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A little research has undercovered something very interesting. I blogged recently about the letters of support for the increase in household limits for the City of LA and how most of them were from the breeding community. I don't know if this breeder meant to send personal communications along with his letter of support or not, but it is there for all to see. Note that it refers to several calls from LAAS wanting to know why more letters aren't coming in from the breeding community. Now, let's see, just who at LAAS would be soliciting breeders for support. Linda Barth, nah. The ACO's, nah. Shelter workers, nah. Ah, who but a breeder themself, Brenda Barnette. And just why would she be soliciting support from her fellow breeders? Several reasons probably. First her association with breeding, well known although she tries her best to deny it. Second, maybe she wants to take up the "hobby" again and wants to be able to do so legally. Third, her association and support for Rosendahl, a known ?former? breeder who supported her hiring.


CATHIE TURNER, Golden Retriever breeder, claims to speak for over 100 breeders and breed clubs, etc.--all listed on her CONCERNED DOG OWNERS OF CALIFORNIA website. CATHIE TURNER sued the City to stop the 2008 SPAY/NEUTER Ordinance.

Cathie Turner of CDOC writes to Louis Krokover:

“LAAS has written to me several time to find out why no one is supporting this now that it has passed the Animal Commission. (Now just who would be writing from LAAS, wanna take a guess?) It could come up as soon as October 25th. If it is defeated in Public Safety, we are done. AKC is supposed to be sending out a bulletin as well. Cathie”


LOUIS KROKOVER, Tibetan Terrier Breeder and President of the Encino Neighborhood Council-- (which was convinced to vote to support the animal-limits increase—by, guess who? You got it, Louis Krokover.) (Here’s the link to his discussion of his Champion, R.J. , “It can cost as much as $5,000 to purchase and prepare a championship-caliber dog.”)

KROKOVER writes to Bill Rosendahl and Paul Koretz as President of Newday Development, Inc.
(Aha, a developer—just what Koretz said he would stop if he was elected to Council last year!)

Krokover’s e-mail to Rosendahl and Koretz starts off:

“It is my best understanding within our city and my community that roughly 68% of the residents support the motion. But in fact, are afraid to come forward because of any possible negative actions that could arise if this motion were to fail and they were singled out. (What? Why would a regular citizen have to worry about being singled out? A breeder might have this worry.) This motion MUST PASS to protect our rights as individuals, even if the majority is to afraid to speak up at this time.
(Duh, again, why would a regular pet owner be afraid to speak up?)

“Your good friend and supporter.” /S/ Louis Krokover

(Note: if 68% of the residents support this, then why does Cathie Turner write, “all the letters are in opposition.”
) According to Rosendahl and Koretz, this motion was supposed to save “shelter animals,” so why would the “majority” be afraid to speak up, Mr. Krokover? What “individual rights?” And, who and where is the 68% of the residents who support the motion.)


PAUL KORETZ, the West Los Angeles/Valley Councilman who helped the Mayor select Brenda Barnette
(or had Jim Bickhart and the ADL-LA already made the choice?)

(Koretz’ Deputy, helping the breeders. Read his e-mail below.

Well, they finally drummed up a little support such as this breeder, CAROL ESTERKIN, who wrote, “I have been involved in pure-bred dog activities since 1956, am an American Kennel Club Judge, President of an all-breed kennel club and a member of Concerned Dog Owners of Caliiornia.” (Letter in CF 10-0982 file.)

OLD BREEDING BUDDIES: You can go to “About CDOC”
http://www.cdoca.org/aboutcdoc/aboutcdoc.html and see all their names as officers and directors. And you can go to http://www.jbradshaw.com/mission.pdf and see them organizing to defeat AB 1634 (CA statewide S/N bill) or to http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/AHBA/message/10059 , where they talk about “pressuring people [legislators] to change their votes” and defeat SB 250 (the latest CA statewide S/N effort.)

And remember the first time we saw Rosendahl and Cathie Turner working together? ROSENDAHL WAS THE ONLY VOTE AGAINST THE LOS ANGELES S/N ORDINANCE IN 2008!! The AKC website announced, “Last week, the City Council voted 10-1 in favor of the ordinance, with only Councilmember Bill Rosendahl standing up for responsible owners and breeders. “



HERE ARE THE E-MAILS. Judge for yourself:

To: bill,rosendahl@lacity.org, PauI,Koretz@lacity.org,
Cc: jay.greenstein@lacity.org, norman.kulla@lacity.org,
..-.--.- ..--- ........---~-.......

