen game doggers claiming ADOA membership), was also a speaker at Winograd's 2008 conference! Research the ADOA scumbags and the crime against animals they support, and their support of Winograd, their tool. They organize people to go to Winograd's conferences.

Winograd's No Kill conferences are nothing but breeder lobbyists and the shills they use to pretend to be "humane" as they support cruelty like puppy mills and oppose regulation to protect their business, and try to bankrupt shelters into warehousing animals, firing animal control workers so they don't do breeder cruelty investigations, wipe out animal control laws so breeders can run amok, taking breeder castoffs so breeders can keep churning out litters and dumping the unwanted or their buyers can so breeders don't have to pay for it, and leaving breeders out of any responsibility for the overpopulation problem that BREEDERS deny exists!

Anonymous said...

Christie Keith (breeder lobbyist who is such a con she doesn't even admit she's a breeder as she writes "pet columns" for the San Francisco Chronicle that are nothing more than lobbying for the AKC's business interests and against regulation, like any Berman follower.)


(The Kim she mentions is Kim Campbell Thornton, breeder lobbyist)

Ooh, Christie Keith just loves Mike Fry and Nathan Winograd who are willing to work hard for BREEDERS' Financial Interests, and AGAINST the interests of animal welfare.

These breeders only care about protecting their sleazy industry from rules or laws. They don't give one damn about ANY animals in ANY shelters. They live in an obsessive world devoted to breeding purebred dogs, showing them, and SELLING THEM, and protecting the money source that holds all this and the AKC up, like puppy mills that fund it all. This is all about using people like Winograd to push for breeders' financial interests while trying to POSE as being "humane" and trick people in the humane world, trick real reporters, trick legislators, into supporting breeders' financial interests and cruelties.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! The breeders interest in No Kill is using it to PROTECT THE MONEY IN THE BREEDER WORLD from things like regulation! Breeders found themselves some shills willing to screw over the animals and help the breeders (and blame animal control, who BUSTS CRUEL BREEDERS) and pretend it's all "good" for the animals.

Winograd No Kill is a tool to use to attack real humane interests that unfortunately conflict with the cruel, greedy, selfish breeder world.

This No Kill thing is one big breeder con game, and the breeders need tools from "animal welfare" to provide cover and do their work for them.

I've seen it written before and it's true. Getting Winograd cronies and Winograd No Kill into animal control is like getting tobacco industry lobbyists onto public boards of health to protect the tobacco industry. Any surprise that both dog breeders and tobacco industry (and liquor industry) use the same lobbyist- RICK BERMAN!!

The dog breeding world is a big, multi-million dollar, unregulated, crooked industry. It's an industry that will spread some $$ and support around for shills that will help the industry stay that way!

See the shills dance for the breeders! Dance, shills, dance!

Anonymous said...

(if it didn't go through)

Christie Keith (breeder lobbyist who is such a con she doesn't even admit she's a breeder as she writes "pet columns" for the San Francisco Chronicle that are nothing more than lobbying for the AKC's business interests and against regulation, like any Berman follower.)


Ooh, Christie Keith, BREEDER LOBBYIST AND CON, just loves Mike Fry and Nathan Winograd who are willing to work hard for BREEDERS' Financial Interests, and AGAINST the interests of animal welfare.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are really good!!! You nailed it!!

Anonymous said...

Christie Keith, Gina Spadafori, Kim Campbell Thornton, ADOA, and the other breeder lobbyists involved with Winograd are also involved with NAIA and Patti Strand, by another AKC breeder and board member who runs the puppy mill business at AKC, and is also connected to Rick Berman and the Center for Consumer Freedom


They all lobby together. They all promote Winograd breeder lobbying together.

Strand used to be a Winograd type, pretend to be about "humane interests" and run a "humane organization" to try to trick reporters and legislators and the public while she lobbied for breeder interests. But that didn't work out because she is actually a breeder and actually runs the puppy mill business at AKC and actually is involved with animal abusers in her lobbying group.

So these breeders thought they were being really smart by getting an "untainted" shill to pretend to be humane and yet represent BREED FINANCIAL INTERESTS!

HonestyHelps said...

Note of interest, God I love my sitemeter.

I got a hit on this post that came from the NAIA yahoo group and originated in Minneapolis. Wonder who that might be? Any guesses?

HonestyHelps said...

Just got another one from the Whino's area that originated thru the NAIA. Boy, are they hot today on their emails.

