Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brenda Barnette, Bathrooms, and Breeding.

I've been following this particular situation in LA for awhile. As we all cried about, Brenda Barnette was hired in the City of LA.

and the list goes on, just do a search for Barnette on this very blog and you'll see. I have many postings about her from Seattle/King County as well. Also look under ACO Guild, those postings tell a tale about this woman.

Now I ask you, does this make sense? Barnette is asking for an increase in the household pet limits, a 66% increase if you do the math. Please. You've got over 10 million people in LA. High cost of living and a low income level. It is estimated that only 10% of the dogs are licensed. And Barnette wants to increase limits??? She is being supported by two city council members, Koretz and Rosendahl. Both admit they want to have more animals. Rosendahl has admitted to breeding. And we all know Barnette's background as a breeder, and legislative rep for the AKC. Now what does this sound like to you?


Worse yet, looking at Barnette's report that is posted on line and looking at the motion that was passed by the LAAS Commission, there's something very "fishy" going on. Why is there a small (but very mighty) addition to the motion that isn't in the report and it isn't listed on the agenda item description? HERE IT IS: is. They approved changing the definition of dog and cat kennels to not start until there are six dogs or six cats (has always been four dogs or four cats), but it looks like Barnette added: EXCLUDING ANIMALS IN TEMPORARY FOSTER CARE.

So what the hell does she mean--you can have UNLIMITED temporary foster care animals (no definition of any of those words, of course)? Or does it mean that if you have temporary foster animals, you can only have three and can't increase to five? Based on her big announcement about fostering in bathrooms, basements and garages, doesn't this seem like she believes she's entitled to UNLIMITED ANIMALS if they are just called "temporary fosters"??? Does that apply to all the breeders who don't sell their pups right away? If they are under four months they are puppies, but if they are over four months they are FOSTERS? I read the numerous letters written to the Council from breeders. http://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/index.cfm?fa=ccfi.viewrecord&cfnumber=10-0982 Of course they want it. What about the rest of us, that don't feel safe walking our dogs down the street as it is?

So okay, here's the punch line. Now she is complaining of the overcrowding of the shelters and begging for 12,000 foster homes. Is this not a hoot? Is there anyone out there that can explain this sort of mentality? It is the "No Kill" mentality and it makes no sense.


Read this shit. If you have an extra bathroom??? No mention of training. Nothing. What is going through this person's head? I'll tell you what, their Messiah, their false prophet, "No Kill". Then if she gets these 12,000 homes, she will make herself look good on paper by counting them in her "live release numbers". This is getting ridiculous.

And of note on this article, a comment was made of her hiring someone who headed a humane society with an 80% euthanization rate. I bet she overlooked experience people right here in LA to do that. Sounds like this new hire was a dumbass and he will bow down to her for saving him. Her vet with the Seattle Humane Society was caught prescribing medication to himself in the name of his dead dog. She is connected with Kim Sgro, that's another one involved in dirt. Barnette surrounds herself with the scum of the humane community. She either does that on purpose or she has very poor judgement. Barnette is a control freak without a doubt. You can read all about her being one on this very blog.


Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette is in the puppy mill business. She is helping the puppy mills evade kennel licensing laws with this addition.

Breeders don't do foster care.

They can just lie and claim the overage animals are "foster care" so none of them ever have to license, and so they can cheat on their taxes more easily.

Same with the AKC breeders. They can evade licensing and cheat on their taxes more easily.

AKC needs the puppy mill income to survive. They want more and more puppy mills, breeding more and more dogs, more and more cheaply. AKC supports cruelty and tax cheating.

This is all for and by the AKC/puppy mill business. AKC and the puppy mills are who Barnette REALLY works for, and who Winograd works for. Their only goal is increasing the incomes of breeders and especially puppy mill breeders, and helping them evade laws and taxes.

They try to change laws to make it easier for puppy mills to abuse animals, breed more, and make more money.

I would love to know how Rosendahl and Koretz can explain supporting the tax cheat breeders. LA will lose taxes and licensing fees and go bankrupt even sooner, as abuse to dogs and overbreeding increases.

Animal control budget will have to get cut more and have less money for animal rescue and care and spay/neuter, as the puppy mills make more money.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know how Ed Muzika and ADL LA can rationalize taking money away from animal control and rescue, and GIVING money to breeders and puppy mills.

Because that is exactly what Barnette is doing.

Muzika and his friends are going to have to spend even more of their own money trying to rescue animals and get animals spayed and neutered, because the breeders will not be paying their fair share into the licensing and tax system.

Animal control and rescue gets SCREWED AGAIN by the breeders.

The breeders drive Mercedes as they cash their checks, Ed. What do you drive?

The breeders say "Paying taxes is for the little people like you, Ed Muzika"

Ed, do you realize how much these breeders are laughing at you and your friends as they control you through Winograd?

HonestyHelps said...

This is how the AKC works. If they have a major show in the area, they justify by saying it generates so many $$$ in revenues for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, etc. LA is a tourist generated town in a great part so this speaks to the officials.

As for Ed, I gave up on him a long time ago. He is one slow learner if at all. Everyone wants to believe, he is just fanatical at it.

Anonymous said...

AKC shows have fewer and fewer participants every year. AKC is dying.

The revenue that shows bring doesn't come close to what the city loses in breeder licensing fees and taxes.

HonestyHelps said...

There's a way to approach officials about the AKC and it is always in terms of money. Know thy enemy better than thy friends is a good rule of thumb. Know what they are feeding the officials and take it from there with your objections.