Sat, Oct 16,2010 at 8:47 AM
Please read my comments below.
It is my best understanding within our city and my community that roughly 68% of the residents support the motion. But in fact, are afraid to come forward because of any possible
negative actions that could arise if this motion were to fail and they were singled out.
This motion MUST PASS to protect our rights as individuals, even if the majority is to afraid to speak up at this time. The claims about more animals running loose on our streets, excessive
noise and health issues are totally unfounded. When you look at other communities across our nation and even in Canada this is not the case. In fact - Less animals on the streets, no increase in noise and no health issues. If it can work for them - Then it can and will work for us.
Thank you for listening to me on this matter.

Your good friend and supporter,


Louis Krokover
Newday Development, Inc
Newday Construction
CSLB # ~601712
5110 Valjean Ave
Encino, Ca 91436~1314
(0) 818~784~9495
(F) 818-783-8924
(e) 818~612~9894
Web ~-www.newdaydevelopment.com

-Original Message---
To: cathieturner@me.com
Cc: marionbradshaw@cox.net; browndogz@sbcglobal.net;
cedeardog@yahoo.com; gldnkel@aol.com
Sent: Sat, Oct 16, 20108:30 am

Subject: Re: pet limit
Cathie - I did fax to John and also spoke to him briefly. If you are able to attend the ENC Executlve committee meeting this coming Tuesday at 12:30 PM at the Encino Womens Club, you can speak under public comment for the record. Hopefully the general board will discuss and support a motion in favor of this at the general meeting on October 27, 2010.

I have also spoken to many city council members expressing my support as a resident of our community.


Louis Krokover
Newday Development, Inc
Newday Construction
CSLB # -601712
5110 Valjean Ave

Encino, Ca 91436-1314
(0) 818-784-9495
(F) 818-783-8924
(C) 818-612-9894
Web -- www.newdaydevelopment.com
Confidential Notice:
Notice of Privileged and Confidential Information may be co

---Original Message--
From: Cathie Turner
To: Ik2newday@aol.com
Cc: Marion Bradshaw ;
Florence Blecher ;
esterkin ;
Sent: Sat, Oct 16, 20108:23 am

Subject: Re: pet limit
Sharon Shilkoff

Thanks Louis - I have been checking this constantly and the issue is that, other than one communication from Valley Glen NC, all the letters are in opposition.
That is why, as important as your contacts are, you need to write a letter and at a minimum fax it to John White - as do we all. At the end of the day there is no tally of phone calls and emails - it is how many letters did John put into the file. All the contact and fax info is on the first page
of the cdoc website at
http://www.cdoca.org/ .

LAAS has written to me several time to find out why no one is supporting
this now that it has passed the Animal Commission.
It could come up as soon as October 25th. If it is defeated in Public Safety, we are done. AKC is supposed to be sending out a bulletin as well.

On Oct 15, 2010, at 1:29 PM, LK2NEWDAY@aol.com wrote:
This is from my friend at koretz's office. Louis
Sent from my Verizon WIreless BlackBerry

From: Jeffrey Ebenstein
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 13:12:47 -0700
Subject: pet limit
Just wanted to send you this link for the Counicl File on the pet limit increase issue, it has great
additional documentation as well.

http://cityclerk.lacity. orgllacityclerkconnectlindex. cfm?fa=ccfi.
viewrecord&cfnum ber=10-0982
Jeffrey Ebenstein
Office of Councilmember Paul Koretz
15760 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1020
Encino, CA 91436
Phone: (818) 971-3088, Fax: (818) 788-9210
jeffrey. ebenstein@lacity,org
If you would like to sign up to receive the Fifth Council District e-
newsletter, click HERE.

Now we know why Cathie Turner and Brenda Barnette were instant new Best Friends! They already knew each other and it looks like this was all a plan. Could this "happy Breeder family" be why Rosendahl and Koretz rushed in the motion on June 4, AFTER the selection for GM had undoubtedly been made (although no announced until June 17)?

Just to give you a little insight as to why the breeders want this, although I'm sure that you may already know but here are the facts. According to a study by Ralston Purina and the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, only 10-20% of pet dogs and cats are obtained via adoption from animal shelters and rescues. The most common way for a pet owner to obtain a pet is from an acquaintance or family member (Breeding) 15-20% are purchased from breeders and only 2-10% are purchased from pet shops.