Anonymous said...

Kim Campbell Thornton, another fake "pet writer" who is a breeder lobbyist as is Christie Keith and is Christie's cohort, promoting Winograd as she attends his conference


Now you have to really understand what these sleazy breeders mean when they write things like

"The top-down approach is going away because we’re getting away from the model of large organizations controlling the flow of information."

What they mean is they are LYING AND SCAMMING THE PUBLIC WITH THEIR FAKE ANIMAL WELFARE GROUPS TO COVER FOR BREEDERS AND PUPPY MILLS and LOBBY FOR BREEDERS BY PRETENDING TO BE ABOUT "caring" in their hopes to try to silence the TRUTH about BREEDING INDUSTRY CRUELTY from the real animal welfare groups that did the whistleblowing about the breeding industry cruel business model.

They hope their fake "animal welfare" groups can convince the gullible to oppose breeder regulation so the breeders can continue to brutalize animals to pay for "dog shows" and sales promotion, as well as cheat on their taxes and not license properly as businesses.

These pitiful breeders are of course completely delusional if they think they can hide their pro-cruelty business' secrets, and delusional if they think they can trick people who REALLY care about animals into getting their information from breeder shill front groups like Winograd No Kill.

But these are very delusional, very marginal, very unstable, very selfish people in the dog breeding world.

Interview Judie Mancuso who as I remember got a taste of Spadafori's drooling, foaming at the mouth, rabid attacks as Spadafori tried to protect the AKC and the AKC's puppy mill business model along with Petpac, ADOA, and NAIA and the rest.

(and NO, I am NOT Judie Mancuso)

Winograd No Kill is a BREED
ING INDUSTRY SUPPORTED AND CONNECTED ORGANIZATION. I guess Winograd thought his lies could hide that too.

Anonymous said...

2009 speaker at Nathan Winograd's No Kill Breeder Conference

Marshall H. Tanick is national counsel for the American Dog Owners Association, a member of the board of directors for Animal Ark No Kill shelter in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and has represented a number of animal protection organizations. He is an attorney with the law firm of Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen.



A frightening, anti-welfare organization in every way.


Look at the breeders who belong to ADOA. Look where you find ADOA links.

The gamedoggers love the ADOA!





Got a better idea about why Mike Fry is helping the breeders with this No Kill schtick? Marshall Tanick of ASOA is on his and his mother's organization BOARD!! Yeah, the ADOA that all the breeders and gamedoggers tell us is fighting for the rights of DOG BREEDERS!

Mike Fry has had people from the Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association spreading their propaganda on his radio show too as they oppose regulation for puppy mills and keep cruelty to dogs legal. They want NO anti-cruelty laws!

HonestyHelps said...

THANK YOU ANON!!!! I've been trying to find that info all morning. I have said it before and I will say it again, I have the best readers out there. You guys know more than I do about the Whino and his cronies. Couldn't do it without you guys.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Stark is getting a better idea about how this big, extended Rick Berman mob works, lies, tricks, smears, hides, lies, lobbies, lies, and why they hope that they can trick the Mr. Starks of the world?

And why they get so aggressive when they don't?

HonestyHelps said...

I spend the most time having to educate officials and reporters just to get to the good parts. It is very complicated to explain how it all intertwines. When Barnette went to LA, I had to educate people there with three years of dealing with her. It's all very time consuming. You have to know the players and the whys before it makes sense. And it all has one simple solution, spay/neuter, but the Whino has made it so complex.

Anonymous said...

I guess that Mike Fry's NAIA cohorts (connected to Rick Berman's Center for Consumer Freedom) are not happy that the truth is getting out about their darling Mike Fry and Nathan Winograd, and about their breeding industry tricks

NAIA thought they had the humane world and pet rescuers fooled with their use of Fry and Winograd!

Here is the story on NAIA


"Agendas include financial interests, legislation and public relations for animal agribusiness, commercial breeding, hunting, fishing, trapping, fur ranching, animal testing, and animals in entertainment. [3] According to its website, it is an "educational organization" which supports "responsible animal ownership and opposes extremism." They also endeavor to present a "positive image of animal interests in the media" and "place animal issues back in the hands of the experts" as well as prevent "hostile animal rights legislation", educate the public and expand their "grassroots network". [4] Board members representing breeding, agribusiness, hunting, horse racing, rodeos, circuses and vivisection industries appear to be so concerned about "animal rights extremism", that virtually any attempt at humane advocacy falls neatly into this category. This includes spay/neuter, puppy mill and anti-horse slaughter legislation. The NAIA is also pro agribusiness, factory farming and meat & dairy in general. Board member Lance Baumgard, PhD, "writes and speaks on the weak connection between dietary fat and human disease. Dr. Baumgard received the 2007 Cargill Animal Nutrition Young Scientist Award." [5] The NAIA also lobbies through the NAIA Trust, an affiliated 501(c)(4) legislative branch."

