Monday, November 1, 2010

Bragging Rights of Nathan Winograd - Yeah, right!

What is this??? Nathan Winograd, are you kidding me? You brag about a shelter that only handles 4500 animal a year? C'mon.

Cats 2540 Reclaimed 60 Adopted 1611 Transferred 189 Died In Kennel 69 Surrendered by Owner 367 Transferred In 12 Others (I have no idea what that is) 28 Euthanized 225 Miscellaneous (I have no idea what that is either) 18

Dogs 1935 Reclaimed 532 Adopted 1122 Transferred 30 Died In Kennel 11 Surrendered by Owner 390 Transferred In 50 Others 0 Euthanized 159 Miscellaneous 1

Now this link .

Something that stood out to me was the lack of "Transferred within the Community/Coalition". Doesn't the Whino stress that it takes a community? So I do wonder what this means because it appears to me anyway, that nothing is going on within the community or local rescues. Any other suggestions to explain this?

Demographics for Albemarle/Charlottesville show less than 100,000 people with Albemarle being largely a White community where only 17% of the population is non-White. . Albemarle's median houshold income is above the state level at $59,575 and a median family level of $85,223. These figures were the latest ones and that is 06/07. As of August 09, the unemployment rate of Albemarle was only 4.4 compared to the national average of 8.1.
Now the Whino say that demographics don't matter, I say they do.

Demographics for the City of Los Angeles show a 2009 population of 10,409,035 according to the CA Dept. of Finance. With a per capita personal income level of $42,325 and an unemployment rate of 12.5% as of Sept. 10. And white people are in the minority at 46.9%. And according to Winograd, none of this matters. Of course, these demos matter to businesses wanting to relocate, or whoever, but when it comes to the animals, he tosses them. It's pretty obvious to any rational thinking person that demographics make a lot of difference.

Looking at the propaganda on the website for CASPCA, the stated budget is as stated:
In 2008, our operating budget was approximately $2.9 million dollars. Animal care and adoption expenses include costs related to the daily cleaning, feeding and other care provided for 5,000 animals. This includes stray animals waiting to be reclaimed by their owners, animals brought in by animal control officers, animals whose owners could no longer care for them and animals waiting for new adoptive homes. Adoption expenses include evaluation of animals for proper placement and various adoption promotions, outings and events. Other animal care and adoption expenses include certain building costs related to animal care and expenses of our Purrin’ at Pantops offsite adoption center. Clinic spay/neuter expenses include the cost of medications and surgical supplies relating to spaying and neutering approximately 6,000 animals; medications, testing and vaccinations for the 5,000 animals in our care and other clinic expenses such as radiographs, daily treatments and general medical care. Fundraising and Outreach expenses consist of costs related to our mailings, events and other related activities. Rummage expenses include the cost of rent, staffing and other miscellaneous items for our store. Building expenses include interest payments on a $2.8 million dollar building loan and building insurance cost.

LA City has a budget of $20,314,323 and serves 54,191 animals according to the 08 numbers. So it looks like in order to keep up with the Jones that LA City would need about $11-12,000,000 more. Keeping in mind, of course, that administrative costs in LA City would be considerably more higher than the tiny CASPCA, leaving even less for programs and the animals. Then again it costs more to serve a population of 10 million compared to a population of less than a 100 thousand.

Still, the numbers from a small shelter like this one can't compare with the numbers like in LA or Philly, or New York, or most major cities. I know rescue groups that handle that many adoptions a year. Geez, Whino, is this the best you can do? This ain't nothing to brag about really. Small potatoes.

This is Pat Dunaway still waiting for your "evidence".


Anonymous said...

When Nathan left the Tompkins County SPCA, he started doing slide presentations around the country. In his slides for Tompkins County, he showed the most ramshackle trailers and hillbilly-est photos he could find of low-cost housing in Tompkins County. Obviously he was trying to paint a picture of a very impoverished rural area where "no kill works" to contrast his "success" there with his other success at the San Francisco SPCA.

Of course, Tompkins County is hardly the hickville he made it out to be. Home to an Ivy League university (Cornell), lowest unemployment in New York state year after year, and home to Adelaide Gomer, animal lover and heiress to the Park Communications fortune. Nathan's "success" at the TCSPCA is more due to Gomer's money than to Winograd's managerial skill. imho. No kill works when you have some local millionaire like Gomer to pay off your $200-300k deficit every year.

This is Pat Dunaway said...

Good points, Anon!! I just updated this post with some demographics which the Whino denies affecting shelters. What a dunce!

Anonymous said...

There is not one statistic from these No Kill private shelters that anyone should take as real. They are all cooked up.

I worked at a frigging No Kill shelter and see how they do it. They DO refuse animals and turn them away, no matter what they tell people, who just either abandon the animals to die or the animals get brought to another shelter. They shove animals with crazy hoarders and count them as adoptions or animals get lost in the "foster care" blanket hideaway category where the animal may well be long dead in some backyard. They don't count all incoming, and shuffle some of them off to hoarders and even puppy mill breeder types and numbers don't get counted. Pets get euthanized BEFORE they get counted as incoming, so they never show up on statistics.

There's a million ways for these private No Kill shelters to lie, and they do it because they want to keep their nice fat paychecks. No Kill is one of the worst scams around.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Winograd should ask his breeder pal/veterinarian Patty Khuly why she and her fellow private practice veterinarians charge hundreds of dollars for cheap-for-them-to-do cat and dog spays in lower income/middle class areas? So most people CAN'T AFFORD TO SPAY AND NEUTER!

Because Khuly DVM and Nathan Winograd can blame animal control and shelters, right, for the OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM? Private practice vets can wash their hands of any responsibility for this mess, and make their bank deposits.