So Brenda Barnette, Rosendahl, and Koretz are handing a 15-30% increase in business to breeders on a silver platter. Of that 66% increase only about 10% will be taken from the shelter. It also can be translated into more backyard breeding, the oops litters, those where most people get their pets. And it translates into even more animals coming into the shelters. It translates into taxpayers getting rip off even moreso because of the BYB's and the breeders not paying their share of taxes on these sales. A double whammy is the taxpayers also has to pay the additional costs at the shelters. Do the math, see if it adds up to Barnette's math, it won't.


dumbfounded said...

Excellent, always love the way you do your homework. How many times do you think LA will get hit before they catch on that NO KILL doesn't work. read a good opposing views article from PETA. If you get the time, some smart ass met his match over there.

HonestyHelps said...

There's a definite conspiracy going on in LA. I've seen the article in OV and the person making a complete fool of himself/herself. Note how he/she says they work for the federal government, using taxpayer money to blog all day. Plus using one of the Whino's tactics claiming all the opposing comments are from one person with "multiple personalities". Drinking that koolaid, drunk on it. Doesn't realize that he/she is showing the world the mentality of "No Kill"ers. He/she is doing more harm to the movement than we could ever do.

Winograd Sucks said...

God, we have strays on every corner and they want to put more animals out there? Barnette thinks they will all come out of the shelter?? I mean, get real BB. She just wants to make money for her butt buddies. Say NO to Barnette.

Anonymous said...

A little preliminary information before anything else.

Brenda Barnette is a professional lobbyist for the AKC, and always has been during her brief tenure at each of her "jobs."

This woman had ZERO experience for an animal control job. She's drifted from shelter to shelter, never staying long and raising havoc at each one. FAILING.

BUT she has cheated these shelters by taking a salary to do a job she did poorly or not at all, WHILE SHE CONTINUED TO WORK PRIMARILY AS A PRO LOBBYIST FOR A FOR-PROFIT BREEDER LOBBY, one that makes the bulk of its money from puppy mill registrations, and is in business with/lobbies with puppy mills and pet stores that sell pet stores, and yet getting paid to help rescued and homeless animals, which she failed to do.

At Seattle Humane Society, after the news expose about the puppy mill business at Petland (who is in business with AKC) hit the media, Barnette abused her position as CEO of Seattle Humane Society by writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper SIGNED AS CEO OF THE SHELTER that tried to water down the expose, deny it, and ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO BUY FROM AKC BREEDERS!

Yes, the very AKC registering the puppy mill puppies sold in Petlands.

That has NOTHING to do with the job she was getting paid for. She was pursuing AKC professional lobbyist business at the expense of the shelter and the rescued pets, on their time and in their name.

Anonymous said...

At an earlier shelter she worked at, she pretended to hold an "adoption event" by staging a SHOW OF HER DAUGHTER'S PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS (AKC) that was an advertisement for buying AKC breeder dogs. A few adopted pets were in cages shoved off to the side. This event was using and abusing shelter pets to promote the sale of purebred dogs, her purebred dogs, and promote AKC.

Even now, Barnette is not fulfilling her duties regarding animal control, enforcement, animal welfare. She cares NOTHING for the pets in the LA shelters.

She is using (abusing!) her position to WORK AS A PROFESSIONAL LOBBYIST FOR A FOR-PROFIT INDUSTRY, and trying to change laws to benefit the puppy mills her industry does business with, with the accompanying lobbyists like dog fighter breeders who lobby with the AKC and try to eliminate or weaken animal control law.

She's also trying to weaken animal control laws to help the breeders (already with huge rates of tax fraud) to ciommit even more tax fraud, and help them avoid licensing their animals and avois supporting animal control and paying their fair share.

There was and is not only a conflict of interest hiring Barnette, this is fraud.

She's defrauding the taxpayer.

(Note. Her daughter the also breeder was living in her house. Has Brenda ever gotten a tax id nuumber? Has her daughter?)

Winograd Sucks said...