The founder of NAIA, Patti Strand is an AKC breeder and board member who chairs their Large Volume Breeder committee setting up the business between AKC and the puppy mill breeders and brokers.


HonestyHelps said...

Boy, you guys are keeping me busy today!! Keep it up, I love it.

Anonymous said...

NAIA's board

This is the likes of who Mike Fry and Nathan Winograd associate with and are promoted by.


Just an example of who is on the NAIA board working with with the dog breeding industry lobbyists- Feld Entertainment, owners of Ringling Brothers circus. Busted how many times by the USDA for elephant abuse?

Mr. Stark, talk to Leslie Griffith, reporter at Huffington Post, and see what she has to say about Feld Entertainment, who hired ex-CIA agents to spy on humane whistleblowers and reporters who reported on the cruelty of Feld Entertainment Company (also repped by Rick Berman)


One of those whistleblowers that Feld had stalked by ex-CIA agents was Peta.

The ACLU exposed this Feld Company's use of ex-CIA agents to stalk and attempt to destroy whistleblowers of animal abuse!


Do we wonder why Winograd attacks Peta? Does this sound like a pro-civil rights company to you, Nathan Winograd? Hiring ex-cia agents to try to hurt whistleblowers? Yet Feld is lobbying with the dog breeder industry.

Feld Entertainment etc are the types that these dog breeders lobby with, and Nathan Winograd is assiciated with and has support his conferences!

This is a very large world of animal abuse profiteers, and the dog breeding world is just one component of this pro-abuse, anti-regulation lobbying industry.

THEY ALL LOBBY TOGETHER! and they look for shills to market their agenda using any tricks possible.

Also notice Julian Prager who is on the NAIA board, selling the No Kill oil for the breeders in New York City.

HonestyHelps said...

Help, I need some time to walk my dog!! Kept 'em coming. I don't know who you are but you need to be writing this blog. Could I interest you in writing a post as a guest?

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr. Stark relizes what is behind this No Kill scam, because it is a very large mountain of pro-animal abuse industries that will stop at nothing to stay unregulated and abusing animals for profit.

They will even pretend to care about animals in order to entrap the gullible to support their fight against regulation and FOR abusing animals for profit.

They have been successful with SOME gullible individuals, and some media people on the take, and some legislators on the take.

The Rick Berman Industry mountain of Animal Abusers.

This is about a lot more than corrupt dog breeders.

(As for some newspapers, when their advertisers are pro-animal abuse profiteers, is it a surprise they will let corrupt "reporters" promote No Kill?)

HonestyHelps said...

Like the Gannett group who has USA Today and the Reno Gazette and the Indy Star. They are pro-"No Kill".

It's all about the money. Breeders have the money to throw around because they don't have to pay taxes on their income. Their "product" is filling our shelters and costing the taxpayers. They can make political contributions whereas the poor humane community has nothing to offer but humanity and that doesn't buy votes.

Anonymous said...

"The 990 for 2008 shows the President, Marilyn Foote works 16 hours a week and her salary was $23,980 with an expense account of $3,600

Mike Fry is listed as the Executive Director, working 40 hours a week, making $49,488 with an expense account of $9,000. I mean after all it is expensive going to the Whino's conferences."

There are other forms of remuneration also associated with owning/running these kinds of organizations.

For example, homes, cars, living expenses, utility bills paid for, etc.

The founders at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary get free houses and upkeep is paid for by donors using the volunteers and workers in the "Maintenance" department. The founders also receive the profits from all merchandise and gift shop sales through a separate private company.

For a very ugly form of this kind of remuneration, see the dirty affair at Pasado's Safe Haven, a "No Kill sanctuary" that has a Winograd connections. The woman who was harassing the King County shelter on behalf of Winograd to get workers fired and Winograd cronies like Barnette and herself on the taxpayer dole, Kim Sgro, worked for Pasado's as executive director while this disgusting behavior was going on at this No Kill scammer operation.


