Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pets Alive = Pets A-Liar

“No Kill” and hoarding, one in the same. A recent case in West Virginia points out how these “No Kill” groups work, how they protect each other, how they allow suffering.

Pets Alive, a group I have no respect for anyway, primarily because of their connections to Farm Sanctuary along with the Whino, posted this little tiddy. Seems there is a “no kill” shelter, and I use that term loosely, in West Virginia and as usual, it became overcrowded. Pets Alive went there and put this record on their blog.
We were horrified by the pictures and the firsthand accounts of things at this building out in the middle of nowhere without running water, no telephone, not enough food, and too many animals.
It started a debate at Pets Alive and with our partners like Best Friends, and we eventually sought advice from organizations and people in West Virginia. Is Trish Bragg a hoarder and should she be encouraged to stop?

Then Pets Alive had the audacity to try to blame HSUS and PETA and others. I did contact both and found out the truth. HSUS did talk with this hoarder/rescue and told her she had too many animals. They never saw the place and they were contacted in such a way that the only advice they could offer was in relation to soliciting donations. PETA never had any contact with this hoarder/rescuer. PETA said had they had contact, it would have been a much different story and Pets Alive would never have had a reason to show up.

Trish told me that she was reviled by the establishment in both counties for trying to take in dogs. She was visited by HSUS, Peta, the state authorities and even the local sheriff. In all cases they came there with one impression and left with another. The worse she was accused of (this was within the recent ninety days) was overcrowding. Sigh. So why didn’t someone DO what we were doing? Why did they just take a look around, determine that she was struggling and then not offer any solution or advice or anything other than a wave goodbye?

Wait a minute, isn't that exactly what Pets Alive did, wave goodbye?

Now to make a long story short, they went, they saw, they left. They saw the suffering, the disease, the lack of adequate care, grabbed a few dogs and left. If you’ll note throughout they “debated” whether this “no kill” was indeed a shelter or a hoarder. What’s the fucking difference whether it is or isn’t? If it was a hoarder would you call the authorities but if it is a “no kill” you don’t? They titled it “Saving Xena” when the more appropriate title would be “Let’s torture all the others to death”. Pets Alive campaigned along side Winograd for the Oreo’s Bill, they are drinking his koolaid out of the cup handed to them by Farm Sanctuary, another tormentor of animals.

Can you believe that they walked away from those animals with the conditions that they themselves describe all in the name of “No Kill”? And the Whino tries to say that he doesn’t hang with those who torture animals, that he isn’t a tormentor of animals. What else can you call this?

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Anonymous said...

The whole basis of Pets Alive is to cover up the killing and torture committed by Sarah Whalen, the founder of Pets Alive, which would still be going on if she hadn't died.

The idiot at Pets Alive who called in Best Friends to try to save the dying animals at Pets Alive was ON THE BOARD. She did nothing until the money-grubbing hoarder died.

Pets Alive now lies about the torture and killing Whalen committed WHILE SHE WAS BEGGING FOR DONATIONS EVERYWHERE. MONEY MONEY MONEY, just like Pets Alive does now, So Matt deAngelis can get a salary and feed off this place and not work a real job.

They lie about their founder-hoarder's evil deeds against animals.

It is no surprise they are involved in a coverup up for another hoarder.

MORE NO KILL KILLING AND TORTURE, thanks to Nathan Winograd, who tells these hoarders this is ok..