We've all heard that San Francisco was the first no kill city. That's not true, never has been, a fabrication of Winograd. Now after two long years of debating whether to become "No Kill" they have tabled that notion and Winograd is pissed about it. Take the usual swipes at HSUS and the ASPCA as factors in this being tabled. If you read the minutes of the animal commission there, it's pretty obvious that they think "No Kill" is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Glad someone is bringing up Brenda Barnette's AKC connections. It ties in with Rosendahl and shows how this all fits together. Now the breedes are really riled up. Cathie Turner, head of Concerned Dogs, told them to write and that is included in a new group of e-amils where they are finally persuaded to come "out of the breeder closet". But her order to them to write is in the group of e-mails (LOL), just like on that e-mail you published, so check it out and get all their names too. Do they have tax permits and breeders permits? There are some addresses to be checked for code enforcement. That will still be done by the city if someone complains (not by animal control) so Barnetee can't protect them.

Turner said the AKC is putting out a bulletin--what doesn't that tell us? Does the Council need to hear more from them? I think THEY already made YOUR case, Honesty. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

None of the breeders mentioned who live in the city of los angeles have either current dog license or breeding permits. If these people are having open discussions with the head of animal services I think they should be in compliance with the law, however much they may disagree with it. If they will not pay license/ permit fees to the city it kind of makes you wonder what they tell the IRS.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I have been trying to track that down myself. Would appreciate your sharing how you managed to learn this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"None of the breeders mentioned who live in the city of los angeles have either current dog license or breeding permits"

Which is why they push the Winograd scam. Winograd lets them clear themselves of responsibility and not pay their fair share.

The taxpayers, the rescues, and the volunteers end up paying the breeders' bills, while the breeders cash big, tax-free checks.

A common topic of conversation on breeder boards is how to hide their businesses and avoid taxes. This is AKC sanctioned activity.

Breeders are not good citizens. Bereeders treat good citizens like dirt and slaves.

Anonymous said...

This entire episode is and was most surely a "conspiracy" if you want to call it that.

It is a very good example of how the Rick Berman affiliated, for-profit puppy mill and breeder industry works.

They collude with corrupt legislators behind the scenes to make sure they
can continue to cheat on their taxes, and abuse animals by running the puppy mills that pay for the dog shows, their breed clubs and other activities, and purebred dog sale promotion and lobbying.

If Rosendahl was an AKC breeder, he has personally profited from puppy mill
blood money. Brenda Barnette and her breeder daughter certainly have. That developer AKC breeder is.

Without the constant increasing stream of puppy
mill money, their fantasy world of dog shows, dog selling, and vanities

Their dog show and other activities ARE GETTING PAID FOR WITH PUPPY MILL

I can't emphasize this enough. Without the puppy mill registration blood
money, the AKC in the form it exists now as a money maker would fail. It would cease to exist in its current big-money status, because the AKC's irresponsible overspending has been digging them into a hole for a long time.

Everything from massive salaries and pensions for management, to millions and
millions spent on lobbying, to expensive New York luxury building rent, to
wildly expensive dog shows, everything. The AKC is a money pit. And the puppy
mill dogs are expected to suffer and die to prop it all up.

But this whole scheme is dependent on LACK OF LAWS (or weak laws) to keep the puppy mills and tax cheat breeders going. This is why the AKC is side by side with puppy mills opposing
regulation like mandatory spay neuter, opposing anti-cruelty laws, opposing
pet limits, opposing everything that could put a crimp in puppy mill
production and therefore AKC profit to maintain their bloated overspending.

This is a back end manoevre around the mandatory spay neuter law that would
make these breeders get licensed, make these breeders get honest, make it more difficult for the puppy mills and dog fighter breeders to hide.

Anonymous said...

This proposed law or amendment (or change in law) should be termed the Brenda Barnette Puppy Mill and Tax Cheat Breeder Enablement bill, because the one and only reason Barnette created and is pushing this is first, to enable the AKC-supporting puppy mills in La to thrive and expand, and all without paying fees that can cut into profits, and second, to help her tax cheat breeder friends avoid licensing and continue to hide their businesses so they can continue to cheat on their taxes and continue to avoid supporting animal control.

It has now been exposed that the AKC is directly involved in this, this AKC

and the AKC that does this and operates this way


Rick Berman is the key lobbyist for the AKC and puppy mill breeder industry. Now that Nathan Winograd is toeing the Rick Berman line, the goal was to use the false front of "animal welfare" to sneak a breeder lobbyist into animal control to change the laws to help breeders and puppy mills. Rosendahl and Koretz are part of the scam, abusing their positions in and connected to the dog breeder world, to try to push this through, to benefit a for-profit industry they are involved with and connected to.