Why isn't Patty Khuly spending some of her fat, private practice money spaying and neutering for free? Why isn't she organizing vets to go into the poor areas where people don't have cars to get to vets, and spay and neuter for free?

Why isn't Khuly asking her breeder friends to spay and neuter pets before they sell? Want to know how many "accident litters" I've seen from dogs that were sold by these "responsible breeders" UNALTERED? Too damn many!

Hey, she and Winograd want volunteers and rescuers to go broke saving the dogs and cats that get dumped from the damage her AKC and puppy mill breeder friends do, and from people who can't afford her and her jacked up, inflated, profit fattened fellow vet's altering charges.

It is really ridiculous when an affluent big mouth that is part of the OVERPOPULATION problem just blames the people cleaning up after her and her fellow professionals' failures and greed.

Khuly has to be one of the biggest hypocrites around. The quality of what is coming out of vet school these days has to be rock bottom.

I know why, but that's a whole other issue.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, those the tricks that they use. Winey talks about the old regime of directors but his program has created some real monsters. People who prefer their numbers to look good rather than truly help an animal. Turning away animals certainly can be a death sentence, but not one with just a prick of a needle, but a horrible, lingering, ghastly death. I just don't understand why these people can't see that. Laying in the middle of the road waiting for another car to end it. You think these animals prefer to die that way, yet that is what these people do and then say life is preferable to dying in the shelter when that is the life it is facing, dying in the street? They are so quick to sacrifice animals to save their precious few that make their numbers look good.

This is Pat Dunaway said...

I agree Anon about Khuly. There are vets and then there are vets. It can across the board. I know one vet that has done nothing but low cost spay/neuter for over 20 years. He started an emergency clinic, one of the first in the county and could have made plenty of money doing that. But he gave it up to devote himself to spay/neuter. 40 a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year for over 20 years. Has he saved lives? Indeed.

And then there are vets that charge a day's salary just to walk thru the doors. I am fortunate to have a decent vet, works with me on payments, fair prices, beautiful facility, great staff. But the costs for spay/neuter are high enough that there is a low cost spay/neuter clinic two blocks down. So he doesn't do many and often makes referrals.

This problem could be easily solved if the vets would help. It wouldn't break their backs. Does the Whino go after them, no, instead he tells government if they pass MSN that they need to pay for it. Then runs with the gangs that yell "Big Brother, we have a right to own a dog". Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Tried posting the following to the Best Friends blog but could not post anonymously. For obvious reasons I do not want his highness harassing me. Please forward to Friends of Best Friends as you see fit.

In response to TCSPCA red zone posting:

In his 2004 budget proposal (dated 11/6/03) to the TCSPCA BoD, Winograd projected a 2004 deficit of $173,000 (he announced his resignation in June 2004 before he could see the full fruits of his labors). The same document projected the deficit for 2003 at $80,000 and included the actual deficit for 2002 which was $105,000.

So clearly NW never experienced a surplus at TCSPCA.

2005 was the closest for TCSPCA, only a $20,000 loss--Jim Tantillo ran the shelter for most of that year. 2006 was a disaster, Jeff Lydon was hired and left less than a year later to run Farm Sanctuary, where he again only lasted a year. Lydon was the real mistake the TCSPCA and Farm Sanctuary made. Abigail Smith has run it since 2007, and from the numbers you can see where that's gone.

When Winograd was there, the annual cost per animal was something less than $200; now it is over $500 per animal. Cats are the real problem, you really can't even give them away.

The dog contracts were lost because Smith attempted to get the local communities to pay more for dog control, but dog intakes have been steady for 25 years. The local towns were not stupid, and had no intention of having their state-required dog control contract money go to subsidizing the TCSPCA no-kill shelter-cats-for-life-program.

Anonymous said...

"The dog contracts were lost because Smith attempted to get the local communities to pay more for dog control"

Smith suddenly tried to increase the rates up by over 100 percent to towns in a falling economy.

I believe that Smith then made the animals pay in another way- in a snit after she tried to force towns to give her money and failed.

She stopped investigating animal cruelty complaints.

Animals suffer in so many ways with No Kill.

No wonder the puppy mill breeders love Winograd!

HonestyHelps said...

She had a blog at one time when she first started. She posted that Winograd did them an injustice by not raising the fees because it fell to her to go in and hit them with a large amount rather that small increases every year. She did remove that criticism from her blog. I read in a townhall minutes where the Whino stated he was not going to ask for more money.

Doesn't the Whino say that it takes a community? Well, if that is an indication of success he failed on this one, the community ran the other way when they learned they had to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

"Well, if that is an indication of success he failed on this one, the community ran the other way when they learned they had to pay for it."

I think part of it was they were already paying so much and just not seeing a good result.

They had waiting lists to take animals, more strays on the streets, more problems, overcrowding in the shelter.

No Kill hurt more, cost more. Why throw more good money after bad?

Anonymous said...

"Doesn't the Whino say that it takes a community?"

It does. It takes the WHOLE community- INCLUDING the breeders, veterinarians. These are the ones that want to opt out of the community and keep making $$ while they leave it to the peons to clean up after them, all the while blaming shelters and ac for everything.

Winograd doesn't really mean the community should pitch in. He means that some should do the work for others who have special status and a lot of $$.

Anonymous said...

The Tompkins County shelter wasn't taking people's surrendered animals (it ISN'T open admission and of course like all No Kill they run out of room and blow money harboring vicious dogs for months or years, etc) so people abandoned them, and what animals didn't die horrible deaths, instead got put on the TAXPAYER'S back and bill.

No Kill can't sustain itself. If it could, it WOULD be taking all those private surrenders at once, no problem.