"High on the list of things Susan Michaels and Mark Steinway disagree about are the details of a 2003 agreement they entered with Pasado's. The nonprofit's money was used to help pay for construction of the home the couple built at the Monroe-area sanctuary.
The precise terms of the arrangement weren't memorialized in public records typical of real estate transactions. That helped turn a big money deal into a source of confusion and litigation for Pasado's.
Pasado's board approved contributing $170,000 of the nonprofit's funds to pay for the home's construction, the pair told the court.
Precisely how many people were on the board at the time is a point of contention. Michaels maintains it was herself, Steinway and two others. Tax forms filed by the charity list six board members in 2003. The board's makeup has fluctuated over time, sometimes comprising just the founders, their relatives and a longtime friend from college. Michaels and Steinway acknowledge living at the home rent-free for about four years, and expecting to do so until their deaths."

Fundraising and business practices have been UNDER INVESTIGATION


"A high-profile animal-welfare charity has agreed to reform its fundraising and business practices as part of a settlement reached to close a 16-month investigation by the state attorney general’s office.

Pasado’s Safe Haven must comply with court orders barring it from misrepresenting how it will use money raised to help animals, including during natural disasters. The nonprofit also agreed to restructure its accounting practices and to get training for its leaders. The agreement also specifically bars Susan Michaels, one of Pasado’s founding members, from serving on the board or working in executive management, roles that she had held for years"

This organization got the media to promote them and lie for them while they did terrible things (including dumping Hurricane Katrina rescues with a hoarder to kill while they told donors they found great homes)


The corruption and financial abuse in the No Kill world is epic. The animal abuse is worse. The support of breeder abuse and corruption is disgusting.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks for bringing up Pasedo. I don't think I posted on that, just about Sgro in relationship to Claire Davis and Brenda Barnette.

Looks like Tia Torres might be headed in the same direction with a new place, providing housing for her parolees, etc. Seems like she would have taken that money and bailed out her husband. Wonder how much is coming from the breeders and dogmen to get her into it? But that will be another story, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

More of Winograd's friends and conference sponsors

Joan Miller is President of the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy. She is the Vice President of the Cat Fanciers Association and past President of the Winn Feline Foundation.

CAT BREEDERS! (And yes, they are friends with and lobby with the dog breeders.) With the massive problem with cat overpopulation, CAT BREEDERS using Winograd No Kill trying to protect cat breeding business and the harm they do.

And the answer is....take poor cats and throw them in the woods to die off the statistics and call them wild animals.

Breeders are sick, and the fact that that Alley Cat Allies women is interacting with people like this and Winograd is sicker still.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Anon, I agree. By far the cat problem is bigger than the dog problem for the shelters. I remember the time, not that long ago, when you saw many more dogs in the shelter than cats. Now I would venture to say that all shelters impound more cats than dogs. And most animal control agencies don't even pick up cats in the field, these are made up of surrenders. Plus the shelters I know only average a 1-2% owner return rate whereas dogs are much, much higher. What does this show? That cat people are so much more irresponsible than dog people.

And I guess you know by now what I think of TNR, it's the ultimate cruelty to cats. TNR is nothing more than outside hoarding, the lazy version of "rescue". I am hoping that the lawsuit in LA City will lead the way to stop TNR. You know the lawsuit that the Whino refused to intervene on, refused the requests and then stated that he wasn't notified. He pissed off a lot of cat people in LA with that. And you are right, throwing them outside keeps the numbers down in the shelter, makes it look better on paper.

Anonymous said...

"Other Revenue $337,711"

What is "other revenue"

Where is the accounting for this?

Money from ADOA? What is it?

Anonymous said...

"Management/General Expense

I'm assuming this goes to Foote and her son Mike Fry?

So much gets hidden under the "general expense" label

I have seen other organizations where it went to things like covering the ceo's personal bills.

There should be an accounting for this figure.

Anonymous said...

Public donations went DOWN but management and "general expenses" went UP and fundraising expenditure went UP.

What does this say? Not good things.

Anonymous said...

And amount spent for program or charitable purposes went DOWN, while those management and fundraising expenses went up.

This is not impressive. It's quite questionable.

HonestyHelps said...

If anyone lives close to these guys you can see on the 990 where the records are kept and you are allowed to view them. They don't have to make copies or anything like that, but you can view them. Just notify them you want to see the records. Let us know if you do that, of course.