They never expected their misdeeds would be exposed.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that Koretz and Rosendahl (with Berman and Winograd) pressured the Mayor (who clearly had no idea that Barnette had no experience, a history of problems, and was linked to an AKC breeder lobbyist, PetPac founder, whose activities included committing racist acts against Latinos to make money) to hire Barnette to poison animal control with breeder business lobbying.

Many people still don't understand the dirty business that the AKC is involved with, the puppy mill relationship, the lying. Koretz and Rosendahl rely on people's ignorance to help their for-profit breeder industry friends.

It used to be that people had no idea this conspiring was going on. Now there is more awareness of how these people and groups fit together in this very dirty and corrupt industry.

NONE of this is about shelter animals or helping animals. The No Kill talk is a breeder sham. Patti Strand, Barnette's crony and fellow breeder who is on the AKC board and works to organize their puppy mill income business, and who lobbies AGAINST laws and regulations and tries to weaken laws, historically has called mixed breed dogs "dirty mutts" that should die! These breeders don't care if dogs in shelters die. They only care about their vain, insular, profitable, dishonest little world, and protecting the puppy mill abuse that props it all up.

Animals will die in shelters because Berman and cronies are using animal control to bolster breeder profits and help puppy mills thrive, dog fighter breeders too.

HonestyHelps said...

I've learned that how these breeders get around the law is to register themselves as "boarding" kennels rather than breeding kennels. Well, the time has come, each and every one of them that writes a letter or signs their name to anything of support will face Code Enforcement. Needless to say we're not gonna call AC. Have learned that many of them debark their product so as to not be reported for them being over household limits via complaints about the barking. Yep, Barnette won't have a chance to protect them. She doesn't control Code Enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Reply to honestyhelps,
Look at the addresses in the emails of the breeders, or google the names. One you have an address you can call animal control to get the info. A simple question to the animal control clerk, like hello my name is.... I was looking to buy a puppy from a local breeder and wanted to make sure they had current LA City Licenses and permits and no pending complaints. I want to be a responsable puppy buyer. I got an answer as a yes or no. They will not give out details but they will let you know if there is licensing at an address. Have fun.

HonestyHelps said...

Cathie Turner claims she doesn't breed at her address therefore shirting the law. The breeders have found ways to circumvent the laws with crap like that. Turner is listed as a boarding kennel instead. I have found that Code Enforcement is often times the best and quickest way to get things done. But you're right Anon in how to find out about certain ones. I just wish the public would do their share and stop buying from these people and go to the shelters to adopt. If you don't see what you want the first time at the shelter, wait, it will come eventually. You can put a notice to alert you on the breed you want via www.petharbor.com.

Anonymous said...

"Turner is listed as a boarding kennel instead"

Does she have a business license?

Can she produce records of customers?

Sunbeam Nightmare said...

Honesty, you are going to be getting some stuff on Cathie Turner and her Sunbeam Farm Breeding Kennel in Sylmar that shows she breeds in Los Angeles. I don't know why she thinks she can lie and is above the law, but it seems breeders think we are too stupid to realize that they are the ones causing the pet overpopulation problem and the kill rate and causing rescuers to spend their entire lives cleaning up after them. And at the same time she's churning out these puppies Turner is praising Winograd.

Sure they say they are responsible and sure their contracts have all kinds of restrictions on what you can do with puppies you buy, but the bottomline is that I rescue dogs from shelters and out of the streets all the time that look just like Turner's precious Champion Command Performance that she pimps all over the world. Yes, all over the world. Take a look at her profile on Google and you'll wonder how she has any time for anything else besides impregnating female dogs, which she says she'll also be glad to do with frozen sperm. Yuck! So that's what she's doing when she's not schmoozing with Brenda Barnette and the City Councilmen.

How can the rescuers and Council in Los Angeles be so stupid? Barnette is Turners best buddy and so are some of these other breeders you'll be getting the inside scoop on. Either the ADL-LA is one of them or their "researchers' need to be replaced.

Wake up, people! Take two minutes and type into Google, Cathie Turner+Breeder. Look at her money makers. Do your homework, City Council and Greig Smith, and then do what's right for Los Angeles and the animals that will die if you listen to these profiteers.

HonestyHelps said...

Am researching her now. That was what I read in the minutes of a Commission meeting about Turner. I wondered if that is somekind of a loophole the breeders have found.

Anonymous said...

"Either the ADL-LA is one of them or their "researchers' need to be replaced."

I am at the point of thinking these people are getting Berman $$, because they are in business now with people who support and advocate FOR ANIMAL ABUSE of all kinds.

These Turner types support every kind of abuse you can imagine through the AKC lobbies.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to know where many of these "responsible AKC show breeders" are selling their unwanted stock?

Please read this. This AKC breeding scam is based on a mountain of lies and fraud.

I wonder if Rosendahl and Koretz are admitting to this activity by their AKC puppy mill cronies.

Of course the puppies then produced at the mill are unaltered, sold, reproduce, and rescue people go broke cleaning up after AKC breeders while the AKC breeders make a mountain of tax-free money, and don't even pay licensing fees.


This is ALL ABOUT SUPPORTING THE PUPPY MILLS, and supporting the tax fraud.

The whole sham of AKC breeders being "responsible," never selling to bad people, being "hobbyists" that don't make money- IT'S A SCAM!


Barnette and Winograd, with Koretz and Rosendahl, are trying to help the PUPPY MILLS that AKC breeders are in business with.

Anonymous said...

Why are Koretz and Rosendahl letting these rich breeders steal from the poor people of LA?

Services get cut back for the poor. Barnette, Winograd, and Rick Berman and the AKC help the breeders cheat on their taxes and licensing fees even more, and expand the puppy mills.

The poor citizens get screwed by the rich, white breeders.

The rescuers and volunteers go broke and suffer the heartache of cleaning up after the breeders.

Anonymous said...

Boarding kennels, or just plain dog kennels have to have a permit thru animal services. Cathy Turner does not. A call to the building and safety dept directed me to a web site ZIMAS. For a person to operate a kennel you must be in a manufacturing zone. Turners address is residental. That boarding excuse does not cover her.
Summary of Cathy Turner:
Owning dogs in the city without a license= guilty
Breeding dogs without a city breeding permit= guilty
Running a boarding kennel without a city kennel permit= guilty
Operating a kennel or boarding facility in a non permitted zone (residential)= guilty
Oh but I guess we should forgive all that because her dogs are akc champions(eye roll)

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks for the info, Anon. I'm on it.

Anonymous said...

Cathie Turner is directly connected to NAIA and works with NAIA, the AKC board member Patti Strand run puppy mill lobby for the AKC


"Cathie Turner (Concerned Dog Owners of California) and Angie Niles (NAIA) presented the opposition’s fiscal case."

ANGIE NILES works for NAIA, this pro-abuse, pro-puppy mill, and Rick Berman connected gang

Here is how they are in cahoots with the puppy mills. This Barnette thing is a PRO PUPPY MILL thing.


Cathie Turner is in cahoots with Rosendahl and Koretz (and NAIA helping) AIDING AND ABETTING THE PUPPY MILLS.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kay Henderson, a vet, is also involved with NAIA, the pro puppy mill and pro animal abuse AKC lobby.

I am sure that Henderson is sneaking around lying to council members behind the scenes as well to help the puppy mills and tax cheats. NAIA is completely corrupt, liars who will say anything to protect their puppy mill industry of the AKC and help animal abusers hurt and kill animals for money. As will the AKC.

Anonymous said...

"Turners address is residental'

And THAT is why the breeders have Winograd and Barnette pushing to raise pet limits, and the "foster care" scam to make it easier for them to lie and deceive about the businesses.

This is how Turner and her fellows want to continue to BREAK ZONING LAWS, HEALTH LAWS, ENVIRONMENTAL LAWS, and nearly every other law.

Barnette represents lawbreakers and dishonest people trying to make it easier through animal control to be dishonest and break more laws and hide their incomes, and cheat on licensing fees, business licensing fees, and taxes.

And make animal control, the taxpayers, the rescuers, the volunteers, clean up after the breeders' mess.

Anonymous said...

"Running a boarding kennel without a city kennel permit= guilty'

This also runs into business license territory doesn't it, as well as sales tax issues.

HonestyHelps said...

Stay tuned, there's much more to come on this issue.

Anonymous said...

The American Kennel Club lists NAIA as an allied group. They indicate that NAIA is “interested in protecting and promoting the world of purebred dogs”. NAIA founder Patti Strand is a member of the board of directors of the AKC

Patti Strand is also chairman of the AKC Large Volume Breeder Committee, putting together the business between AKC and the puppy mills, puppy mill brokers like Hunte Corporation, and the pet stores like Petland that sell puppy mill puppies registered by AKC.

NAIA lobbies WITH puppy mill breeders.

THE AKC IS THE PUPPY MILL BUSINESS, AND THE PUPPY MILL LOBBY, and that is who Barnette and her fellows like Niles, Turner lobby with and work for.

They push for opposing regulation and weakening laws so that that THE PUPPY MILL INDUSTRY IS HELPED, and aid and abet the abuse and tax cheating, law breaking.

Anonymous said...

Since Winograd is lobbying with these for-profit Puppy Mill business lobbyists for what they want and to help them, he should be doing the honest thing and registering as a LOBBYIST, which he is breaking the law by not doing.

Anonymous said...

NAIA also works with and promotes Winograd for their pro puppy mill interests.

As for Brenda Barnette, remember that she and her AKC breed clubs where she came from were involved with NAIA, spread around NAIA propaganda, and GAVE MONEY TO NAIA.

So Winograd already knew she was a breeder and pro-puppy mill lobbyist, involved with helping the puppy mill industry and eliminating or changing laws to help puppy mills, before she ever got to Los Angeles.

She was an AKC listed legislative liasion! That means lobbyist for AKC's puppy mill interests, because AKC needs that puppy mill money.

Why was a for-profit business lobbyist working to undermine animal control with her industry ever even considered for a public role in animal control? Everything her breeder industry does is to destroy and break down animal control, and hurt the pets that end up in the system.

Anonymous said...

“It can cost as much as $5,000 to purchase and prepare a championship-caliber dog.”..Louis Krokover

But you can not pay the city $100. to license the dog or the $235. permit fee to breed it. A simple $335 dollars per year just to be legal. Just one of his puppies probably sells for twice that amount.

"Barnette represents lawbreakers and dishonest people trying to make it easier through animal control to be dishonest and break more laws and hide their incomes, and cheat on licensing fees, business licensing fees, and taxes."...ANON
Exactly! All of it disquised under the the false truth that it will increase adoptions(via fosters)of shelter animals and increase licensing revenue.

Anonymous said...

"Just one of his puppies probably sells for twice that amount."


And keep in mind they sell the puppies unaltered (more profits made that way) and they do all their own vet care (shots, worming, etc)

Look at the vet supply catalogs online. They market to these breeders that do all their own care at wholesale costs to cut down on all expenses, including veterinary expenses.

These breeders don't even have the expenses of the average pet owner! Most of their dogs never even see a vet!

Why? TO MAX OUT PROFITS. They don't even invest much in these dogs, for all their talk.

Also push them on what they consider "deductible" expenses, and how they arrive at that "$5,000" cost? Why do they think they can get away with this fake "hobbyist" scam rationale for avoiding taxes?

They will tell you that they can deduct for things like "time spent away from work to take care of the litter." That is a quote from a breeder and friends pulling this scam.

Well, the IRS would never accept that as a legal deduction!

These breeders decide on their own that they are "hobbyists" by fabricating these illegal deductions to rationalize it, but the deductions never get put to the test because they decide they are "hobbyists" so they DO NOT DECLARE THE INCOME AND THEY DON'T FILE.

That is part of why they have to hide their businesses, not license, etc. The IRS says YES, income earned from animal sales must be reported as income. The state does too. The "hobbyist" thing is an IRS and state tax scam, and the breeders know they'll lose a tax audit, so they hide their businesses from the IRS and state tax departments as much as local authorities.

Anonymous said...

Then keep in mind these breeders have all kinds of ADDITIONAL related income they also aren't reporting.

The stud fees, the dog handling fees, the money they get from buyers to condition and show dogs, it goes on and on.

Some sell supplies they get cheap from wholesalers, etc

These operations are big money businesses, all hidden underground and hiding from the law.

And NOT paying their fair share, while taxpayers and rescuers have to pay more to clean up after them.

While the AKC puppy mill registration money pays for the dog shows, the lobbying, the promotion, the breed clubs, other events.

Anonymous said...

Some of these "show breeders" puppies are going for $3,000-$5,000 EACH.

Most over $1,000 each.